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Project Sirius CKW Paranormal

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Projectsiriusckw Paranormal We are Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo Ontario's newest paranormal hunting group. Look us up on twitter as well.
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Witcheshollow paranormal investigation- Projectsiriusckw Paranormal

Here is the evidence video mixed with a showcase of the location that we were invited up to. It is a gold mine so to speak of paranormal activity, UFO, ET, ED, spirit, elemental and residual all in the same place. This is the footage edited from my own camera alone. Not any of OPRI's gear. It was a pleasure. I am going to go through the audio in the coming days hopefully. If not the off season will be a good time to do so. I tried a few things different this time. Made it less flashy and more bare bones evidence to keep the length to a manageable level. @projectsiriusck FB- projectsiriusckw

Paranormal Investigation- "Witches hollow" Intro Projectsiriusckw Paranormal

This is just the intro video to the site I visited alongside Ottawa Paranormal. It was an active sight. Have yet(at time of posting) to review evidence. This was taken the morning after during the daylight. @projectsiriusck (twitter) projectsiriusckw (facebook)

Paranormal investigation, 2015.01.10 Tale of lovers - Projectsiriusckw Paranormal

This was a first for us as the spiritbox was going non stop. I only highlighted the key point from the SB in the video as well as any audio that was caught. If you want the full 42 recordings and clips go to under the Tale of lovers link on the page. twitter: @projectsiriusck FB: Projectsiriusckw

Paranormal investigation, NDF conservation -Projectsiriusckw Paranormal

This is a location that has always been off to us. Now we know why. Take a look. Projectsiriusckw Paranormal

Paranormal Investigation - "The tunnel", Demon/ET caught on camera! By: Projectsiriusckw

I did the video twice. Found what I think is quite amazing. It puts all other evidence found in the location aside. We are still not sure exactly what it is we see, however it is gone and we will be returning soon to delve deeper into the tunnel. If anyone wants to dispute it go ahead... you energy workers will know its real. Quite a compelling peice of evidence. Warning, Explicit language and potentially very unsettling images. To energy workers or sensitives this entity may try to mess with you... do not let it. It is bad news.

Paranormal investigation "Old School House" - Projectsiriusckw Warning explicit spirit language!

We were called to a violent haunting at a friends of ours family home. We went there and we got quite an extensive echovox response. Here is what we got. If you have something paranormal going on in your home or know someone in the southern ontario area, feel free to contact us using any of the methods below.
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We are Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo Ontario's newest paranormal hunting group.

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