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DDF Ghost Hunting

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DDF GhostHunting
This is the DDF Ghost Hunting page. We are here to do real paranormal investigations. We are here to call out the fakes an debunk the equipment an teams that are bs an trust me there is alot of them.
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Digipower GoPro PowerBank Unboxing

This is the unboxing of the digipower GoPro power bank for the GoPro 7. said had up to 9 hours an extended GoPro use.

EXPOSED "Spooked parents check their baby cam and spot a ghostly male"

"A young couple have claimed they are being driven from their home by a violent 'schizophrenic' spirit after footage showed a 'ghostly male' figure walking past their daughter's crib. Mother-of-one Heather Brough, 25, from Michigan, discovered three deep 'purple scratches' on her one-year-old baby's cheek after waking her from a nap"

Gopro 7 Black Real Footage Test

Morton must bought his Gopro 7 Black an he gives it some test to show everyone how the camera really works. is it as good as everyone says? let's take a look shall we. There will be a second video which I will make sure is in 4K. When rendering the video, I didn't know it had to be in 30 frames per second only for it to be 4K on YouTube. Sorry guys next one will be in 4k.

Cemetery for the nameless

Friedhof Grunewald-Forst. Known as "Cemetery of the Nameless" or "Suicide Cemetery" The Havel makes a kink near the cemetery, with the result that now and then watercorpses drift to the shore at this point. Among the drowned people are sometimes also suicides . Their burial was fraught with difficulties until the 19th century, when the Christian churches denied suicides as ' deadly sinners ' the burial in their cemeteries. At the forest administration of the Grunewald, therefore, the problem of their burial remained hanging. She decided in 1878/79 to bury the dead near the site at a clearing. From January 22, 1900 comes the oldest surviving entry, which reported on the funeral of a 22-year-old metalworker. This got around and led to relatives of suicides also from the wider area turned to the forester or simply buried their dead themselves in the forest. Even some suicides, who did not want their family even to the grief with ungainly cemetery administrations, then chose the cemetery as a place of farewell. In 1911 a simple morgue built of bricks with a rectangular base was built on the site, which is no longer present today. At the end of the First World War, victims of the war were also buried here, including soldiers, civilians and some Russian prisoners of war. The five wooden Russian crosses with Cyrillicinscriptions commemorate the funeral of five loyal Russians who, out of grief over the victory of the Bolsheviks themselves, had been killed and then rescued from the Havel.

BBC 3 Bullsh!t detectors exposes three mediums

So the BBC wanted to put 3 psychics to the test an this was the results, what a surprise lol.

Sewer Exploration

Hicxs has found a sewer flood run off drain pipe, CMD, and he heads inside... This is Hicxs' favorite investigation video to date, inside he finds some very creepy sounds and gets two huge scares. This is one video not to miss. Sadly there is no history of this location as it is a drain run off into the South Platte River by Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado. But it is by far one of the coolest investigations Hicxs has been on. We will not give exact ordinates because this is actually a very physically Dangerous urbexing trip, sorry. Easy to access, chances of police is rare, but due to it being a run off drain, it is very dangerous. Hicxs hurt his legs from crawling and missed 2 days of work and could not walk straight for 5 days. DO NOT ENTER IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! BE WARNED!!!
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This is the DDF Ghost Hunting we hitting all the spooky places we can In Berlin an Oregon. Hold on to your Dookie it's about to get spooky.
DE Paranormal Team

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