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Namaste As a subscriber, you know that all paranormal videos shared on this channel offer real evidence without the need for faking it. Listen to EVPs captured in my home, on location or during my private readings, please Check out the Playlists for compilations, app reviews, compilations etc.. You're welcome to chat with me in the Community page and tell me what topics interest you about the paranormal and you never know you may see a video topic based on that. I also provide some Self-Guided hypnotherapy such as Astral Projection, Meeting your Guide and also shared topics from my Private Facebook Group where the members choose the topics. Some topics were 'Asking Spirit about William Tyrell' and 'Asking Spirit about Madeleine McCann' as well as sharing proof that contact with Spirit doesn't have to be within 24hrs but can occur over 64 years or more. Stay blessed and I look forward to reading your comments. ~Karen
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14 October 2023


Magnet for #Success ~ #Mantra 🌹

Change the vibrations you send out to the universe through your words, thoughts and actions and powerful changes begin to take place. This is the true Law of Attraction”🌹 Save and play this daily, start singing it, dancing it, feel the power of the words and set the motion of success in your life. Believe it then you’ll see it!~Karen🌹 #stitchthis #mantra #bringitback #thehighpriestessstudio #psychicreading #psychicmediumkaren #spiritualtiktok #success #lightworker #psychicmediumtiktok #lawofattraction #money #viralblessings #divinetiming #manifestation #fyp #fyi

14 October 2023


The Afterlife - #poetry

I came across a poem I wrote some 25 years ago that I titled ’The Afterlife’. I forgot that I kept this inside an old textbook I had of poetry I would write after meditation. This was one of my favourite🌹 #spirituality #signsfromtheuniverse #signsfromspirits #theafterlife #poetry #signsfromangels #angels #signsfromspirits

Signs a loved one or Angel is present

Signs of loved ones or Angels 🌹 #spirituality #love #signsfromtheuniverse #signsfromspirits #signsfromangels #angels #lovedones #lovedonesinheaven #knowing #messages

8 September 2023 Spiritual Visitation 🌹

I woke to the wind blowing outside my window causing it to shake, I looked at my phone and it said 2am Friday 8, September 23. I got up and suddenly felt that I wasn’t the only one awake, something or someone else was in my home. At first I had palpitations, naturally being startled out of a deep sleep it can do that. I then heard a crashing noise and got up to investigate. My side gate was open and swinging against the other gate so using the light on my mobile went outside to shut it. The gardener mustn’t have put the latch on properly, as I was on my way inside I felt a presence behind me, so turned around and took a picture making sure my flash was on which I thought, if it were a person the flash would startle them and at least give me time to not only capture who they were for police but give me time to get inside and deadlock the door. I took two consecutive photos and the second shows them right up in front of my lens, showing their head and neck only. Once inside I knew they were still close by, so I ask if they were willing to have a photo taken with me. I stood by the door to my bedroom and took a photo selfie and they showed. Then I sat down and took 3 more photos the last one shows the Spirit manifestation to the point you can see more facial features. She never spoke but the fact she was willing to show herself tells me that she still may be transitioning into the new world and perhaps wanting to prove that she’s not dead in the sense of null and void but a living Soul. I felt her peace. Thank you Spirit for giving me this opportunity to share this beautiful experience 🙏🏼🌹 #spiritmanifestation #paranormal #soul #visitation #spirituality #spiritualtiktok #afterlife #spiritcommunication #respect
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Psychic and Medium Karen shares her experience with you, growing up she often saw things that she couldn't explain.

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