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Eidolon Paranormal

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Eidolon Paranormal
Eidolon Paranormal is South Australia's premier hub of all things paranormal related. Founded in 2007 by Allen Tiller from TV's Haunting: Australia, Eidolon Paranormal has become one of the leading paranormal investigation units in the country, offering investigation, research, techniques, theories and much much more to the public. Eidolon Paranormal is one of the most respected paranormal investigation teams in Australia and is run by Allen and Karen Tiller out of South Australia, other investigators include Jayde Richards. Members of the team have investigated at locations right across Australia. Our Youtube channel features clips of our team and the Haunting Australia team investigating across Australia, as well as factual history documentaries and other events that interest us Thanks for watching :)
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19. A Shot of Spirits: Ep 19 - Kelly's Steps - Tasmania

Kelly's Steps at Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmania are steeped in history...and ghosts. Join us in January 2022 when Allen Tiller leads you on an exclusive historical ghost tour of Battery Point, including these historic steps. For more information follow the link below: #Tasmania #paranormal #holiday

18.A Shot of Spirits:Ep 18. Richmond Bridge Tasmania

A Shot of Spirits: Ep 18 - Richmond Bridge, Tasmania. Rumoured to be haunted by a former convict flagellator, a dog and a mysterious man wearing a boatman hat! Richmond Bridge is the oldest existing stone arch bridge in Australia; built in 1825. We are visiting Richmond Bridge and other haunted locations in Richmond Tasmania in January 2022, and you can join Karen and me, and the team from Athletica by registering here: #Tasmania #Richmond #ghosts #paranormal #history

17. A Shot of Spirits. Ep 17. Blumberg Hotel - Birdwood, S.A.

17. A Shot of Spirits. Ep 17. Blumberg Hotel Birdwood - South Australia

A Shot of Spirits: Ep 16: Oak Lodge Tasmania

A Shot of Spirits: Ep 16: Oak Lodge Tasmania Oak Lodge was built between 1831 and 1842 by Henry Buscombe. Oak Lodge has a plethora of ghosts. Volunteers and visitors have witnessed full-bodied, and partial bodied apparitions. The spirit of a young lady has been witnessed climbing the stairs. Visit Richmond Tasmania with us in 2022 sign up here:

15. A Shot of Spirits. Ep 15: New Dublin Hotel - South Australia

Is the New Dublin Hotel, at Dublin South Australia haunted? watch to find out!

14. A Shot of Spirits: Ep. 14. Stirling Theatre - South Australia

It is alleged a ghost haunts the Stirling Community Theatre in the Adelaide Hills.
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Eidolon Paranormal channel features videos from our investigations, plus videos from our other projects, SA Paranormal, The Haunts of Adelaide, Churches and Cemeteries in South Australia

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