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Hey everyone, thank you for checking out our channel, BACKROAD HAUNTINGS TV! We are John & Shelly! We are just two paranormal investigators & researchers who conducts REAL, AUTHENTIC paranormal investigations at private homes and/or property, as well as alleged haunted locations, at the request of the home's residents. We also love to explore abandoned locations that are allegedly haunted. (*Spoiler Alert* Most of the time these locations are NOT HAUNTED, instead... just really creepy) We also have our Mystery Of The Missing series, where we share stories of those who have mysteriously vanished in the woods of America! We really enjoy creating content that is entertaining all the while KEEPING IT 100% AUTHENTIC! Believe it or not, it's actually possible to do that! MUCH LOVE & RESPECT❤✌ AS ALWAYS... STAY HUMBLE🤟🙏
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"The TRUTH behind YouTubers FAKING PARANORMAL" Many within this paranormal community on this platform are getting more and more tired of the lies and fake paranormal evidence. So, in this video I will be addressing three points I want to make. 1. Why do YouTubers fake paranormal evidence? 2. Does faking paranormal content cause harm to some of their viewers? 3. Who are these channels that are scamming thousands of viewers? So many have made a mockery of a field that many others take very serious and personal, all the while profiting thousands of dollars by lying to their viewers. Don't forget to visit and show some love to these guys below: 👉The Shape: 👉Beardo Gets Scared: 👉World Of MrGrey: 👉Parrple: 👉Devil's Hour Production: 👉Entity Seven Paranormal Joe Vitale: SUBSCRIBE🙏/LIKE👍/SHARE😁/COMMENT✍️ MUCH LOVE & RESPECT EVERYONE 🤟🙏 CHECK OUT OUR MERCH: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Disclaimer: All views and opinions in this video are strictly and solely ours. We DO NOT speak on behalf on anyone else other than ourselves. #fake #paranormal #videos #reaction

(MUST WATCH) This northwest forest TAKES a father & son and only ONE ESCAPES

(MUST WATCH) This northwest forest SNATCHES a father & ESCAPES & one is still #MISSING Shawn Higgins and his son Trevor thought this would be another simple routine day in the woods hunting deer. Unfortunately, this day would be anything but simple and routine! After Shawn fails to make it out of the woods and back to the vehicle, the UNTHINKABLE happens when his son sets out searching for his father! What happened that leaves one family living a NIGHTMARE they CAN’T WAKE UP from? Make sure to watch till the end to find out! Thank you for watching and for all your support! MUCH LOVE & RESPECT EVERYONE 🤟 STAY HUMBLE 🙏STAY SAFE Case Sources: 👉 👉https://www.fieldandstrea... 👉 👉 CHECK OUT OUR MERCH: https://my-store-9bc455.c... FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: #mustwatch #mystery #lost B-Roll Video Attributions: 👉 👉

(UNSOLVED MYSTERY) Retired hunting & survivalist instructor VANISHES without a trace

(UNSOLVED MYSTERY) Retired hunting & survivalist instructor VANISHES without a trace The national forests and parks in the United States is a vast land that covers almost 200 million acres. So, it’s no surprise that people sometimes become missing. But some of these missing persons cases are too strange and mysterious to ignore. The two cases I will be sharing with you today, are two of those strange and mysterious cases. DON'T FORGET TO SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON & COMMENT TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! IF YOU'RE NOT SUBSCRIBED & YOU ENJOYED THE CONTENT THEN MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE & TURN ON ALL NOTIFICATIONS SO YOU WON'T MISS ANY UPLOADS! MUCH LOVE & RESPECT EVERYONE 🤟🙏 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: #unsolved #missing #mustwatch MUSIC ATTRIBUTIONS: by: RAGE SOUND


‘MYSTERY OF THE MISSING’ ‘MYSTERY OF THE MISSING’, the new series, that we’re adding to our YouTube channel, will be COMING SOON! This series will revolve around the strange and mysterious cases of many men, women & children who have ventured into our National Forests across the United States but NEVER walked out. We dig into these cases that have dumbfounded some of the most experienced investigators around. Cases that involve experienced hunters going missing in areas that they know better than anyone. Or children disappearing just a few feet from their parents and siblings. All leaving no evidence to their whereabouts, instead just mystery and questions is left where they once stood. MUCH LOVE & RESPECT EVERYONE TO YOU ALL & AS ALWAYS STAY HUMBLE CHECK OUT OUR MERCH: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: #Missing411 #Mystery #Paranormal #NationalPark Video Credits: Video by Apoorv Srivastava from Pexels Video by cottonbro from Pexels Video by Matthias Groeneveld from Pexels Video by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels Video by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels Video by Roy Dieker from Pexels Video by Ron Lach from Pexels Video by Kelly L from Pexels Video by German Korb from Pexels Video by Gustavo Fring from Pexels Music Credit: Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: TQQCWZIT5GAWQG5C

Most INSANE evidence of GHOSTS caught! (100% REAL)

Most INSANE evidence of GHOSTS caught! (100% REAL) A "HAUNTED DOLL Attacks anyone who moves it", Is what we've been told about a doll dressed in a wedding dress, in a room at the historic Sugarloaf Mountain Motel in Virginia City, Nevada, by those who are familiar with the hauntings at this location. It is also said that the mirror, in the Haunted Doll Room, is a portal to the otherside. Possibly allowing countless spirits to come and go as they please? We capture 100% PROOF OF GHOST while staying and investigating this amazing location! The EVP, (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) is some of the most INSANE evidence of the paranormal we have ever caught before! We stayed in this room and documented our night alone. We were shocked by what we discovered in our evidence. But we never felt more welcomed by those who run this motel and those who are no longer alive! PLEASE show some love to The Haunted Hostess MUCH LOVE & RESPECT EVERYONE! As Always.... Stay Humble🙏🤟 CHECK OUT OUR MERCH: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Music Attributed To: LAST SQUAD by Alex Besss From Uppbeat: License code: FDCQDVW9LW4N5VBN DEATH CLOCK by Alex Besss From Uppbeat: License code: JPMO4VQHGB2EL7RQ BORDERS by Daniel Zambo From Uppbeat: License code: JRKR2IK1RAWYBGEW DARK MATTER by Torus From Uppbeat: License code: 3XY48CQUOX12IZFM EAST SAGA by Monument Music From Uppbeat: License code: JFFGVMKSBZF2J325 SHADOW OF DEATH by Alex Besss From Uppbeat: License code: K7VYFVYKSYB3ANDT #ghost #mysterious #paranormal #BackroadHauntings

Someone or SOMETHING was in our room while we slept in the HAUNTED Gold Hill Hotel

Someone or SOMETHING was in our room while we slept in the HAUNTED Gold Hill Hotel The Most Haunted Town In The West || Virginia City Hauntings Pt 1 What's up my beautiful people! Thank you for tuning in to another adventure from yours truly, BACKROAD HAUNTINGS TV! In this video Shelly & I made our way south to check out, what some claim to be, one of THE MOST HAUNTED TOWNS IN AMERICA! We stay at two seperate haunted locations. This video highlights the first location we stayed at, The GOLD HILL HOTEL! Don't forget to SMASH that thumbs up, comment below & if you're new here & want to see more videos just like this one then hit that SUBSCRIBE button. Want to jump straight to the evidence? 15:22 MUCH LOVE & RESPECT EVERYONE! STAY HUMBLE Y'ALL #BackroadHauntingsTV CHECK OUT OUR MERCH AT: https://www.backroadhaunt... FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Music Credits: Music from Uppbeat: License code: KCYVYVAQFMWSB8UP Music from Uppbeat: License code: PKRRNBZRAGHVVKUW Music from Uppbeat: License code: 11XADFVHQGCUX7CO #virginiacity #hauntedhotel #BackroadHauntingsTV
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Paranormal channel operated by John & Shelly, two paranormal investigators who conduct real authentic paranormal investigations at private homes and/or property, at the request of the residents & as well as alleged haunted locations.

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