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Full Dark Paranormal Explorers
We're Amy and Ryan, paranormal explorers capturing the strange and unusual from the Northeastern US and beyond! Travel, film, chill, repeat. ✌🏻 📓 Full Dark Site: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 📲 Social Media:
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Randonautica nearly killed us! Wait...wait hold on.... If you know us, you'll get it. 😉 If you've never seen us before, hold on to your butts! 🍑 This is dedicated to Dale, Justin, and the #NoBSMafia of Paranormal Truth. Did we get to the bottom of a deep mystery? The bottom of a steep cliff? Did we end up in the most insane place ever? Ride with us through this epic 3-point adventure to find out how very ridiculous this trend is. 💻HQ: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 🎬Email: [email protected] 📱Hang With Us: ⤑ ⚫ Now Playing: #NoBSMafia #Gotcha #Randonautica

THE CRYPT KEEPER KNOCKS BACK! | New York Legend Tripping

In this strange journey to central New York, we search for a legendary corpse vault to investigate for paranormal activity, and see if we can't find the old crypt keeper after all. Friends of Amy's, and locals, have shared stories of this haunted vault and the story of the phantom crypt keeper for decades. Is it a portal to hell? Probably not, but we explored, knocked on the door, and hollered out to the spirits of West Edmeston! 👻😈Be sure to hit subscribe and give this bad boy a thumbs up for us! Thanks! 🙏 💻HQ: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 🎬Email: [email protected] 📱Hang With Us: ⤑ ⚫ Now Playing: #LegendTripping #CryptKeeper #HauntedNewYork

The SPEAKEASY | Haunted York PA | Part 2 with ParanormalTV

We went down into a spooky basement speakeasy with Christine of Paranormal TV, to see if we could communicate with someone or something still echoing through the old party space. The city of York, PA has a long history, this building in particular has tunnels which run the length of the blog, and bootlegging was surely part of that former life. With Christine's husband Justin, the four of us investigated for paranormal activity to some strange results! 🔥SUBSCRIBE TO CHRISTINE'S CHANNEL! 🔥WATCH CHRISTINE'S VIDEO! 🔥WATCH CHRISTINE'S PART 1 VIDEO! 🔥MISSED PART 1? WANT TO START THERE? 💻HQ: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 🎬Email: [email protected] 📱Hang With Us: ⤑ ⚫ Now Playing: #HauntedSpeakeasy #YorkGhostTours #ParanormalTV

HAUNTED York, PA | The Old MORGUE | Part 1 with Paranormal TV

In the first part of this haunted adventure, we met up with Christine of Paranormal TV, to see if we could experience the paranormal in a former morgue and doctor's office. The city of York, PA has a long history, and this building, over 100 years old, has seen its share of strange history and even stranger ghostly activity. With Christine's husband Justin, the four of us set about into the Strange and Unusual with surprising results! 🔥Subscribe to Christine's channel: 💻HQ: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 🎬Email: [email protected] 📱Hang With Us: ⤑ ⚫ Now Playing: #HauntedYork #YorkGhostTours #ParanormalTV

The HAUNTED SHANLEY Hotel | Part 2 | Paranormal Feature

In Part 2 of our Shanley Hotel investigation, we split up throughout the building to try and speak to more of the building's entities. Between a ouija board and a surprising spirit box session, we got more than we bargained for! The Estes Method lead us to the end of the night before we fell asleep in this incredible, haunted bed and breakfast! 🚨Subscribe to J&M Explorations: 💻HQ: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 🎬Let's Collab: [email protected] 📱Hang With Us: ⤑ ⚫ Now Playing: #HauntedShanleyHotel #ParanormalActivity #HauntedHotelNewYork

The HAUNTED SHANLEY Hotel | Part 1 | Paranormal Feature

In the mountains of New York State sits a haunted bed and breakfast known as the Shanley Hotel. This white wooden structure dates from 1895 and has been home to several resident spirits for decades. From former owners to the ghosts of children, this 3 story hotel has some terrifying stories to tell! Join Stacey Horton Intuitive Medium, Jennifer and Marcel of J&M Explorations and us for Part 1 inside this awesome haunt, and see what paranormal activity we caught! WATCH PART 2: 🚨Subscribe to J&M Explorations: 💻HQ: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 🎬Let's Collab: [email protected] 📱Hang With Us: ⤑ ⚫ Now Playing: #HauntedShanleyHotel #ParanormalActivity #RealHauntedHotel
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We're Amy and Ryan, paranormal filmmakers capturing the strange and unusual. Through investigations, urban exploration, or investigative research, we present our weirdest work here. We film locally in the Upstate New York area and travel to different destinations in the US and internationally.

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