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Full Dark Productions - Paranormal Explorers

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Full Dark Paranormal Explorers
We're Amy and Ryan, paranormal explorers capturing the strange and unusual from the Northeastern US and beyond! Travel, film, chill, repeat. ✌🏻 📓 Full Dark Site: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 📲 Social Media:
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Séances | Dark & Mysterious, A Series on the Occult: Episode 4

On this episode, we dig into the history of seances, who the infamous Fox Sisters were, and how they played a pivotal role in the rise of mediumship. Featuring images and info from the Haunted History Trail of New York State! From raps and knocks to table tipping and ectoplasm, it's all about spirit communication. It's a little like Ken Burns' Vietnam, but with the occult! 🗺👻Haunted History Trail of NYS Website: https://hauntedhistorytra... 💻HQ: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 🎬Email: [email protected] 📱Hang With Us: ⤑ ⚫ Now Playing: #Seances #OccultHistory #FullDarkParanormalExplorers #Spiritualism

Exploring a Women's Prison | Full Dark Urbex with J&M Explorations

In this adventure, we explore a former women's prison that was built in 1918. It stayed a prison until the mid-1930's when it then became a homeless shelter for older or "convalescing" men. The crack epidemic of the 1980's turned the place to violence and crime, and local townspeople pushed to have it shut down. It's been closed and abandoned since 2007. Come see what us, Jennifer and Marcel found inside this huge location! 🚨Subscribe to J&M Explorations: 💻HQ: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 🎬Email: [email protected] 📱Hang With Us: ⤑ 🎶Original background music by Ryan & Amy 🎶Sound effects by ⚫Now Playing: #PrisonUrbex #WomensPrison #AbandonedExploration

Tarot Cards | Dark & Mysterious, A Series on the Occult: Episode 3

On this episode, we take a brief look at where tarot cards originated from, and how the deck evolved to be the popular spiritual item they are today. *Disclaimer: this is in no way a teaching video for how to read or interpret tarot cards, I don't have the authority to teach that aspect, JUST the history. It's a little like Ken Burns' Vietnam, but with the occult! 💻HQ: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 🎬Email: [email protected] 📱Hang With Us: ⤑ ⚫ Now Playing: #TarotCards #OccultHistory #HistoryofTarot Works Cited: -The Morgan Library and Museum: Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards -The Origins and Evolution of the Tarot http://www.esotericquarte... -The Metropolitan Museum of Art -The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, A. E. Waite, 3rd printing, 1966

Deep Decay | Paranormal Urbex Part 2 - THE X-RAY ROOM

In part 2, we go even deeper into the derelict clinic in search of ghostly activity. Jen, Marcel (J&M Explorations) and ourselves find an incredible room full of x-ray equipment. Our line of investigating included the Panasonic DR60 and the SB7 Spirit Box once again, and the results are downright surprising! See if you can't help us figure out some of the EVPs and SB7 responses in this creepy, lonely clinic! 🌕PART 1: 🚨Subscribe to J&M Explorations: 📱Hang With Us: ⤑ 💻HQ: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 🎬Email: [email protected] 🎶Original music by @ryanfulldark (& some background tracks by @fulldarkpros) 🎶Sound effects by ⚫Now Playing: #SpiritBoxSession #PanasonicDR60 #AbandonedHospital

Deep Decay | Paranormal Urbex Part 1 - THE ASYLUM CLINIC

Our friends Jen and Marcel from J&M Explorations and us went into the depths of a decaying mid-century hospital to explore the possibility of paranormal activity. The site is associated with a large, long-decaying asylum. We never know what we'll get in these places, so you decide - were we alone? 🚨Subscribe to J&M Explorations: 💻HQ: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 🎬Let's Collab: [email protected] 📱Hang With Us: ⤑ 🎶Original music by @ryanfulldark & @fulldarkpros 🎶Sound effects by ⚫Now Playing: #GhostHunting #PanasonicDR60 #ParanormalExploration

The Hidden Vault | Investigating Mount Zion Cemetery

In the historic Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC, sits a hidden body vault that had a significant role in the Underground Railroad. We visited the cemetery that surrounds it, and learned quite a bit about the situation it's in, and the story behind it. We investigated and strolled the grounds - watch and decide for yourself if we were alone. Restoration is slowly occurring at the cemetery through the Foundation for the Preservation of Historic Georgetown, visit their site here: http://www.preservegeorge... 💻HQ: http://www.fulldarkpros.c... 🎬Email: [email protected] 📱Our Social Media: ⤑ 🎹Original music by @ryanfulldark 🎵Sound effects by & Kleber KGF #MountZionCemetery #FullDarkProductions #HauntedDC
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We're Amy and Ryan, paranormal filmmakers capturing the strange and unusual. Through investigations, urban exploration, or investigative research, we present our weirdest work here. We film locally in the Upstate New York area and travel to different destinations in the US and internationally.
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