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Soul Reaper Paranormal
Hello and welcome to Soul Reaper Paranormal. This is a new and exciting group where we will be looking into all things related to Ghosts, Demons and the Afterlife. Our main aim here is to provide you with regular, relevant content related to this field. We hope to build up a strong, loyal fan base who will help us along on this journey into the unknown. Please keep up to date with what Soul Reaper Paranormal is up to by following us on our social media links. We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, pinterest and Google plus
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Lancashire Ghosts And Historic Witchcraft | Soul Reaper Paranormal

Tonight the team travel to Lancashire to investigate an old historic 16th century hall. Tonight we encounter shadows, full blown spirit box reply's, including names. [email protected]

Live Chat And Update

A quick update about tonight's joint investigation

Haunted Halloween Special | Flying Phantom Lights | Soul Reaper Paranormal

Tonight the team travel a short distance to a very tiny 19th century cemetery. During the afternoon Kyle and Jason visited tonights location to make sure the place would we worthy of a paranormal investigation. From the moment we arrived we felt that this place would be perfect as we were looking to do something different for our fans. This cemetery has graves which date back to the early 1800's, and some of the graves here belonged to very interesting people indeed. [email protected]

Live On Our Public Invest


Haunted Medieval Battlefield | War Of The Roses | Soul Reaper Paranormal

Tonight the team conduct a paranormal investigation at a Anglican chapel which rests at the heart of a battle field in Yorkshire. 20,000+ men lost their lives here as the war of the roses came to an end. Ghostly lights, the sounds of war and even full apparitions have all been reported coming from in and around this chapel. What will the team uncover tonight as we step foot inside this reclusive haunted location? As soon as we arrive we are greeted by ghostly evp's and strange light phenomenon. Olight LED Flashlights ( the one we used in the video ) - https://www.olightstore.u... Flash sale on 17th Oct: 1. M3XS-UT Hunting Kit-35% OFF, Buy one M3XS-UT Kit get a FREE blue S2A(£29.95); 2. M20SX Hunting Kit-35% OFF, Buy one M20SX Kit get a FREE I3T(£19.99); Flash sale on 18th Oct: H1+ Charging Kit - 35% OFF Email- [email protected] Music by Ender Guney -

The Hanging Tree Of Saint Mary's | The Floating Face | Soul Reaper Paranormal

Tonight soul reaper paranormal investigate a very old graveyard in our own area. within moments of entering this location Mark witnesses the face of a bold gentleman appear before his own eyes. The spirits at this place seem very restless and this could make sense due to how neglected the churchyard looks. Rempod activity is rife and so is the feeling that we are been watched.
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Soul Reaper Paranormal will be looking into all things related to Ghosts, Demons and the Afterlife. Follow them on their journey into the unknown
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