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The Real Paranormal Channel
The Real Paranormal Channel is a unique collaboration of exciting media exploring all aspects of the paranormal field. Outstanding new documentaries is a speciality which focuses on uncovering the truth about a wide spectrum of the paranormal. We ask our viewers to be involved in live experiments and discussions as The Real Paranormal Channel attempt to recreate Some of the most ground breaking interactive paranormal research of this century. Join us on a journey into the unknown were you become part of The Real Paranormal Channel. CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA ⇩
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Spirits Appear Using The Water ITC Method

Hello and welcome. Sorry that it has been a while as I am sure you will all know we have all be very busy. On this episode Kyle takes a look at water ITC And some of the images capture are pretty convincing.

Creepy Ghost Photos Captured At Random

If you don't believe in the #Afterlife then these #Paranormal photographs that have been captured at random might just change your mind. Help Support Us By Purchasing Official Merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.... Follow us on social media: Facebook:

Live Soul Seeing Session

On Tuesday the 8th of September Kyle, Richard and Julie will be conducting a live experiment where we want the audience to stare into our very souls and try and give us the answers to the same ten questions that will be asked to each individual. Known as soul seeing, this is a great chance for people to see if an individuals real self can be revealed by someone staring into their souls. Each team member will have the answers to all their questions written on paper and after 2 minutes of the question being asked the answer will be revealed to the team members and the audience. Join us as this is going to be very interesting!

Live Public Water ITC Experiment


The Anguished Man : An Haunted Painting

According to legend, The Anguished Man was created by an unknown artist, who mixed the paint with his own blood. Shortly, after his work was completed, the artist committed suicide. It is currently owned by Sean Robinson, from Cumbria, England. Since then, Robinson and his family began experiencing strange activities around the house such as seeing a shadowy figure of a man and hearing sounds of whispering and crying. Help Support Us By Purchasing Official Merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.... Follow us on social media: Facebook: Join us on Patreon For Exclusive Paranormal Documentaries Coming Soon: Write to us here [email protected] For professional enquiries contact: [email protected]
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Soul Reaper Paranormal will be looking into all things related to Ghosts, Demons and the Afterlife. Follow them on their journey into the unknown

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