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Soul Reaper

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Soul Reaper Paranormal
Soul Reaper Paranormal is a web series which explores all things related to life after death. Over the years, paranormal investigator Kyle Thompson has managed to capture a number of extreme paranormal events on camera, including physical attacks, crystal clear spirit voices and even apparitions on camera. I have been all over the United Kingdom in order to investigate claims of extreme paranormal activity, and to check out famous locations alleged to be haunted. SUBSCRIBE NOW! CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ⇩ IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GHOSTS THEN CHECK OUT OUR PARANORMABLE WEBSITE ⇩ (C) 2019 Soul Reaper Paranormal
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THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT | Soul Reaper Paranormal & Conjured Souls

During this #Paranormal investigation I meet up with my close friends from conjured souls paranormal. On this episode we step foot inside a #WWI training camp which in the end was probably one of the last places the #BarnsleyPals would have seen before possibly seen before a lot of them sacrificed their lives in and around the trenches during the battle of the #Somme.

My Scariest Paranormal Moment Was Captured On Camera

In 2017 Soul Reaper Paranormal managed to capture two types of entities on video. During a #paranormal investigation at some abandoned buildings, situated directly in front of the historic Wentworth Woodhouse, something happened that shook me to my bones. The video in my eyes is proof that sometimes we get the results we require from performing hundreds of investigations. Music via : Ender Guney

The Demon Church | Haunted Halloween Special

Tonight #SoulReaperParanormal join forces with conjured souls as we investigate a location that I have not returned to in over 2 years. St Botolph’s Church in Skidbrooke is among the most haunted spots in Lincolnshire and it is a centre for unexplained #ParanormalActivity. In 2004, St. Botolph’s church was in the news for having been the place where animal sacrifices had taken place, and satanic graffiti had been found on the walls. Visitors have reported seeing a ghostly monk on the site, seeing odd lights and hearing sounds of storms in calm weather, and hearing strange, unexplained noises at night at this #Satanic church CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ⇩ IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GHOSTS THEN CHECK OUT OUR PARANORMABLE WEBSITE ⇩ Professional Inquiries: [email protected]

Coming This Halloween

Here is a teaser for our #Paranormal investigation which will be aired on #Halloween night. On this investigation I teamed up with Conjured Souls, at a place we have all investigated in the past. CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ⇩ IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GHOSTS THEN CHECK OUT OUR PARANORMABLE WEBSITE ⇩ Professional Inquiries: [email protected]

Star Child - The Ghostly Girl Of Cadeby Tunnel

Tonight Soul Reaper Paranormal joined up with my close friends Conjured Souls Paranormal. During this #Paranormal Investigation we headed to the #abandoned Cadeby tunnel to try and make contact with a spirit that is said to reside here. The tunnel was built in 1849 for the South Yorkshire, Doncaster and Goole Railway Company. The head engineer was Charles Bartholomew of the River Don Company. On tonight's investigation we hope to make contact with a local, young gypsy girl who many years ago decided to cut through the tunnels to sell water and rags to the workers on the other side. She is said to have stepped into the central arch when a train passed. She suddenly dropped what she was carrying and when she bent down to pick it up she was struck by a train killing her immediately. During our investigation we got more than be bargain for as we came into contact with something other than #ghosts CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ⇩ IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GHOSTS THEN CHECK OUT OUR PARANORMABLE WEBSITE ⇩ Professional Inquiries: [email protected] Music by Ender Guney:

Live At Abandoned Tunnel

#paranormal #abandoned
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Soul Reaper Paranormal will be looking into all things related to Ghosts, Demons and the Afterlife. Follow them on their journey into the unknown

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