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Soul Reaper Paranormal
Hello and welcome to Soul Reaper Paranormal. This is a new and exciting group where we will be looking into all things related to Ghosts, Demons and the Afterlife. Our main aim here is to provide you with regular, relevant content related to this field. We hope to build up a strong, loyal fan base who will help us along on this journey into the unknown. Please keep up to date with what Soul Reaper Paranormal is up to by following us on our social media links. We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, pinterest and Google plus
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The Spirits Of WW2 | POW WW2 Camp

Tonight the team head on over to Huddersfield to investigate a world war 2 artillery site. This place is known for shooting German ww2 planes. At the time German aircraft were shot down over England to defeat the war. This paranormal investigation let us know that war was underhand and we believe we captured prove of the afterlife. Musi via Ender Guney :

The Wondering Monk Of Roche Abbey | Paranormal Investigation

Tonight soul reaper paranormal investigate an allegedly haunted abbey which was built in the 12th century. The place is believed to be haunted by a lonesome monk who has been seen numerous times walking around these grounds. The spirit of a grey lady has also been witnessed standing in one of the ancient windows, and also the sound of a baby has been heard crying. Tonight we though we had a very quiet investigation, however, upon review, the place came alive. Responses were captured via the coultous box and we got footage of what we believe to be the spirit of the monk. [email protected] music via ender guney :

The Ghosts Of The Last Water Forge | Soul Reaper Paranormal

Tonight the team investigate the last water powered iron forge in the United Kingdom. The place dates back to the 1600's and it is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a monk, a gentle and a lady wearing an old dress. These spirits have been seen and heard by numerous people have visited the area over the years. A photo was once captured by someone in one of the buildings workshops and the place seems to come alive tonight. Joined by our sponsor Mark Coultous the team tackle this paranormal investigation differently. email- soulreaperparanormal music by ender guney -

The House On Haunted Hill | Scary Voices, Lights and Animal Attacks

Tonight soul reaper paranormal head to an abandoned farm which sits on top of an haunted hill. The locals and even people who visit the area claim that this place is haunted by spirits. On that note the team decided to head on over to investigate this place. From the moment we arrive we come into contact with a being that seems to like using the rempod, and whatever this being is, it really does like to communicate with us. As the night progresses some amazing things are captured on camera, this includes, strange lights, scary evps and spirit/ghost box responses. We hope you enjoy our viceo. for enquiries please email [email protected] music by Ender Guney -

What Is This Light Anomaly Captured On Video | We think it's a dandelion seed?

This amazing light anomaly was captured on tape, none of us had seen this apart from james who said that he had seen something move. It changes shape before fading away [email protected] music by Ender Guney .


Here is a collection of strange evps captured during our latest investigation at an abandoned farm house. As soon as I was left alone during a lone vigil the atmosphere changed in a place which is claimed to be haunted by locals. The building has remained derelict for many years and it is in a shocking state. Please comment and let me know what you think it is and what is being said. [email protected]
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Soul Reaper Paranormal will be looking into all things related to Ghosts, Demons and the Afterlife. Follow them on their journey into the unknown
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