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Ghost Quest

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Ghost Quest
This Channel follows Ben Niall and his team as they investigate the claims of Ghostly Phenomenon throughout the United Kingdom. What will they discover on their Quest into the paranormal? Join us here on the Ghost Quest Channel to find out..
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The York Ghost Merchants - Shambles

Source: https://yorkghostmerchant... : The ancient city of York is home to a venerable tradition of ghost making that stretches back many centuries. York Ghosts are an integral – although undeniably obscure – part of the cit y’s story. York Ghosts were originally made as talismanic figures and used as tokens of fortitude and good fortune, today their purpose is as potent. Each York Ghost is handmade in a workshop above a remarkable shop on an extraordinary street, combining the best of British materials with the sagacity and resource of generations of Guild craftsmen and women. Every ghost is unique, “with a spirit all its own” Filmed By Ben Niall Video Productions on behalf of The York Ghost Merchants. © Ben Redhead

Who Was Sherlock?! - Conan Doyle Film - Ingleton North Yorkshire

*DONATION LINK* - Who Was Sherlock?! - What inspired Conan Doyle to come up with his character, Sherlock Holmes? This film goes into depth about his early life, family references and what might have inspired him. Why make this film? The story so far from Source: '' "St Mary’s Church, Ingleton is in real need of help. We need to put a new roof on the ageing structure. The building has been certified as having solid foundations with no sign of slippage over the last 1,000 years. However significant challenges remain to make it water tight and to safeguard it for the future. We have sought funding from a major grant-making body and have been turned down four times. A violent storm this winter damaged the roof and our insurance claim was declined. We have the money to start the repair work at one end of the church, and we are committed to doing this. However we need to raise an additional £300,000 to complete the immediate external repairs. A church has stood on this spot for almost 1,000 years. This is the third church that has been built on this site. It is a Grade II* Listed building with a Norman Tower, one of the real historical features of this lovely village. We are sorry to need to share this with you. The church is here for the needs of the village. Many of the people of Ingleton have attended church at some point in their lives, either regularly, for weddings, funerals and christenings, or simply to come to special services. Visitors likewise enjoy spending time looking at the Victorian design and appreciating the peace found here. We are all the custodians of the village church." © Ben Redhead Trading as Ben Niall Video Productions

Wallace Hartley - Simon Entwistle's 'Tales From The Graves'

Join Simon Entwistle, an award winning Story Teller & Author, as he takes you on a journey back in time, to re-live some of the countries best known Ghost, Murders, and Crime stories from the years once gone. In this episode, Simon is in the Lancashire town of Colne. He takes us to the grave of RMS Titanic's bandmaster, Wallace Hartley who famously played his violin as the ill fated vessel made her way down to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Simons links: Book - Tours / Website - © Ben Redhead - Trading as Ben Niall Video Productions. Violin sound track licensed by Pond5. Links: Website - Twitter - Facebook -

Olight i1R EOS | Keychain Light Review + Test | Yordas Cave

Disclaimer: This Video is an advert. **Input coupon code "gogogo" will get you 10% off of all Olight products**, not just I1R** - To Thank you for YOUR support to this channel!! ** Buy this torch HERE: The Olight i1R is an EDC torch with 130 lumens output. It is not only compact & water-proof (IPX8) but weighs only 12g, so you will have no idea of the fact that it is right in your pocket, because it is so light and small. It is rechargeable LED keychain torch and costs only £15.95!!!. (IPX8) means you can put this torch under water for about 30 mins and will still work perfectly! Join Ghost Quest's Ben & Gareth in their other favourite environment... CAVES. This week they head to Yordas Cave in Kingsdale, Ingleton to test out the Olight i1R EOS © Ben Niall Video Productions Music by

Wakefield Catacombs - Ghost Hunt - Westgate Unitarian Chapel - Ghost Quest

Website: Twitter: Facebook: In this weeks episode the team travel to Wakefield, Yorkshire .They go in search of documenting paranormal evidence to back up claims of serious hauntings within the Westgate Unitarian Chapel. Join Pauline and George at this location to experience it yourselves: http://paulinedayghostexp... Please check out our other episodes, and subscribe to our channel so you don't miss any of our upcoming videos. Previous Episode: Copyright: All Audio and Visuals are © Ben Niall Redhead. Copying or any form of Duplication or re use of this video or any other video on this channel will result in Prosecution. Sound Track Credits: Purple Planet: https://www.purple-planet...

Chris Conway's 'Ghost's Of...' Trailer - Coming Soon!

ALL NEW SHOW! (*Cancelled*) Featuring Ghost Quest's very own, Ben Niall! Join Pshycic Medium, Chris Conway as he broadens his search for the Paranormal in his all new show airing in mid 2019! Licensed Audio Track © Ben Niall Video Productions © Chris Conway
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This Channel follows Ben Niall and his team as they investigate the claims of Ghostly Phenomenon throughout the United Kingdom. What will they discover on their Quest into the paranormal?
UK Paranormal Team

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