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Bytown Paranormal

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Bytown Paranormal
We are a dedicated group of paranormal investigators located in Ottawa, Canada's capital. We are a non-profit organization. We believe in the use of scientific methods, systematic processes, skepticism and logical thinking for data collection and analysis. This channel features videos from all 3 Bytown Family teams, including the Phantoms of Yore and Bytown Paranormal Quebec You can find us at
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Voices Heard Again ! Haunted Red House in Gananoque: Jeff and Cory's 1st Round

Haunted Red House in Gananque? With every video review it appears that there is definately something going on. Built in 1790 and then torn down and rebuilt in 1850's to where it is today. Originally belonging to town founder Joel Stone. Corey and Jeff are locked in the bedroom for the 1st time. Previous video you saw was their second visit to this space where a ton of audio anomalies were captured. After reviewing thier first round it appears that the EVP's just keep coming. Watch, enjoy and let us know in the comments what you hear, it may be different then what we think the voices of the Red House say.

Gananoque Haunted Red House ? : Eric Solo Live Feed . VOICES FOUND !

Haunted Red House? Continues to appear that way. Eric spends 45min alone the room gave us all creepy vibes. Rest of us are in Base in an addition to the property, far from Eric behind many closed doors, There is no way that we could be heard from this space. Eric hears whispers, footsteps chills and goosebumps he just cant shake. We have never been in a location that produced so many audio anomalies, we turned the furnace off just to remove noice. Watch and let us know what you hear

Haunted Red House Gananoque: Clients Jeff and Cory Investigate Solo

Haunted Red House in Gananoque? There is definately something going on. All through the live feed Febuary 1st during our invesitgation we heard whispers and voices at base. Also when investigating we would hear whispers with the ear. We were quick to review the live feed to see if we were infact hearing voices. This video is the breakdown of when Jeff and Cory investigated in a locked room on the second floor. We have never come across these many possible EVPs in such a short time frame in one room. Still not sure what to think of it. Watch the review of part of the Red House Live Feed and let us know what you think. These two men are alone, Eric and Elliot are at base in a addition to the property behind many closed doors sitting silently watching the feed as Jeff and Corey are locked in this room. Amazed by this location and a revisit is in order. Still so much more to review!

Creepiest EVP Capture at HI Ottawa Jail Hostel

Solitary Confinement at the Ottawa Carleton Gaol now the HI Ottawa Jail Hostel was a place of great pain and punishment. It is said that prisoners were chained naked, spread eagle on the cold cement floor for up to a month, some perished from such treatment. When we investigated, we performed a punishment role play in Solitary. This is what we captured, let us know how it makes you feel as many who listened can feel the pain. Guests and guides of The Haunted Walk tour this space daily and many have experienced odd occurances and feelings. Check it out!

History and Paranormal at L'Orignal Jail

Ancienne prison de L'Orignal Old Jail, the oldest jail in Ontario has a very interesting history. 5 executions, crimes of which horror films could be based on. As this video shows, paranormal accounts have been experienced at this location for decades. We release this video as our 2018 Revenant events comes to an end. December 22, 2018 will be the last Revenant event: REVENANT : Un Noël Paranormal / A Paranormal Christmas. 2019 may bring something new to Ancienne prison de L'Orignal Old Jail! Tickets still available! Thanks to all that were interviewed, all the guests, the wonderful guides and volunteers that assisted in making Revenant a fun and spooky experience for many. Helping raise thousands of dollars for this wonderful historic site. Emma of Prescott et/and Russell, couldn't have done it without you!

Gananoque: Trinity House Inn Haunted ?

Is this B&B Haunted? It appears lots of activity occured when the event was over for these two adventerous guests explored Trinity House Inn. They went room to room as the team prepared and awaited our musical guest Alex Leggett at base. Intelligent Spirit Box responses, EVP's, temperature changes and possibly Boo Bear changing position unnoticed and I can't forget the creature in the ventalation system or perhaps a mouse on steriods? Hopefully these two guests tune in and review their evidence. We must say, they have a good ear, they heard many of the anomalies audibly. Great work!
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Bytown Paranormal are a dedicated group of paranormal investigators located in Ottawa, Canada's capital. We are a non-profit organization. We believe in the use of scientific methods, systematic processes, skepticism and logical thinking for data collection and analysis.
CA Paranormal Team

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