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Huff Paranormal

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Huff Paranormal
First things first: LOVE IS THE KEY. Believe that, it is true while we are here and in the afterlife. Welcome to my channel. For many years I have been researching life after death, and spirit communication. Known as I.T.C. (Instrumental Trans Communication) my main focus has been finding better ways to connect with the dead, and allowing them to speak, CLEARLY. I have created the Portal. The Wonder Box and the SoulSpeaker for aiding in REAL Afterlife communication. I connect with loved ones on my Patreon for those who join me there, and it is such an amazing family we have there: I have over 800 videos right here spanning several years. My mailing address: Huff Paranormal Steve Huff PO Box 7632 Surprise AZ 85374
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Jeffrey Epstein Confesses from the Grave? Amazing Spirit Box Portal Session.

#HUFFPARANORMAL #EPSTEINDEATH #EPSTEINSPIRITBOX Subscribe: Join my YouTube for GROUP SESSIONS and More: My Patreon GROUP Sessions: My Website: http://www.huffparanormal... A talk about the REALITY of what I do: In this video... SO MANY have asked me to do a spirit session for Jeffrey Epstein. More or less to ask about his death. Was it suicide or murder to cover up the crimes of other individuals? Many also wanted me to ask about his crimes. Not only does he answer. he confesses and when I list of all of the crimes he is accused of the answer is "I DID ALL THAT". He also said "THEY LOVED MY TOUCH". This is a soul that is hiding from the devil and trying to avoid judgement. He feels like he deserves the light but he will never see it. This is a spirit session that I normally would not do as I usually do not delve into HELL but these days I am confident in my protection and feel this could be a way to bring answers. Sure not many will believe this but it is 100% real. 100% true and I have been doing this research for almost 10 years now. I have hundreds of videos here documenting my research, progress, spirit box devices and. my own creations for contacting with the other side. I also connect with loved ones on the other side every month on my Patreon page as well as here in the members area of YouTube. You can find info on that here: Love you all and remember LOVE IS THE KEY to this life and the next.

TRUTH! Skeptics, apps, the REAL fakes, demons and MORE! HUFF & HOPE!

#HUFFPARANORMAL #REALITC #SKEPTICS Subscribe: My Patreon GROUP Sessions: Join my YouTube for Live Streams and More: My Website: http://www.huffparanormal... In this video... Josh Louis from HOPE Paranormal (here on YouTube) and I talk about ITC, our work, the realities of what we do, skeptics, apps, fake vs real, demons, and the effect our work has had on others over the years. This is REAL Paranormal and Real ITC. We do not do this to get a TV show (do not want one) or for attention but we do it due to the passion within us that pushes us to pursue this research. We have experienced some major deep things doing what we do and we talk about the challenges of our work and what the future may hold. What many fail to understand is all we do is real. What we have done is bring forth some of the most amazing evidence ever captured with devices like a portal, panabox, or DR60 recorder and we have seen, felt, and experienced the other side on a personal deep level. We take this research as serious as our lives and will continue to push ahead to find even more answers about life after death, the other side and all things spirit for the next 20 years. Enjoy this video, and look for a new spirit communication video from me VERY soon using dual PANABOX radios.

DEMONS try to GAIN ENTRY. This is how I handle them. (May Be Scary to Some)

#HUFFPARANORMAL #DEMONS #DEMONICSPIRIT Subscribe: My Patreon GROUP Sessions: Join my YouTube for group sessions and More: My Website: http://www.huffparanormal... In this video... So today I want to share a video that is filled with direct communication, and also to talk about DEMONS. My history with them, how I handle them and why you should never fear them. I use various devices...the PANABOX, WONDER BOX and POLTERCOM to communicate with spirits who say they are demons and even spirits who say they CHOSE ME. Why? Well, I think it is for the light as that is mainly what I do for spirits. This video may entertain but was not made for that purpose. Rather my videos are made to educate, teach and show everyone the fact that we never truly die and we can connect with the other side using modern day advancements and knowledge. Please subscribe to my channel if you have interest in real life after death research (I am not TV, Hollywood or Fake like most who do this and do it for attention). What I document should be seen by the world, as it is all true and fact and needs to be explored on an even deeper level than I am now or have the capability to do. Love you all. LOVE IS THE KEY.

Her Son's Spirt answers her Question. a REAL PORTAL to the DEAD.

#HUFFPARANORMAL #LIFEAFTERDEATH #THEPORTAL Subscribe: My Patreon GROUP Sessions: Join my YouTube for Live Streams and More: My Website: http://www.huffparanormal... In this video... Today I upload a video that talks a little about the PORTAL and how it has changed the face of ITC and this research. I also share new examples including one that is so powerful from a son to his Mother during a group night session. ANYONE can join my motley group nights as a YouTube or Patreon Member. Links are above to check that out!

THIS SPIRIT BOX IS INSANE!! Asking for Cameron Boyce.

#HUFFPARANORMAL #LIFEAFTERDEATH #PANABOX Subscribe: My Patreon GROUP Sessions: Join my YouTube for Live Streams and More: My Website: http://www.huffparanormal... PREVIOUS VIDEO ON THE PANABOX: In this video... MORE with the Panabox spirit radio device. I connect with spirits seeking the light and also ask for Cameron Boyce. SO many direct validations here that this has become my new favorite spirit device!

SPIRIT CLEARLY SAYS HEAVEN IS REAL. Amazing REAL Direct Spirit Communication and HOW to do it.

#HUFFPARANORMAL #REALPARANORMAL #GHOSTBOX Subscribe: My Patreon GROUP Sessions: Join my YouTube MEMBERS for GROUP SESSIONS: My Website: http://www.huffparanormal... In this video... I test the new DEADWAVE APP! Watch all the way to the end, it's a good one. Amazing direct clear communication here with spirits. Undeniable and Undebunkable. This app does not contain words or phrases. Just phonetic sounds. Spirits, if present and if you connected, will use this app to form words and answers to your questions. My results are not typical as I have dedicated my life to this for the last ten years but this video shows what is possible. Love you all!
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My son and I have been investigating the Paranormal for a while now and we no longer go out to prove the existence of spirits (we have done this long ago) but to figure out who they are and what they want and why they hang around.
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