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Huff Paranormal
What you will find here is all 100% real spirit communication using devices I have created over the last ten years. I have contacted loved ones for viewers and many celebrities such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, XXX Tentacion, Juice WRLD, Sushant Rajput, Freddie Mercury and so many more. What I do is real, I have. to stress it again as many on YouTube fake celebrity sessions for clout, views and yes, income. I have the longest running real spirit communication and spirit box video channel on YouTube with over 1.5 million subscribers. Our soul never dies, and I have over 1,200 videos to prove it, even scientific proof can be found here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of my playlists featuring some miraculous and incredible proof of life after death. Even full body apparition spirit photos. You will be amazed, your eyes will be opened, and you may even start to feel the presence of higher vibrational spirits as that is what I focus on in my research. LOVE is the KEY
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Life After Death? Hear this man SPEAK to a TEEN SPIRIT in REAL TIME just using his PHONE! Stunning!

Join this channel to get access to hundreds of members videos The app I used in this video is a true Pro spirit tool: Transcend Spirit Link on Android now: Also on iOS: In this video I connect with the soul of a teenage boy who sits in my room at 1:11 AM. My guide Ed enters and they show me and tell me what happened. In the end, Ed brings light for this teen and they go to the light. Hear it, see it and experience this amazing session in today's video. I love you all. Remember that LOVE is the KEY. Media, Press, Business Inquires: [email protected]

WHOA! Spirits Explain ALL using TWO DEVICES at ONCE! You will NOT BELIEVE what they SAY.

Join this channel to get access to hundreds of members only videos for $5 #itc #love #lifeafterdeath Best Spirit App EVER MADE (TRUE ITC TOOL): Transcend Spirit Link on Android now: On Apple iOS: **My TRANSCEND TUTORIAL VIDEO: Ok guys, the ultimate proof using Transcend Theory as spirits validate things to me about light, why they come to me, and so much more. They do this while using TWO devices. The Transcend Theory app and my Backwards Box. They used them at the same time. This app continues to amaze me. Again, IT HAS NO WORDS programmed in. It has NO SOUND BANKS. This app uses now voice or language. This app only has LETTERS of the Alphabet that SPIRITS, WHEN WE CONNECT, MUST USE TO FORM WORDS. Undeniable, Can not be debunked when you connect. This is a pro level app and proves LIFE after DEATH. LOVE TO ALL! Media, Press, Business Inquires: [email protected]

45 Minutes of Spirit Conversations using a new Scientific ITC App that PROVES Life after Death.

Join this channel to get access to hundreds of exclusive videos: So Transcend Theory has been out for about one month. In this time frame thousands of you have downloaded it and tried it. I have heard from so many of you who have achieved a connection and communication with the app so that is always great to hear. In this video I showcase just a few of the sessions I have done using this app. It has validated again and again and proven itself and the spirits who, I have been speaking with for 13 years. This is a scientific app as it has or used NO AI, NO SOUND BANKS, NO PRELOADED WORDS or PHRASES, doesn't have any sound or vocals programmed in. Also, this one does NOT use your devices microphone nor does it use WiFi or Bluetooth. This is an app that can not be debunked and no one can cry fake here as this app is made with SCIENCE. It would be impossible for it to work here as you see without spirits connecting and forming the messages. To see how it works and an explanation see this video: An amazing Cemetery Session where I connect to a Family: This app works for anyone who can connect with spirits (we all have the ability but mot everyone wants to learn how) as it will also show you how string your connection is. It can test your connection as well as let you know when they are with you. This video showcases just some of my results with this app and many more are to come as this will be my #1 tool for all of 2024. I have never experienced anything like it. Transcend on Android: Transcend on iOS: I love you all and remember my friends, LOVE is the KEY! Media, Press, Business Inquires: [email protected]

This Spirit Communication APP is FREAKY! Hear two spirits ANSWER MY QUESTIONS! Husband and Wife.

Join this channel to get access hundreds of members only videos: #itc #spiritbox #afterlife I love you all. Remember that LOVE is the KEY. Sorry I head to delete and re-upload to fix a listing issue. Using the Transcend Theory app two souls enter and speak. They give me their names, their sons name and they validate what they show me. This app is incredible and undeniable. Love you all. Media, Press, Business Inquires: [email protected]

Her Little Soul Told Me and Showed Me what her Daddy Did. I then find her Grave. Transcend Theory.

Join this channel to get access to HUNDREDS of Members Only Videos for $5: #itc #lifeafterdeath #spiritbox In this video I take the Transcend Spirit app to a small cemetery that resides in the middle of a forest. It's small and has grave sites of entire families. In this one, a little girls soul calls out for her Daddy, then I find out the entire story of this family from so long ago. The Transcend Theory app validates again and again. More from this amazing pro ITC app: Tutorial: Amazing Session with the App: One more: Session during a Locust Invasion! My 1st Transcend Session, they speak of a WAR: Media, Press, Business Inquires: [email protected]

Death of the Physical is NOT The End. It's just the Start.

Join this channel to get access to perks: #lifeafterdeath #soulsjourney #heaven In today's video we learn about the Souls Journey and what happens at that moment of death of the physical body. Death is not the end my friends, merely the beginning of a beautiful journey to the light. Enjoy. Media, Press, Business Inquires: [email protected]
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My son and I have been investigating the Paranormal for a while now and we no longer go out to prove the existence of spirits (we have done this long ago) but to figure out who they are and what they want and why they hang around.

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