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Chill Seekers TV

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Chill Seekers TV
Chill Seekers Paranormal Investigation & Research Est. 2012 by Co-Founders Keith Weldon and Carissa Simpson.
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The End of Chill Seekers web series

I keep getting messages asking if we are going to be making any new episodes... well here is the answer. It's unfortunate but the Chill Seekers Web Series started back in 2012 has officially come to an end. It was one of the best experiences of my life, but life changes and due to certain circumstances the web series cannot continue. I (Keith Weldon) will still be releasing content on YT, tik tok, and other platforms, but the web series will not continue. I will continue my research in spirit communication as well as investigating haunted locations. There may be a new series in the future but it would be completely new and different. I want to personally thank everyone that was apart of the series and who supported us over the years.

Ghostly Hand Prints appear at Haunted House

While investigating a haunted home these child size hand prints seem to appear out of nowhere. We didn't notice these handprints until we finished doing several spirit communication sessions in the most active room of the house. The home owner confirms that she has never seen these hand prints and has no idea how they appeared there. We were in the closet room upstairs using the DR60, Deadwave app, and the Spiritus Ghost Box app. It wasn't until after communicating with the spirits and leaving the room that we noticed these hand prints that are clearly visible. I can't say that these are 100% paranormal but they are very strange. Watch the full video: Episode 43 - Haunted Country Home

Chill Seekers Episode 43 - Haunted Country Home

Join us as we investigate a country home in Modesto, CA. This intense investigation delivered amazing visual and ITC evidence. Watch Exclusive Necrophonic Session: We used the DR60, Spiritus Ghost Box, Deadwave, S Box Ghost Scanner, PanaBox, and Ovi;us device during our investigation. We captured amazing EVP and ITC Ghost Box communication. Did the ghost of a child reach out to us and make contact?

Chill Seekers Episode 42 - Kennedy Mine

We head to Kennedy Mine in Jackson, CA. We were invited out to investigate and participate in a paracon. We will be presenting our group Chill Seekers and our various ITC apps. Keith Weldon is the developer of Spiritus Ghost Box, Sweep, Necrophonic, and Deadwave. These ITC apps are used for spirit communication and are available for iOS and Android. The Kennedy Mine is a known haunted and historic location. Many have heard about it from Ghost Adventures who visited and produced an episode for the their Travel Channel show. For more info on the Kennedy Mine please visit their website

NEW Kennedy Mine Trailer

New episode coming October 1st. We investigate the Kennedy Mine in Jackson, CA. With amazing guests.

Chill Seekers Episode 41 - The Patterson House with Steve Huff

We travel to southern California to meet up with our friends Steve Huff, Debby, Rahkee, and the Kims. We are investigating the Patterson house located in Winchester, CA. We will be using several spirit communication devices to try and reach out and speak with the spirits that remain at this location. We brought 2 of my apps, Necrophonic and Spiritus Ghost Box which are both available for iOS and Android. We also brought the DR60 recorder. Steve brought the Poltercom ghost box made by Paranologies. He also brought his portal device, DR60 recorders, and a new hacked Panasonic radio ghost box that looks like a DR60 that is now called the Panabox. Rahkee brought his Banshee box and other devices. We conduct several EVP / ITC sessions in the house and get some really amazing communication. For more videos please Visit: New Merch is available on our web site. Check out the new Deadwave and Necrophonic T-Shirts!
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Chill Seekers Paranormal Investigation & Research. Est. 2012 by Co-Founders Keith Weldon and Carissa Simpson.

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