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Strange Town - A Paranormal Series

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Strange Town
Welcome to Strange Town. A TV show on Austin PBS and web series based out of Texas. We bring you unknown activity caught on tape from known and unknown historical haunted locations in Central Texas. We have been featured on Travel Channel, Destination America, Coast to Coast AM and a variety of other paranormal shows. Be a part of our journey by subscribing to our channel for the latest episodes. Happy Haunting!
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Billy from Strange Town received 7 "Live Photos" taken from an iPhone and what he heard in one photo is terrifying. The Live Photos were taken at Pedernales State Park near the Pedernales River State Park Trail Head outside of Austin, TX. Thank you for watching and Happy Haunting! #happyhaunting #pedernalesstatepark #paranormal #evp #fox #austintx #paranormal #strangetown #imdying

Strange Town: Haunted Hill House - Mineral Wells, TX (SEASON 3)

Season 3 opener takes Billy and Mark to the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells, TX. Originally built in 1892 by Fannie Yeager this home eventually served as the town brothel and speakeasy catering to the guests of the infamous Baker Hotel just a few blocks away. Unexplained deaths, murders and witchcraft surround this home. What kind of haunts reside in the Haunted Hill House? Happy Haunting!

Strange Town: Undead Live - Devil's Backbone Evidence

Undead Live is our on-going live streaming series, where we bring you the history and the haunts of places that are accessible to the public! Location 7: We live streamed from an overlook in Texas Hill Country adjacent to FM 32 to what is known as possibly the most haunted stretch of highway in the entire state of Texas.... What is called Devil’s Backbone resulted from an earthquake that occurred in the region more than thirty million years ago. The powerful earthquake helped separate the land into two different regions, the Edward’s Plateau to the west and the lower Gulf Coastal Plains to the east. There are countless stories that occur in different areas of the Backbone - spectral horsemen, a ghostly monk dressed in 1700;s clothing, a phantom that jumps onto the roofs of passing cars, ghostly hitchhikers, shadow people that follow hikers in the area, a spectral woman and child believed to be the family of a lost miner just to name a few - and probably more personal encounters that have never been documented. Be aware that almost all property owned in the Devil’s Backbone area is private and there are plenty of “No Trespassing” signs to obey since this is a hot bed for people seeking a paranormal thrill. We only got to cover a very small portion of the these 4700 acres during our investigation. Join us on this episode of Undead Live where we investigate the History and Haunts of the Devil's Backbone! Our original live broadcast can be viewed here:

Strange Town: Undead Live - Dead Man's Hole Evidence

Undead Live is our new live streaming series, where we bring you the history and the haunts of places that are accessible to the public. Location 6: On the outskirts of Marble Falls, TX between Co Rd 405 and FM 2147 there's a stretch of very nondescript road that passes by an historical site so unique and full of history, and it is also so small that if you blink you'll miss it. The Civil War between the Union and Confederacy raged in Congress AND on the battlefield. Less documented were the clashes between partisan groups in small neighborhoods and communities. For some unlucky Union sympathizers the war fatally ended in a gaping Texas sinkhole, where Confederate supporters supposedly disposed of more than 30 Unionists inside of the Hole. On this episode of Undead Live we investigate the History and Haunts of Dead Man's Hole! Our original live broadcast can be viewed here:

Strange Town: Undead Live - Austin Inn at Pearl St. Evidence

Undead Live is our new live series, where we bring you the history and the haunts of places that are accessible to the public. -Location #5- Austin Inn at Pearl Street - Austin, TX We previously investigated the Inn at Pearl Street back in 2014 for an episode on Season 1, but at the time were only able to investigate one of the buildings. Now, we return to pick up where we left off! Haunted Claims Include: During our previous investigation in the Victoria House, we captured EVP's that sounded like “Wilcox” (the judge that lived here), laughter of children, whistling, and the sounds of musket fire (possibly from when this was a battlefield). We have captured disembodied legs descending the stairs. Today, we are headed into the Burton House. Jill recently has seen a dark figure behind her, the flickering of lights and the sound of footsteps going up and down the stairs, doors closing and even opening. Her cat would stare into the corners of this vintage home for no reason at all. In the meantime, book a room and stay the night in one of Austin’s most beautiful and haunted locations. Watch the live feed to learn more about the history of this location:

Strange Town: Undead Live - Riverside Cemetery Evidence

Undead Live is our new live series, where we bring you the history and the haunts of places that are accessible to the public. -Location #4- Riverside Cemetery - Seguin, TX We were in Seguin to conduct a public paranormal investigation at the Magnolia Hotel, but beforehand we wanted to check out the reports at the Riverside Cemetery. Haunted Claims Include: The figure of a headless man is seen exiting the cemetery, and walking along Milam Street. It’s rumored that he was a Confederate soldier whose head was lost to a cannonball during battle, some say he wonders the streets looking for his head. The soldier was supposedly buried in this cemetery. Their is also another rumor in these parts of “La Lechusa”, or Owl Woman, in legend is described as an old witch who sold her soul to the devil in exchange of magical powers, and can turn into a large bird or owl with red eyes. Watch the live feed to learn more about the haunts and history of this location.
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A web series based out of Austin, TX. We bring you real paranormal activity caught on tape from known and unknown haunted locations.
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