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How to be a Ghost Hunter

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Haunted Apt. Complex and Hanging Tree!

IM BACK! Sucscrinbe for more Ghost Hunting 101!

VIPER Paranormal, Ghost Hunting 101, Updates!

In this video Mike St. Clair of Roanoke Virginia's VIPER Paranormal shares some team and channel updates. VPNS

Digital EMF Meter Review! Ghost Hunting/ Paranormal Equipment!

Lets review the Digital EMF Meter made popular by "Ghost Hunters T.V." and the paranormal community. Mike St. Clair of Roanoke, Virginia's, VIPER RIP Paranormal takes a quick look at some of the pros and cons of this unit and decides whether or not to recommend it to Paranormal investigators. Thanks for watching and please subscribe for everything paranormal.

"5000 Subscriber Giveaway" Autographed Paranormal Book! (ENDED)

(Ended) Congratulations To Our Winner: "Mayhem Paranormal!" Subscribe to win an Autographed copy of "Creepy Corners" by Carolyn Dougherty. Carolyn has not only donated, but she has also autographed it for one lucky winner. This is one of my favorite books and Im sure it will easily become one of yours. *Heres How To Win* 1. Subscribe 2. Like This Video 3. Favorite This Video 4. Leave A Comment; What is your favorite screamfreak79 video? We will pick the winner when we hit 5000 Subscribers! Special Thanks: Carolyn Dougherty: You are an asset to the field of paranormal research. -Mike St. Clair Want to learn more about Carolyn Dougherty? Check out her blog here: http://carolynscreepycorn... Check out the "Creepy Corners" promo here: Mike St. Clair, Roanoke, Virginia, VIPER RIP Paranormal, Screamfreak79, 2013

Real Ghost Caught On Video! ParaQuest 2013

(Read Description) This Real Ghost Apparition was captured during a paranormal investigation at a private residence on the back lawn. Do you believe in ghosts? Join Mike St. Clair and Jason Lundy at ParaQuest 2013 in Lynchburg, Virginia, on April 26-27 as we take an in depth look at proper evidence analysis. You will also learn the real facts behind this Real Ghost Video. Want to to join us for the ParaQuest 2013 event this Spring? Follow this link for all of the info: Thanks for watching and subscribe for everything Paranormal! Screamfreak79 How To Be A Ghost Hunter ParaQuest 2013 Promo! This video is a dramatization!

IR Night Vision Lights! Sony Hvl-Hirl VS Sima SL 20-Ir SL 100-Ir

Sony HVL-HIRL VS SIma SL 20-IR/ SL 100-IR Infra-Red Light Comparison & Review. Mike St. Clair of Roanoke, VIrginia's, VIPER R.I.P. Paranormal Tests out the capabilities of two very popular Night Vision Night Shot Infra-Red Light extenders. Screamfreak79 "How To Be A Ghost Hunter" Ghost Hunting 101 Sima SL-20IR Review:
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How To Be A Ghost Hunter" Ghost Hunting 101, Budget Ghost Hunting, Paranormal Evidence, Ghost Investigations, Free Software, Investigations, Debunking 101, Evidence Analysis, Tutorials, and Everything Paranormal!

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