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Knock Once for Yes

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Knock Once For Yes
Knock Once For Yes is a podcast containing stories of the weird, spooky, Supernatural and Paranormal. Lil & Fitz share their supernatural encounters and take submissions from listeners.
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KOFY Halloween Livestream

Have you seen Ghost Watch? This 1992 BBC One Halloween night special made a big impression on our spooky little childhood selves and the despite the controversy that followed in its wake, it has become somewhat of a cult classic. Did you watch the original broadcast? Did you believe it was real? Did you have nightmares for a week? Or did you just giggle every time someone said gloryhole? We'd love to hear from you if you're willing to share your memories of this strange event in British television. In an annual event called National Seance Live, fans of Ghost Watch start their DVD's at exactly 21:25 GMT on Halloween night to re-live the experience, and we intend to do just that, but this year we hope (technology allowing) to livestream our reactions and talk about our memories of the broadcast, share some Ghost Watch trivia, yell at the screen every time there is a Pipes sighting and have a laugh at all the shoulder pads. So come and join our virtual Halloween party and chat to us or ask questions in the comments, and if you want to join in the National Seance Live yourselves, make sure you grab yourself a copy of the DVD before the 31st!


Lil & Fitz answer your questions!

May 2020 Update

A short video from Fitz about what is going on at the moment with KOFY, in place of our usual text updates.

Fireside Stories

Thank you so much to Alan Tigwell for allowing us to share these stories from his fantastic book Ghosts in the Garden of England: True tales of the paranormal in Kent. Please do check out this title and Alan’s other book; Collecting Ouija Boards in the UK via the link below. From Saturday 2nd May and for the next 5 days you can download the kindle version of Ghosts in the Garden of England for free! Any Ouija Board enthusiasts should definitely head on over to Alan’s Instagram page at the Ouijatorium to check out his incredible Ouija and Talking Board Collection!

A Soggy Walk in the Woods

Join us on our pre-lockdown KOFY adventure to explore some of our haunted countryside.

Episode 36 - In Conversation With Ruth Roper Wylde

We have an absolutely fascinating interview with paranormal author Ruth Roper Wylde who was kind enough to sit down and talk all things ghosts with us, as we got thoroughly carried away really getting under the skin of all things paranormal and discussing our thoughts and theories on everything from anniversary hauntings to Black Shucks and quite a lot in-between. We have listeners stories from Angela, Shelby & Porcha, we’re sticking with the haunted house for sale theme on the paranormal radar as well as yet more haunted dolls and Zak Bagans is looking to buy a brain. You can check out the full show notes, links & resources on our website: https://knockonceforyes.c...
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Knock Once For Yes is a podcast containing stories of the weird, spooky, Supernatural and Paranormal. Lil & Fitz share their supernatural encounters and take submissions from listeners.

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