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Join me as we chat about everything squatchy. Including UFO's Aliens, Ghosts, Monsters....and most importantly whatever You want to chat about. A little about me. I started this channel to promote a show I was doing with a friend called Paranormal Central. I co hosted the show live streaming for over 8 years, and with over 550 shows recorded I caught the youtube content creator bug. We also were a part of the Art Bell Dark Matter Digital Network for a little over 3 years, and was also showcased on Finding Bigfoot. Monsters and Mysteries in America, and Chasing UFO's. Plus we did 3 seasons of shows on our local CW network, and did one special on our local FOX network. Thanks for watching, welcome to the Squatch Zone!
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Lets Ride! Tooling a Leather Belt "Oak Leaf and Acorn"

As im healing up from a lower back procedure, I decided to go back to one of my favorite hobbies. Making leather belts, holsters, knife sheaths, wallets. Well, actually whatever I need at the moment lol. In this video I show how I tool the old stand by, and one of my favorite designs. The Oak Leaf and Acorn. Its one of my favorites because it is one of the more difficult patterns to tool. I am working on some Sasquatch designs, and am selling these belts. Right now I have a work belt with the Basket Weave, on a 10 oz belt strap, and the Oak Leaf also on a 10 oz belt strap. All belts will be custom hand tooled, and made to fit the person that orders one. if your interested in owning a one of a kind custom belt, with a 10 year guarantee. email me at [email protected] My Paypal

Let's Talk Bigfoot!

Live Chat, Bigfoot, Dogman, and where the heck have I been? I tell about a late night Bigfoot sighting I had, and some Dogman sightings reported to me.

Hey Hey!!! What a GREEAAAT DAY!!! 10/23/22

Hey All! Let's Chat!!! Bring everyone up to speed on how I'm doing, and talk a little.bit about what's going on!

Blood Moon May 15 2022

Just had to shoot this Blood Moon. I have recorded every Blood Moon so far, and this one didnt disappoint at all! I couldnt see it until it was almost in totality. so that is when I started recording. The wind was blowing, so sometimes the camera will have a bit of movement from the wind, and at the end the clouds came over and blacked it out. I didnt notice right away, and was hoping the cloud cover would go away...but sadly it did not. Enjoy this once in a lifetime event! Blood Moon May 15 2022. Almost in F - Tranquillity by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. https://creativecommons.o... Source: Artist: My Paypal

Can Sasquatch / Bigfoot See in the infrared

We will talk about Bigfoot and the infrared ( IR ). Do I think the Sasquatch / Bigfoot can see in the IR? My Paypal

Bigfoot/Sasquatch Wood Knocks April 26 2022

Lets talk about Wood Knocks!! When out camping or enjoying the woods, wood knocking is something you might here, and might try. You may be surprised to get a response from the Bigfoot/Sasquatch!! My Paypal
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Paranormal Central brings you everything paranormal! We aren't just talk show hosts, we are investigators of all things paranormal. You can catch our show LIVE every Sunday night at 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm PST.

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