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Join me as we chat about everything squatchy. Including UFO's Aliens, Ghosts, Monsters....and most importantly whatever You want to chat about. A little about me. I started this channel to promote a show I was doing with a friend called Paranormal Central. I co hosted the show live streaming for over 8 years, and with over 550 shows recorded I caught the youtube content creator bug. We also were a part of the Art Bell Dark Matter Digital Network for a little over 3 years, and was also showcased on Finding Bigfoot. Monsters and Mysteries in America, and Chasing UFO's. Plus we did 3 seasons of shows on our local CW network, and did one special on our local FOX network. If you have any questions, or would like to tell your story, or have show suggestions. Just leave a comment under any video with hashtag #Squatch Zone and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for watching, welcome to the Squatch Zone!
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Waning Wolf Moon. Happy New Year from the Squatch Zone!

Sorry Ive been MIA. Caught that nasty head and chest virus....2nd day up and out, and feeling better. Just a little weak, pretty nasty stuff. Hope everyone avoids this one! The grandkids talked me into video taping the rise of the now waning Wolf Moon!!! So here it is! Happy New Year from the Squatch Zone! Maybe the Sasquatch watched the beautiful moonrise with us! My Patreon My Paypal Thank you for being my Squatchin family!!

Lets chatl!!

I let the live chat lead the conversation. We chatted about Bigfoot, demons, guns, and other cool topics!!Thank you chat!!! My Patreon My Paypal

Merry Christmas To you All!!! From The Squatch Zone!!

Wanted to jump on and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Also related a story I heard on youtube, and talked about pterodactyls My Patreon My Paypal

Squatch Zone Live!!

Updating everyone on the shows I will be guest appearing on this month!! Plus the one I already did. Here is the link to that one. BZ"s Berzerk Bobcat Saloon My Patreon My Paypal

Sasquatch .... Interesting Things I've Learned. 12/6/19

Wanted to touch bases and update on whats been happening in the squatch zone. Plus talk about some things that I think I have figured out....not saying it's set in stone, but definitely think im on the right track on some of the sasquatch abilities. My Patreon My Paypal

Bigfoot Changed My Life

Bigfoot Changed my Life Forever!! My Patreon My Paypal
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Paranormal Central brings you everything paranormal! We aren't just talk show hosts, we are investigators of all things paranormal. You can catch our show LIVE every Sunday night at 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm PST.
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