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Paranormal/Supernatural Channel, exploring various paranormal topics, the Strange, unexplained unsolved mysteries of the supernatural taking you to the edge of reason and beyond. Exploring the darker regions, you may find yourself becoming convinced that things are not what they seem, and indeed, are much more sinister and scary than you ever thought possible. Interviewing authors, writers, TV personalities, survivors of the paranormal, owners of real haunted houses, Real Ghost Stories, Unexplained Mysteries/Disappearances, True Crime, Serial Killers, anything paranormal! A premiere YouTube Channel, PARANORMAL Episodes live, on THURSDAYS at 6PM PST - DO YOU BELIEVE Web Series® © ™ with Norene Balovich....PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! DO YOU BELIEVE WEB SERIES ( trademark ) Paranormal Zone TV © - "DO YOU BELIEVE" SHOW© ™ 2009 - 2019 All Rights Reserved
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Amityville Horror | Real Life Haunted House

Travel Channel's Ghost Hunter, Demonologist Sean Austin investigates the Amityville House. The Amityville house is one of the most famous haunting cases in the world. Ronald DeFeo’s brutality captivated the world. On tonight's episode Sean Austin discusses his personal paranormal experiences having to do with the famous Amityville horror case. After going by the grave of the Defeos and the house doing spirit box sessions things started to happen to Sean and follow him that are unsettling to the extreme. 112 Ocean Avenue still captivates us -- but not so much because of what Ronald DeFeo did there, but because of the supernatural, and by some accounts, demonic events that George Lutz and his family went through for 28 days after they moved in. Guest: Sean Austin - Paranormal Investigator, Song Writer, Author, Travel Channels "Ghost Loop Demonologist - apprenticeship with demonologist Ralph Sarchie. With Norene Sampiere Balovich - #paranormalzonetv HISTORY: On Wednesday, November 14, 1974, around 3:00 AM, 23-year-old Ronald “Butch” DeFeo, Jr. sat awake in his bedroom at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, Long Island, New York. DeFeo, wrought with emotional and drug problems, sat seething as his mother, father, two brothers, and two sisters all lay sleeping in their beds in the silence of that cold autumn night. Butch reached for a .35-caliber Marlin rifle he kept hidden, and he walked out of his room toward the bedroom where his parents were sleeping. He slipped in, aimed the rifle at his father first, and fired twice. Next he shot his mother twice, leaving both parents in pools of their own blood. Over the next several minutes, he systematically executed every member of his family, sealing his name in the halls of infamy. One might ask, “Who would ever want to live in a house where such an atrocity happened?” It’s an easy question to ask when you’re not currently trying to buy a house, but what if you needed a home for your family, you’ve already looked at dozens of houses, and you find a wonderful home for a significantly undervalued price? What if it’s been a year since the brutal murder, and you and your family agree that “houses don’t have memories”? The Amityville house is one of the most famous haunting cases in the world. Ronald DeFeo’s brutality captivated the world for a brief moment, but mass murderers are soon forgotten as another twisted monster comes along, ups the ante, and makes us all forget about the last one. But we didn’t forget the house. 112 Ocean Avenue still captivates us -- but not so much because of what Ronald DeFeo did there, but because of the supernatural, and by some accounts, demonic events that George Lutz and his family went through for 28 days after they moved in. In March of ‘76, a news crew, a number of psychics including Mary Downey, Ed and Lorraine Warren [paranormal investigators], a photographer, representatives from what we thought was Duke University’s psychical research center, and others came at different times during the day, and most of them stayed overnight in the house, and they did a full investigation and a number of séances -- or at least one while they were there. The consensus of opinion from the experts was that whatever it is there never walked the face of the earth in human form. They said they could not cleanse the house, that they could not fix it, and that if the house was to be fixed it would require an Anglican or Roman Catholic priest to come and say Mass there.

Journey To Dark Haunted Locations | Haunted History

Unexplained Ghostly encounters, journey to the world's most haunted Castles, ruins, abbeys, mansions and cemeteries of Ireland. The most haunted place in all of Europe, Ireland is notorious for its horrifying creepy tales. The rich history of the place is riddled with numerous ghost stories, folklore and ancient mythology. Its long and brutal history spans centuries on unbelievable horror. GUESTS: Mai Hernon Mai's Secret Ireland Tours, LLC Local Irish Guide Mai Hernon https://www.secretireland... With - Norene Sampiere Balovich #paranormalzonetv

Haunted Road to Horsefly Chronicles Paranormal Activity

Haunted roads to the UNEXPLAINED Curse of The Horsefly Chronicles, Demonic Paranormal Activity....a demonic haunting based on a true story of Phil Siracusa. The Horsefly Chronicles Case-Files. This is one of the most haunted locations in the United States!! Owner's Julia and Philip Siracusa. He remembers being in heaven with loved ones, he was circled by something, and was pulled into the darkness. He remembers being tortured with thousands of others, and the horrible pain that he felt. Host ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich #paranormalzonetv BIOS: Phil Siracusa: Author Spiritual Adviser Phil Siracusa is the author of the book entitled, "The Horsefly Chronicles" He was born in 1967 in Staten Island Ny. He grew up in a household of eight. Phil's adventure with the mafia began when he became a bouncer at a couple of local bars in his hometown.When they got word of his gift, they asked him for guidance from the other side. Phil ventured into bodybuilding and owned several fitness centers throughout his career. In 1999 he married his wife Julia, has four boys and resides in Easton pa. He currently works in sales within the telecommunication industry. What makes his story so interesting and unique is that Phil was born with a spiritual attachment that followed him through a open portal. The spiritual entity remains with him until this day. Julia Siracusa: Empath,Sensitive,Researcher and Paranormal Investigator Julia Siracusa was born in Staten Island NY in 1974. Julia grew up with gifts she didn't really understand . When Julia was 5 years old she starting to see a man in her home who died in her parents bedroom before they bought the house. He pretty much was always around and would torment her. When Julia was 12 her grandfather who had passed came to her in a dream and told her this man would never bother her again, and he never did again. Julia then was blocked of all her gifts untill she was 42 years old. She met her husband Philip siracusa in 1999 and has four boys and now resides in easton pa in one of most documented case's known around the world called "The Horsefly Chronicles Paranormal Case" Julia has now come to terms with her gifts and is working as a Paranormal Investigator starting with "The Legend Of Cropsey" She is the founder of 3 fold Paranormal along side , Co Founder Vanessa Hogle and Rachel Rodbell. RADO SHOW - https://www.paranormalkin...

Real Paranormal Investigator - Bizarre, Weird World Of Tim Shaw

Strange world of a Real Paranormal Investigator, Psychic Medium, Spiritualist, Tim Shaw Tim has been sought out to consult and appear in movies and television. His credits include: Discovery Channel's "Ghost Lab," SyFy's "Ghost Hunters,' Spike's "Ghost Ops," and Destination America's "Paranormal Lockdown,". On The Travel Channel's "America's Most Terrifying Places"" Tim talked about his experiences at the Haunted Hinsdale House.The next year Tim was featured on another episode of "Most Terrifying Places" where he spoke about his experiences at a house in Bergen, NY. He has also appeared in Core Productions "John Zaffis, The World Within," Deftone Pictures "Ombis," "To Catch A Soul," "A Grim Becoming," Paranormal Western New York, WKBW's The NOW, and the documentary "The March Creek Tramp." Tim Shaw has been a life long researcher in the fields of the Paranormal and Metaphysical. Growing up in Western New York State and having relatives in the Lily Dale Spiritualist Assembly ~ A Spiritualist Community ~ it was only natural for him to develop an interest in these mystical fields. Having been brought up Roman Catholic and Spiritualist gave Tim great insights into the miraculous as well as the phenomena of the worlds around us. As a Medium Tim has taken training through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, The Omega Institute, The Priesthood of Melchizadek, as well as under the tutorage of many influential instructors. Tim Shaw - http://www.timothytshaw.c... Host ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich #paranormalzonetv

Demonic Possession Is Real

EXORCISMS: American Exorcists, Exorcise The Demon - Are suffering from a demonic possession, poltergeist, or personal haunting? Are you at that point where you find yourself in utter turmoil and emotional devastation? After you have seen a physician and had a thorough medical and psychological exam and have been given a clean bill of health but still have symptoms of demonic possession, and say to yourself, “What do I do next?” The Order of Exorcists is a group of clergy and exorcist investigators with many years of real experience in dealing with the demonic, we may be able to help.CONTACT: http://orderofexorcists.c... GUEST: Archbishop Ron Feyl Enright The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel-Order of Exorcists is NOT under the Vatican. It is an autonomous and independent branch of the Catholic faith which derives from the ancient Old Roman Catholic Church of the 12th Century. HOST ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich #paranormalzonetv

Paranormal Investigator, Demonologist | Travel Channel | Sean Austin Scariest Moments

Travel Channel Paranormal TV Reality "Ghost Loop" Sean Austin, Demonologist Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator, lead investigator assists with hauntings & trapped souls who may be reaching out from the other side. ABOUT: Sean Austin Although Sean has always wholeheartedly believed in the 'unexplained', becoming a paranormal investigator was by chance. After over a decade of supernatural experiences that still baffle him to this day, Sean continues to search passionately for evidence of the unexplained. Sean was a featured investigator on the pilot series "The Demon Files", which aired on the Destination America Network. As part of a team headed by the well known Denomologist and retired NYPD Seargent Ralph Sarchie, who became the inspiration for the movie "Deliver us from evil", Sean was mentored in the field of Demonology. Ralph taught Sean how to approach cases of the demonic in the extreme recesses of the paranormal. It was while jumping head first into this new realm of the supernatural, Sean had also developed his natural psychic and mediumship abilities and applied them to his new journey into the paranormal. "It is great to be your own piece of equipment while investigating with the other types of technologically advanced devices we have today to provide evidence". In his first published work "Shadow Chaser", Sean follows the pursuit into the unexplained that he started from the beginning. Along with Sean's years of experience as a musician, he has trained his ears to aid in his investigations. "Experiencing a new tier of mystery on every investigation is a privilege that is beyond humbling. Implementing these experiences and ultimately helping people with their spiritual needs is humbling and allows me to share these experiences with the world". Host ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich #paranormalzonetv #ghostloop #seanaustin Sean Austin YT channel SHAPESHIFTER Austin/dp/B075ZH8X93/ Google: CD Baby: Follow Me: Facebook: | Twitter: Periscope: coast to coast am art bell expedition unknown ghost adventures travel channel Ghost Loop
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