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ParanormalZoneTV - Do You Believe Web Series
Live Episodes Paranormal/Supernatural TV Channel, exploring various paranormal topics, the Strange, unexplained unsolved mysteries of the supernatural taking you to the edge of reason and beyond. Exploring the darker regions, you may find yourself becoming convinced that things are not what they seem, and indeed, are much more sinister and scary than you ever thought possible. Interviewing authors, writers, TV personalities, survivors of the paranormal, owners of real haunted houses, Real Ghost Stories, Unexplained Mysteries/Disappearances, True Crime, Serial Killers, anything paranormal! A premiere YouTube Channel, PARANORMAL Episodes live, on THURSDAYS at 6PM PST - DO YOU BELIEVE Web Series® © ™ with Norene Balovich....PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! DO YOU BELIEVE WEB SERIES ( trademark ) Paranormal Zone TV © - "DO YOU BELIEVE" SHOW© ™ 2009 - 2019 All Rights Reserved
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Terrifying, Tragic True Paranormal Story | The Bill Bean Family

Terrifying, tragic true paranormal story of the Bill Bean Family.Their story was featured on A Haunting in 2006 and is still presently being shown. Host ~ Norene Balovich #paranormalzonetv Guest: Bill Bean, Spiritual Warrior, Exorcist, Author

Hat Man, Shadow People Real Stories | Documentary 2019

The Entity Hat Man, Shadow People, Grinning Mane is a documentary into this phenomena of sleep paralysis, eyewitnesses share their true stories of how they encountered this ‘Hat Man’. A being who torments their dreams, seemingly in conjunction with sleep paralysis and night terrors... Terrors that in some cases, also affect daily life. Will you see him...? DVD Synopsis:Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, to find a tall man wearing an old fashioned hat, his face shadowed, looming over you in bed. He’s intently examining you with pure evil radiating from his cold death-like stare. He lingers in your bedroom. You grip your bedsheets, you’re terrified to the core and shaking profusely. Just when you think he’s going to attack, he disappears. He’s gone, without a trace. Host ~ Norene Balovich #paranormalzonetv Guest: Kyle J.Macia Directed by Kyle J. Macias Starring: Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Jason Offutt, Sierra Heuermann, Alan Maxson, Erik Tveitmoe, Tim McCord How to Watch: -Vimeo On Demand: -Amazon DVD:

Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera | Ghost Images

Paranormal Activity Live, Ghost Images caught from Cursed Box, DYBBUK BOX, DIBBUK BOX, SHADOW PEOPLE Start Ghost images @ 10:28 with Norene Sampiere Balovich #paranormalzonetv and Royce Hinman #dibbukBox #DybbukBox #Zak Bagans #ZakBagansMuseum

Paranormal Activity TEST

Paranormal interview test

Ancient Aliens: God of The Galaxy

Ancient Aliens, each Galaxy has it's own God, Extraterrestrials have souls, incarnations, spiritual advancement galactic implications of our energy. These are just a few to the topics that Barry Strohm, Author, Spirit Communicator will discuss on the show. Guest: Barry Strohm, Author, Lecturer http://www.spiritspredict... BIOGRAPHY: Barry Strohm was born near Hershey, Pennsylvania but currently resides in Park City, Utah with Connie, his wife of 51 years. The author graduated from Lehigh University with a Business Management degree and obtained a Civil Engineering License. He is the current owner of Golden Lane Antique Gallery in New Oxford, PA., one of the most haunted structures in the Country. What started as a casual interest in paranormal photography became an obsession as the author was led along the path of learning about the afterlife and the presence of aliens among us. The gift of spirit communication allows the author to contact the spirit of deceased aliens and obtain actual information that has never before appeared in print. He is assisted in all sessions by Connie Strohm. Host ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich #paranormalzonetv ouija board, supernatural, scary, in real life, caught, exploring bizarre extraterrestrial 2014 creepy creepypasta pm sam winchester coast to coast am history channel ufo ancient aliens season 9

The Haunted House that Inspired the "THE CONJURING" Has New Owners

The house that inspired the horror movie "The Conjuring" has been sold. Paranormal investigator Cory Heinzen recently bought the 18th-century house with his wife, Jennifer. The family has been recording the entire Rhode Island house, searching for paranormal evidence. Paranormal author and former resident Andrea Perron is excited that Heinzen is opening the house to tours. "The Conjuring" is based loosely on her family's experience along with those of paranormal investigators Keith and Karl Johnson, New England Anomalies Research & Investigations and SyFy's Ghost Hunters were the first paranormal team to investigate the old farmhouse . When they realized the house was beyond what they could do for the Perron Family they asked Ed and Lorraine Warren for help and brought them in on the Perron Family Haunting Case. The Warren's remained on the case for about a year when they were asked to leave by Roger Perron when an dangerous incident involving a seance with the Carolyn Perron. The Perron Family remained in the farmhouse for 10 years. With Norene Sampiere Balovich #paranormalzonetv LINK TO LIVE SHOW:
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PARANORMAL ZONE TV © ™ Weekly discussions on Real Ghost Stories, Demons, Exorcisms, Unexplained Mysteries, True Crime, SyFy, Serial Killers, haunted houses, the strange and just plain scary plus many tales of the supernatural will take you to the edge of reason and beyond.
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