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The Largest Collection of Paranormal Celebrity Interviews on YouTube including: Ghost Adventures Nick Groff - The Dead Files Amy Allan & Steve DiSchIavi - Ghost Hunters Grant Wilson & Jason Hawes Actor Eric Roberts - Haunted Collector's John Zaffis & Brian Cano - GHI's Barry Fitzgerald - Deep South Paranormal Andrea & Carolyn Perron on "The Conjuring" - Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman - Fact or Faked Ben Hansen - Chip Coffee The list goes on with most of the "Reality TV Stars" appearing numerous times "Live" on The Paranormal Channel so HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON so not Miss the Next Big Interview or LIVE Weekly Podcast with Open Chat Rooms.
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  • Sunday Night Dead - Sundays @ 9 pm EST
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Sunday Night Dead: Discussion on Why I Stopped Paranormal Investigating

This week on Sunday Night we may have our last episode (at least for some time). I have stopped paranormal investigating and conducting experiments which was a major basis for the show. I will talk with my guest Paranormal Sarah as to what led to this and what we may do with the show and my work in the future. join us Sunday at 9 eastern time.

St. Albans Hallway of Death Phasmabox Session

This week on Sunday Night Dead we review a Phasmabox session from women's ward at St. Albans a location with a dark past and one where I have had strange experiences in the past

The Game Room Spirit Box Communication Experiments

Tonight we finish our series of experiments from January where we review a phasmabox session from the game room. An area where children have been seen including a boy in a yellow rain coat.

Astrology and Alchemy April 9, 2024

Join Paranormal Sarah and Matt as they discuss the astrology for the week

Astrology and Alchemy: April 3 to April 9 2024

Join Paranormal Sarah and Matt as they discuss the week ahead.

Astrology and Alchemy March 26, 2024

Join Paranormal Sarah and Matt as they discuss the astrology for the week ahead.
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A combination of unusual Paranormal Evidence Videos along with some of the best of "Dead Air Paranormal Radio Show" with George R. Lopez & Michael Boler.

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