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Our content is focused on the Paranormal..... and sometimes just flat out "CRAZY ASS" stuff including a combination of unusual Paranormal Videos along with some of the best of "Dead Air Paranormal Radio Show" Topics including Ghost, Hauntings, Demonic Activity, Near-Death Experiences, UFO/Extraterrestrials, Bigfoot and many more..... You never know what we will show you next! Please Subscribe so we can keep you updated on things important to you... Like an upcoming Apocalypse, the Capture of Bigfoot (Please Stop Hiding) or something like that!
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Demonic Attack Cleburne, Tx Interview

Interview with Shirley and Frank about events in their home over the past 5 years. Is this a true haunting, a demonic presence, or the product of paranormal TV shows?

Ghost Adventures Mark & Debby Constantino Dead 9/22/15

EVP Specialist from the Hit Show "Ghost Adventures" confirmed DEAD in a murder suicide! Some suggesting Mark was possessed by a "Demonic Force" Reports that both Debbie and Mark Constantino are dead.Three people are dead after a series of crimes on Tuesday that took place at a home in Reno and an apartment in Sparks. North Reno,woman returned to her home around 8:00 am Tuesday,she then finds her own roommate dead.Reno Police Department dispatched to the said residence.Room mate notifies police her other roommate is missing,says she was also concerned for her safety. As police worked to gather evidence as much as they could, to determine where the other woman was. They pinged the missing woman’s cell phone and was able to get a direct location of where the missing woman was to be.they found that she may be at the Courtside Gardens Apartments near 15th Street and Oddie Boulevard in Sparks When officers responded there, someone began shooting at them through the door. Through negotiations, they discovered that the missing woman was inside and that she was being held hostage by her estranged husband. Sparks Police identify that man as 53-year-old Mark Constantino and say he’s the one who fired the shots at them and is suspected in the death at the north Reno home. Negotiators from Reno and Sparks Police along with the local FBI attempted for several hours to get Constantino to surrender. Around 1:30 p.m., Sparks Police said their SWAT team made entry into the home and found Constantino and his estranged wife, who they say he kidnapped from the Reno location, dead inside the unit.

Aliens/UFO's seen in Manhattan - Caller on Dead Air Radio 5-11-2015

Caller Daryl Perrier from Manhattan, NY calls in to Dead Air Paranormal Radio to tell George and Mike about the Aliens she is seeing from her Manhattan home. Tell us what you think on this one???? Are Aliens checking out the Big Apple? Paranormal Channel YouTube & Dead Air Paranormal Radio @ http://www.blogtalkradio....

The Dead Files "The Deanna Simpson Case"

Deanna Simpson joins George and Mike on Dead Air Paranormal Radio Show to discuss her Haunted Home in Hanover, Pennsylvania as well The Travel Channels "The Dead Files" episode that featured her home and family. Paranormal Channel YouTube & Dead Air Paranormal Radio @ http://www.blogtalkradio.... Join George R. Lopez, Ashley Hall & Michael Boler Mondays at 9e/8c/6p for Dead Air Paranormal Radio.

David Rountree, "Accusations of Stolen Valor" Dead Air Paranormal 4/13/15

George and Mike discuss and take callers regarding the accusations of Stolen Valor and Academic Embellishment directed at Ghost Hunter, Author and TV Personality, David Rountree. David Rountree is a household name for many people who are interested in ghosts and the paranormal. The famous New Jersey ghost hunter who authored Paranormal Technologies: Understanding the Science of Ghost Hunting, and Demon Street USA. David has also been a guest on various radio shows, paranormal conventions, and other media events. However, his background and credentials have come under fire lately, as many are now questioning claims he’s made regarding his military service, education, and various other professional endeavors. This has caused quite an uproar with not just the paranormal community, but the military community as well. The controversy began when Tony Kay Anderson posted an open letter to David Rountree on a social media site questioning his military service and education. Anderson entitled the letter “An Open Letter to David Rountree” which was instantly shared on various blog sites and community pages. “We were checking some of his claims due to him being a prominent personality in the paranormal community and the discrepancies about military and education time started showing up,” stated Anderson. After reading her open letter, it was obvious there were many discrepancies in Rountree’s background that raised serious red flags for many veterans. https://nobluefalcons.fil... Paranormal Channel YouTube & Dead Air Paranormal Radio @ http://www.blogtalkradio.... Join George R. Lopez, & Michael Boler Mondays at 9e/8c/6p for Dead Air Paranormal Radio.

Ouija Boards with Robert Murch "LIVE" on Dead Air Paranormal 4/6/2015

Robert L. Murch, Jr., is the Chairman of the Board at the Talking Board Historical Society and is the world’s foremost collector, historian, and expert on Ouija® and Talking Boards "LIVE" on Dead Air Paranormal Radio with George and Mike. Paranormal Channel YouTube & Dead Air Paranormal Radio @ http://www.blogtalkradio.... Join George R. Lopez, & Michael Boler Mondays at 9e/8c/6p for Dead Air Paranormal Radio.
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A combination of unusual Paranormal Evidence Videos along with some of the best of "Dead Air Paranormal Radio Show" with George R. Lopez & Michael Boler.
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