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The Paranormal Channel
The Paranormal Channel offers a wide array of live streaming and original content centered around discussions with top paranormal celebrities and experts in the field of unusual phenomena. Buy us a Beer? https://www.buymeacoffee.... LIVE SHOWS: MONDAYS @ 8-9:30 pm EST - "Dead Air" with George R. Lopez & Ken DeCosta TUESDAYS @ 10-11 pm EST - "Astrology & Alchemy" with Paranormal Sarah & Matt Slozer SUNDAYS @ 9-11 pm EST - "Sunday Night Dead" with Matt Slozer - "The SND AfterShow" follows 15 minutes later. (Live chat rooms are open where our viewers can interact with hosts and guests in real-time.) ORIGINAL CONTENT: WEDNESDAYS @ 8-8:30 pm EST - "Paranormal Reveal" - A show centered around evidence reveals submitted by investigators and the general public.
  • Astrology and Alchemy with Paranormal Sarah and Matthew Slozer - Tuesdays @10 pm EST
  • Paranormal Reveal - Wednesdays @ 8pm EST
  • Sunday Night Dead - Sundays @ 9 pm EST
  • TX Paranormal
  • Dead Air - Mondays @ 8 pm EST
  • Investigations
  • Dead Air Hot Takes
  • 7 Deadly Questions With...

Monday Night Paranormal Sarah Readings

Random Monday Night Readings with Paranormal Sarah as she features the New Moon Cottage Tabula Mortem Modern Spirit Board with a set of handmade runes for Divination readings on the fly. Join in or check out for more information.

Why is the Conjuring House for sale again? Owner explains it all.

In the past week, it was announced that the famous farmhouse in Harrisville, RI that served as the backdrop for "The Conjuring" film was being placed on the market two years after being purchased by Jen and Cory Heinzen. Speculation and opinion runs rampant as to why. Tonight, owner Cory Henzen sets the record straight.

Doppelgangers: Sunday Night Dead Episode 43

This week on Sunday Night Dead we talk about Doppelgangers including my own experiences with this type of phenomenon.

Astrology and Alchemy with Paranormal Sarah and Matthew Slozer

Each week on Tuesday at 9pm CST you will see host Paranormal Sarah and Matthew chat astrology and Universal vibes.

Investigators Richel Stratton and Brian Murray from 'Ghost Hunters' and 'The Sleepless Unrest'

Richel Stratton is a paranormal investigator and reality television personality who joined the cast of A&E Network’s show Ghost Hunters in 2019. Before being cast on Ghost Hunters, Stratton had been working as an independent investigator for over a decade. Richel has been ghost hunting for over a decade, with most of her investigations conducted independently. She joined her most recent team in Illinois two years ago and has participated in over 40 investigations with the group ranging from private residences to historic haunted locations like the once-spectacular Mineral Springs Hotel, former psychiatric hospital Ashmore Estates, and the storied Malvern Manor. As an investigator, Richel believes there are things out there we don’t fully understand, but she needs hard evidence to prove a haunting is real. When she isn’t investigating, Richel is a dental hygienist and mom to two young boys. Former Marine Corps Platoon Sergeant Brian Murray is a paranormal investigator on the “Ghost Hunters” team. Brian uses his military experience to bring an organized, structured approach to each investigation, from creating a plan and assigning tasks to overseeing “the mission” from start to finish. Brian founded his most recent team, Riverbend Paranormal, in 2007 and has conducted more than 200 investigations, many of them in private homes. Because of his day job in construction, Brian has solid knowledge of foundations, buildings and plumbing, allowing him to quickly assess and debunk structural situations that a homeowner might believe to be supernatural. Brian values the importance of evidence review as an arduous multistep process and believes that, “in this business, nobody has all the right answers except for the dead themselves.”

October Madness What is the Best Horror Movie: Sunday Night Dead Episode 42

This week on Sunday Night Dead we continue our October madness tournament to determine the greatest horror movie.
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A combination of unusual Paranormal Evidence Videos along with some of the best of "Dead Air Paranormal Radio Show" with George R. Lopez & Michael Boler.

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