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Ghost of Britain

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Ghosts of Britain is the best ghost hunting TV channel, Bringing you real ghost stories, Paranormal documentary's, and your Ghost Videos which are sent through to us. GOB (ghostofbritain) is also the home to the New Ghost Hunting Show, UK Ghost Hunts, A Fortnightly series where UKGH take members of the public to the most haunted buildings in the uk. We are the Ultimate Channel For Ghosts, Hauntings, Equipment, Paranormal Investigations and more. Updated weekly on a Friday / Thursday. Brought to you by the world largest database in the paranormal community http://www.ghostsightings... http://www.project-reveal... - Why Should You Watch Us? UKGH Show Season One, Chill Seekers American Ghost Hunters Show Latest Ghost sightings videos, submitted to our site. Paranormal Equipment reviews Paranormal Debates Paranormal Investigatons Ghost Sightings Documentary's Show cases other paranormal groups Ghost Pictures. Ghost videos Books
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Burning The REAL Cursed PAINTING THAT SETS FIRES!! The Crying Boy.

we burn a real cursed painting that sets fires to houses, known as the crying boy. this painting is said to be really haunted and cursed. so lets see what happens as we try to BURN IT. please like, share and comment. and SUBSCRIBE.

REAL DEMON ENTERS MY BODY - TERRIFYING Ghost video caught on tape.

The moments a real demon enters my body to show it self. this is truly scary TERRIFYING ghost video. Dont watch with the lights off! Please make sure you LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE. Ghosts of britain network.

Investigating The North Sea - Causeway of DEATH!!!

Watch lee and linzi risk life investigating the causeway of death in the NORTH SEA. people have been known to get stuck and also die in this area. Will the spirits communicate. Like, share and comment. AND SUBSCRIBE.

The Woodlouse Manor - Ghost Hunting in the rain!

The WOODLICE Manor - Ghost hunting in the rain! Watch the video with lee, linzi and dave tackle nettles, and raid on this investigation into the haunted castle grounds!

The Witches Doll NO ONE WANTED - My Ghost Story Caught On TAPE.

the story of the witches doll that no one wanted this is the true ghost story of when this haunted doll came to the museum. My ghost story caught on tape! please like comment and subscribe.

Evil Lives Here - The Lab Of PARANORMAL HORROR

Watch GOB and john sixthsense take on the LABORATORY of horror where evil is said to live. will we encounter paranormal horror? Please feel free to LIKE, comment and share. and SUBSCRIBE.
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Ghosts of Britain is the best ghost hunting TV channel, Bringing you real ghost stories, Paranormal documentary's, and your Ghost Videos which are sent through to us.
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