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Official Ed and Lorraine Warren Channel

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Official Ed and Lorraine Warren Channel
Videos presented by copyright owner, Tony Spera.
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Warrens Seekers of the Supernatural PHANTASMA- CON and more from Tony Spera

Tony talks about upcoming “ Warrens Seekers of the Supernatural Phantasma-Con For info and tickets: Tony also discusses UFO’s - the state of our society- how it is demonically influenced- and ghosts

Warrens “ PHANTASMA- Con October 28, 2023

Come and see the artifacts!

Phantasma - Con with Elton. Corey and Evan - October 28, 2023-

Elton, Cory and Evan visit the warrens occult museum. To announce they will be at Phantasma- on at Mohegan Sun casino on October 28, 2023 Also they will Be making a big announcement soon. For tickets to Phantasma-con bidi Or

NESPR’S Dan Rivera used the ESTES METHOD at West Virginia Penitentiary

Dan Rivera, N.E.S.P.R.’s senior lead investigator uses the Estes method. Kim from PRS is the subject lying down. Dan is asking the questions as Kim Is isolated and does not audibly hear his questions. Dan will Be speaking of his experiences, along with fellow investigators from NESPR, Chris Gilloren, and Wade Kirby -at: The Warren's Seekers of the Supernatural Phantasma-Con -Where the paranormal and horror come together! The Warren's Seekers of the Supernatural Paracon returns to the Mohegan Sun Earth Convention Center in Uncasville, CT on October 28, 2023! TCD Para-Con & Entertainment LLC is bringing new and exciting guest speakers from all aspects of the paranormal, supernatural and, new for this year, horror! Vendors from far and wide will satisfy your curiosity in demonology, ghosts, UFO's, monsters, urban legends, cryptozoology and so much more! Psychic readers of all types will be on hand to assist in guiding you in your spiritual journey. Whether the experienced paranormal investigator or novice ghost hunter at the local cemetery there is something for everyone! From best selling authors to healers, from crystals to Ouija boards, it will all be here! VIP Party - the evening before with all our special guests Special performance by David Merlin - The Paranormalist! Tickets and information at Celebrity Guest Speakers: Jason Hawes: Ronny LeBlanc: Star of Travel Channel's Expedition Bigfoot. Nick Pope: Regular on TV's "Ancient Aliens" Tony Spera & Dan Rivera: Tony is the New England Society of Psychic Research's director and curator/owner of The Warren Occult Museum. Dan is NESPR's lead investigator. Tony & Dan are consulting producers of Netlix's new hit series 28 DAY HAUNTED. Special Guests: Courtney Gaines: Best known for playing "Malachai" in the 1984 horror classic, CHILDREN OF THE CORN. He went on to have rolls in a number hit movies such as BACK TO THE FUTURE, THE 'BURBS and SWEET HOME ALABAMA to name a few. Cody Ray DesBiens & Satori Hawes: Travel Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” & “Ghost Nation” series. Paranormal investigators/researchers with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), founded by Satori’s father, Jason Hawes, in 1990. Better known as “The Paranormal Couple," they own and curate “The Paranormal Couple’s Haunted Museum of Objects, Oddities, and Curiosities." Sean Austin: Sean Austin returns to Warren's Paracon following a successful debut season of the NETFLIX original series hit, 28 DAYS HAUNTED! Sean is a demonologist, paranormal investigator, psychic medium and author who has been involved in paranormal research for over thirteen years. Sean has also appeared on the Travel Channel and Discovery+. More to be Announced!! The Warren's Occult Museum Experience -Featuring ANNABELLE! A paracon with Ed & Lorraine Warren's namesake would not be complete without the world famous Warren's Occult Museum. Once again we bring the museum to the public where you can view, in person, the Shadow Doll, Satanic Idol, the Haunted Dinosaur Toy, and of course the REAL Annabelle! This is the ONLY place in the world to view the real Annabelle doll that inspired the Annabelle movies. An authentic movie Annabelle doll from the 2019 film, Annabelle Comes Home will also be on display! There will also be a number of different artifacts from The Warren Museum making their debut outside the museum! **NO PICTURES are permitted in the museum room. Violating this strict policy will result in the immediate removal from the museum by security without a refund.** **A MUSEUM TICKET will be required to visit the museum experience. This is separate from the general admission ticket** A GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET AND A MUSEUM EXPERIENCE TICKET MUST BE PURCHASED TO VIEW THE ARTIFACTS AND ANNABELLE. Rub elbows with some of the world's top paranormal researchers and investigators including co-directors of The New England Society of Psychic Research, Tony and Judy Spera. Judy is the daughter of Ed & Lorraine Warren and was portrayed in the last Annabelle movie, “Annabelle Comes Home”. Tony is the curator of The Warren's Occult Museum and was the host of The Seeker's of the Supernatural with Ed & Lorraine, host of Netflix's hit show 28 DAYS HAUNTED as well as the show's consulting producer. The NESPR team will be on hand including Sr. Lead Investigator, Dan Rivera, who is also a consulting producer on 28 DAYS HAUNTED, Lead Investigator/Researcher, Chris Gilloren. Veteran members who learned from and worked side by side with the Warrens - Rick Clark and Jimmy "Mr. Haunted" Petonito. Jimmy is well respected and loved in the paranormal/supernatural field and is the host of the popular paranormal radio program, "The Haunted Chronicles". Jimmy has assisted in numerous exorcisms and was featured in "Hostage to the Devil" with Father Malachi Martin! Tickets and information at

Warrens Seekers of the Supernatural Phantasma-Ma Con October 28, 2023

Come to the Warrens Seekers of the Supernstural Phantasma-Ma Con Date: October 28, 2023 VIP party : October 27, 2023 Location: Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort Uncasville, CT For info and tickets:

Warrens “ Seekers of the Supernatural Phantasma-Con”

The Warrens “ Seekers of the Supernatural Phantasma-Ma con” Will be held October 28, 2023 at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. The VIP party will be held the evening of October 27, 2023 For tickets go to;
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Official Ed and Lorraine Warren videos presented by copyright owner, Tony Spera.

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