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Gigi Young

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Gigi Young
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In Plain Sight 19: Katy Perry's Occult Performance as the Lion Goddess | Gigi Young

In this episode of In Plain Sight we analyze the opening scene of Katy Perry's 2015 super bowl halftime performance. In this performance we first see her ride in on a giant lion drawing our attention to the archetype of the lion goddess, particularly the Babylonian Ishtar. At one point Perry takes on the exact image of Ishtar during her performance. Next, we dive deeper into what exactly this symbology means in occult ritual and specifically what it looks like when it is imbalanced. Through this discussion the esoteric role of the dark, unhealed feminine takes form. We see her in archetypes such as the evil queen, evil priestess or wicked witch, Lillith, the Dark Mother and the whore of Babylon. Through this episode we come to see the important role the feminine, or goddess, plays in a ritual performance. We learn to analyze and recognize her various forms and conditions. Go more in depth with this article: Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 1:13 Analysis of Katy Perry 2:44 Lion Goddesses 4:41 Katy Perry as the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar 6:30 The music iIndustry and the occult 8:24 Venus 11:37 Shadow expressions of the goddess/feminine 15:00 Conclusion LINKS------------------------------------------------ My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member — Watch Entire In Plain Sight Series Playlist:

Magicians of Mu (The Lost Civilization of Lemuria) | Gigi Young

LINKS------------------------------------------------ My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member —

The Christ Impulse (Full Lecture): Et's, Hybridization & Human Evolution | Gigi Young

2:50 Start (intro) PDF Guide Images: 5:15 Spirituality in a Cosmic Society 11:45 What is a Timeline? Breakaway Civilizations Video: 20:05 Positive & Negative Timelines & Their Civilizations 24:20 Awakening DNA & Human Evolution 27:50 Isis Rising: (Cosmic Consciousness & Circuitry) 33:05 Past Lives, Initiations & DNA Activation 38:50 External DNA Manipulation 50:13 The Divergent Timeline & The Organic Timeline 1:06:39 What is the "Divergent Timeline"? 1:07:54 The Grey ET's as an Embodiment of the Divergent Timeline (Anti-Christ Stream) 1:27:21 What Groups Today Evolved to Be The Greys? 1:33:33 What Beings Can Initiate Humanity? 1:40:10 Greys Want To Introduce Themselves As Saviours 1:41:20 What Is An Organic Timeline? 1:47:30 Isis Rising: Planets as Spheres of the Earth: 1:54:10 Our Sun as The Frequency of Completed Initiation/Perfected Consciousness (The 5d stargate) 1:56:10 The Christ Stream's Culture of Symbiosis With Minerals and Technology 1:58:45 Comparing & Contrasting Organic & Divergent TImelines 2:03:48 Question: Was the Anti-Christ Force Present in Atlantis? 2:06:58 Question: What Can We Do To Align With The Christ Stream? 2:10:30 Internal vs. External Forces As The Primary Force of Human Evolution 2:13:50 Zecharia Sitchin 2:17:33 Madam Blavatsky, Theosophy & Ancient Humanity's Evolution 2:24:20 Is It True That Et's Hybridize Humanity So That It Can Evolve? 2:27:30 Nephilim 2:35:30 Hybridization & Terraforming Worlds 2:37:45 Myth: Jesus Is A Hybrid 2:42:06 Myth: The Immaculate Conception Was Immaculate Due To Et Interference 2:49:30 Krishna & The Christ Stream 2:52:22 Does The Grey's Stealing DNA Evolve Them? 2:59:00 At Which Point Do We Stop Calling Ourselves Human (Pleiadian, Artcuriuan, Sirian etc) 3:02:55 How To Use Anger As a Positive Force 3:07:50 How Long Can Organic & Divergent Timelines Exist? 3:16:51 Christ & Lucifer Reference: Rudolf Steiner: Lucifer and Ahriman, Man's Responsibility for the Earth 3:21:25 How to Be Compassionate Towards People In The Anti-Christ Stream? 3:29:15 The Divergent, Anti-Christ Timeline, Fear & The Heart Center Development Of The Emotional Body: "Venus" 3:44:10 The Diversity of Psychics Lunar & Solar Psychic Abilities: Thank You! LINKS------------------------------------------------ My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member —

How to get through the political chaos | Gigi Young

Gigi answers a question from a member about the permanent government's plans in 2021. She also touches on what we can all do to take our power back as chaos seems to rise all around us. ------------------------------------------------ My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member —

December Disclosure: The 'Galactic Federation', Mars Colonization, Space Jesus? | Gigi Young

Topics Covered (With References & Recommendations.) 1:30 - The Israeli Ministers Announcements About Mars Colonization, ET Contracts (America & Israel), Galactic Federation (Recap) 10:00 - Is This A Deep State Faction Staking A Claim To Disclosure? A Battle To Be The One Who Discloses? 24:09 - The Galactic Federation 27:45 - Ascended Beings & The Human Initiation Structure 29:20 - Sheldon Nidle 31:24 - False Light Channels & Lower Astral Information 36:14 - Nordics & Ashtar Sheran in the GFOL (Galactic Federation Of Light) 38:31 - What is true about the GFOL & The Recent Announcements? 41:50 - The Longing To Return to Mars (Isis Rising Series: (Martians is episode 10) 44:02 - Advanced Humans and Inter-dimensionals Have Been Here All Along 47:17 - "Whom Does The Galactic Federation Work For? 50:42 - "How Would Physically Traveling To Mars Affect Our DNA?" (Astronauts DNA Changes in Space: 54:27 - December 21 Conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter 57:35 - How to Discern Disclosure Narratives 1:00:00 - The Lower Breakaway Civilization 1:01:40 - The Monoliths & Ancient Atlantean Technology 1:05:57 - Vatican Nativity Astronaut As Disclosure 1:08:17 - Higher Breakaway Civilization's Earth Representatives 1:14:26 - Commercialization Of The Light 1:15:30 - The Development Of Cosmic Consciousness Makes The Unseen Realms Real 1:17:51 - The Akashic Records & Their Location In The Cosmos 1:23:12 - Were The Ancient Gods Evil/Part Of Lower Breakaway Civilization 1:25:13 - Lucifer & The Light Bringers 1:28:00 - Inana, Ishtar & Venus 1:29:40 - Is Trump An Ascended Master Bringing In The Age Of Aquarius? (The Truth About The Election: 1:35:35 - Does The Vaccine Lower Your Vibration And Trap You In 3d? (Elena Freeland - Under an Ionized Sky: 1:43:00 - Will America Split Into Two Countries? If so, When? (Catherine Austin Fits With Dark Journalist: 1:50:01 - Will One Half Of Society Fall? Will They Be In 3d? 1:56:41 - What Does It Mean To Have A Contract With ET's? How Is It Enforced? 2:11:12 - Do Archons Trick Humanity To Align With Lower Timelines? 2:21:41 - How The False Light Feels 2:24:50 - What Do You Think Of Bashar And The Sassani (My Pleiadian Contact Experience: 2:44:25 - How Long Until 'Normies" Begin To Catch On To What Is Really Going On? --------------- Gigi Discusses the recent claims from the former Israeli space security chief about the American colonization of Mars and the existence of a 'Galactic Federation'. And, now that we are on the topic, what does healthy disclosure and connection with inter-dimensionals look like? Part 1: December Disclosure Is this part of an ongoing disclosure narrative? Why would someone in that position choose to speak out and what does it mean? What exactly are the claims and how do they relate to other whistleblowers claims? Astronaut at the Vatican's nativity scene? Part 2: The Galactic Federation The Galactic Federation has been a fixture in the deep recess' of the new age to decades, what is it? What is true about such a federation, and the recent announcements about it, and what is problematic? What does healthy connection with inter-dimensional beings look like? References: Former Israeli space security chief on Galactic Federation & American Colonization of Mars: 1) 2) Canada’s former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer makes similar claim: 2020 Vatican Nativity Scene with Obelisk, Astronaut, and Horned Robot Creature with Nazi-Death-Cult Skull Helmet: LINKS------------------------------------------------ My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member —

The Truth About Disclosure: The Two Breakaway Civilizations | Gigi Young

In this video Gigi describes a key component of disclosure: the reality of two distinct breakaway civilizations, or parallel societies that exist parallel to our own. These societies are not outside of humanity, or really even from other worlds, but rather live parallel to us and even mix with humanity in various different ways. This can be a challenging topic to address as humanity has, by and large rejected the possibility that this is a reality. These breakaway civilizations have inter-dimensional capabilities and advanced technologies that humanity has lost its ability to comprehend. For this reason, the best way to begin to understand these two societies is through the understanding of consciousness. Once we grasp that many aspects about these two civilizations become clear, one very important one being that they actually represent 2 distinct aspects of humanity, or focus' of humanity, or timelines of humanity. All topics around disclosure will orbit around the understanding that there are two distinct breakaway civilizations that are connected to the earth. One is regressive and represents the lower potential path of humanity, while the other if progressive and represents the higher evolutionary path of humanity. Discerning these two cultures is part of the initiation that humanity faces today, and it will become increasingly obvious as more and more disclosure narratives appear in the media. Everything from ET's and inter-dimensionals to advanced technology and even government involvement with these things can be rooted back to the two civilizations that are outlined in this video. When we understand this topic, we can truly address many of the issues we face in society. Topics: 1:57 Disclosure as a spiritual initiation & its role in society at this time ('end times') 5:03 What creates the current environment we are in today? 8:00 The loss of human memory & psychic ability 13:00 Disclosure is remembrance 15:00 The two distinct Parallel Societies/Breakaway Civilizations 20:00 The two civilizations represent humanities two futures 24:20 The two societies as two cosmic impulses embodied 26:20 Different technologies of the two societies 30:00 Discerning the differences between the two societies 34:44 The 2 breakaway civilizations and their connection to our genetics 38:09 Deeper into the differences of these two cultures 47:30 How these 2 civilizations help humanity to evolve 54:50 A healthy collective vs an toxic collective 1:05:00 Conclusion/Summary Video's Mentioned: 1)Greys & Pleiadians represent future versions, or potential timelines, of humanity: 2)The inversion and damaging of the human energy body (the beast system): 3)Understanding Cosmic Consciousness in Society: 4)The importance of remembering our past & future (rather than being told) LINKS------------------------------------------------ My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: ————————————————————————
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Hello! I’m Gigi. I have been an intuitive all my life moving into the professional arena over five years and hundreds of clients ago.

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