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Gigi Young

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Gigi Young
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Live Q&A (Angels, Death Process, Psychic Abilities, Transhumanism & Aliens ) | Gigi Young

Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member — Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro 10:55 How do you develop psychic abilities when you suffer from OCD, Paranoia, and anxiety? 17:17 Was Tesla aware of the danger of electricity? 23:08 Advice for psychic development journey 28:27 Kundalini awakening and proper spiritual attunement 35:47 What are the steps of becoming an angel? 41:19 Best practices to understand Ahrimanic beings? 46:06 The Godhead 47:58 Entity Attachment 53:22 Deceased loved ones appearing and giving messages 55:21 Suicide 59:17 Sacrifice and dark entities needing vessels. Elon Musk. Transhumanism. The New Adam. 1:07:07 Dealing with the death of a loved one 1:09:58 Eternal Reoccurrence, Fate and Free Will 1:12:52 The Baptism in Esoteric Christianity 1:15:38 Humans on Mars. Christ on Mars 1:22:22 Out of body experiences (Protection) 1:25:14 The Sun as an initiating force. Sun Beings. Christ. Receiving Solar Forces. 1:30:02 Alzheimers and caring for elderly loved ones 1:35:04 What are aliens? Angels, Demons, Golems, Crypto-terrestrials, Atlantis & The Modern False Cosmology 1:49:15 What are 'New Souls'? 1:48:48 Rudolf Steiner and Christianity 1:56:13 Geocentrism 2:00:09 Technology addiction 2:05:07 Book of Enoch, Ancient Aliens and materialist reanalysis of old holy texts 2:12:00 Human beings as the embodiment for all earthly kingdoms of life (animals, plants, minerals). Lemuria and earlier epochs of development. 2:16:47 The Darwinism lie 2:19:04 Discerning Psychic hits. The power of overcoming dark influences. 2:32:50 2030, Demonic agenda, Sorath & the fallen line of angels and humanity 2:46:20 Outro, Shout Outs Material Mentioned: Electric Apocalypse: Etherization of the Blood: Lucifer, Ahriman and Christ: The Mars Line: Mad Scientists of Atlantis: Rudolf Steiner Audio: Through the Gates of Death (Dion Fortune) My Links ☾ → DONATE: → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → TELEGRAM → COURSES: → NEWSLETTER:

The Mystery of Electricity | Gigi Young

The Occult Mystery of Electricity - Electricity as a sub-human (demonic) medium - The deep secret of the Golem (the 'New Adam' or Frankenstein) - The moral Responsibility or working with the sub-human realms - Confronting the Anti-Christ and his plan to electrify the earth Full lecture: Electric Apocalypse: My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → TELEGRAM → COURSES: → NEWSLETTER: → DONATE: ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member —

Electric Apocalypse | Gigi Young

The Electric Apocalypse & Ahriman's Prison Planet Hive Mind. An Anthroposophical Examination of Super-Technologies and the Underworld Time Stamps 0:00 Intro 4:09 Start 7:16 The Electric Machine Earth (Rudolf Steiner) 13:58 The Mystery of Death & The Sub-Atomic Plane 18:06 The Structure of the Spiritual Planes 22:50 The Names of the Subatomic Realm/Subnatural Planes 27:17 Death and the Subnatural Realm (Process and Mythology) 37:47 What beings are in the Subnatural world 45:43 The Death of the Earth 55:35 How does the earth Spiritualize? 1:04:00 Techno-Satanism 1:13:20 The Discovery of a New Force 1:15:42 The Occult Secret of Electricity 1:22:00 The Ahrimanic Doppelgänger 1:32:00 Rudolf Steiner on Electricity and Evil 1:41:00 Demons (Ahriman) fear Death 1:49:28 The New Adam (Transhumanism) 2:02:28 What we can do? 2:06:02 Q: Is the Sub-Atomic Plane the Lower Astral Plane? 2:08:43 Q: The 8th sphere & the ‘corpse of the earth’ 2:13:03 Q: The Second Death (Saturn Path) 2:16:41 Q: Corridors Between Planes 2:18:58 Q: AI as medium for dark entities (Cern) 2:25:26 Q: Redeeming fallen entities and elementals 2:30:17 Q: The Macro and Micro 2:31:09 Q: What happens to people who become machines 2:34:44 Q: Lucifer’s influence in modern culture 2:37:50 Q: Conscious Technology & Black Sun 2:42:35 Q: Evolution outside the life wave 2:47:30 Q: Lowering the earths energy so that the Anti-Christ can incarnate. 2:51:22 Q: Fallen Entities and Electricity 2:54:10 Q: Anti-Christ and blood in the soil 3:00:19 Q: Death, Subplanes & parasitic feeding 3:04:00 Q: How can we protect ourselves from lower forces? 3:09:13 Q: How can we recognize our (Ahrimanic) doppelgänger? 3:15:59 Nuclear detonation and demons, Jack Parsons, Babalon. Mars. 3:25:04 Can goodness reign? 3:29:58 Closing remarks Suggested Reading/References: The Electronic Doppelgänger The Mystery of the Double in the Age of the Internet https://rudolfsteinerbook... Temple Legend Lectures An Esoteric Cosmology (Inner Earth Layers) The Transformation of Evil and the Subterranean Spheres of the Earth https://rudolfsteinerbook... The Inner Life of the Earth https://rudolfsteinerbook... Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member — My Links ☾ → DONATE: → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: → NEWSLETTER: ————————————————————————

The Occult Purpose of War & Satanic Super Technologies | Gigi Young

It is tempting to get caught up in the most mundane elements of war: the consolidation of land, power and wealth. However, there is a higher occult reason why wars are fought on the earth. And, the reality is that we will not prevent, nor understand, war until we can integrate the occult, or the spiritual dynamics , of war. War includes many ritualistic actions that are harnessed by those who are in control, such as: human sacrifice, as well as the capture and control of certain elementals and forces that have been built up in certain locations on the earth ( ie. the Holy Land). Violent death and the harnessing of the powers within certain locations of the earth are thus the deeper purpose of war. Regime change and oil are truly the lowest reason why wars are fought. They are the mere spoils, not the purpose. The ritual actions of war, and the forces brought to the earth through violent death, are necessary to exact psychological and spiritual influence over humanity. If humanity does not awaken to these occult actions that work against them, dark forces can gain more and more material control of the world, which is their ultimate desire. However, that more basic level of lower spiritual interference is not all we face, we must also consider that technologies are used to harness sub-earthly forces, or forces from the subatomic plane. These forces are traditionally called demonic and the subatomic plane was considered to be 'hell' in traditional esoteric literature. For convenience, we could call this new level of black magic 'techno-satanism'. In techno-satanism machines are used to communicate with demons, and create hell on earth, through piercing holes into the subatomic world. Thus, our era presents something new: 'super technologies'. Super technologies are technologies that can be used to rip into the subatomic-hell-world. They unite the hell realm with the earth. Humanity is not prepared for this advancement and will be confronted with this reality more and more until they begin to understand why people seem to be acting as though they are possessed. What people think are harmless and interesting technologies are, in fact, working directly against them on the spiritual level of their being. Clearly, it is best if we can begin to broaden our scope of what war is so that we may confront these forces that work through technology now. It is imperative that we do not become mired in the mundane material aspect of war and begin to confront the higher, defining reality of it. If we do not confront the hidden spiritual dynamics of war, humanity will be repeatedly fragmented and confused by these lower spiritual influences until it is very difficult to regain control amd clarity. It should be noted that this battle cannot be confronted through physical action alone, but rather through our thoughts and the higher spiritual attunement of humanity. This battle is ultimately fought psychologically and spiritually within the individual. Once a spiritual level of awakening emerges the lower forces progressively lose power. The real battle is within. What we see in the world is a reflection of what is happening within humanity at present. This is a clip from my Member Livestream. To see the whole session, and support my work, you can sign up here: My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → TELEGRAM → COURSES: → NEWSLETTER: → DONATE: ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member —

The War of All Against All (Live Lecture) | Gigi Young

Time Stamps 0:00 Intro 0:09 Start 1:40 Thomas Hobbes, Nietzsche, Jefferson & Revelations 5:03 Rudolf Steiner 15:30 Timing of our Epoch 21:05 The Individuation of Humanity 25:42 The Bifurcation of Humanity 28:42 Race Wars/Culture Wars 30:10 Gender and Sexuality Wars 31:44 Town vs. Country War & Holy Wars 38:53 Old Movements Remerge 44:42 Our Tower of Babel Moment 46:56 The Two Streams: Dark vs. Light 54:30 The Lower Ego (Lower Centers) 1:01:22 The latest Thing & The Borg 1:05:55 Empty Vessels, Zombies, Demonic Possession, NPC’s 1:11:27 The Spiritualized Ego 1:18:17 How Do We Thrive in Conflict? 1:26:24 New Spiritual Communities Emerge (Brotherly Love) 1:30:13 Q: The Death of Religion 1:36:36 Q: How Long Until The End of Our Epoch? 1:38:38 Q How to Get Closer to Nature 1:42:29 Q: Should I Even Have Children? 1:47:55 Q:Those That Have Prevented Horrible Events 1:51:35 Q: The End of Physical Incarnation 1:55:51 Q: Archangel Michael 1:58:37 Q: Can We Asses Our Level of Spiritual Development? 2:02:27 Q: How Do We Prepare For Potential Violence? 2:07:27 Q: Remembering Past Lives Easier in Future? 2:12:18 Q: How Can Spiritual Communities Begin? 2:22:25 Q: Does Nature Have a Shadow Self? 2:25:27 Q: What Yuga Are We In? 2:27:59 Q: Is Sacred Rage Healthy? 2:32:44 Q: Will Jesus Christ Physically Incarnate? 2:40:45 Outro & Shout Outs - The battle between dark and light - The bifurcation of humanity - The development of individuality within the Human Being - Zombies, NPC's and the 'Soulless' - Our Current Epoch and the task of Future Epochs Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member — My Links ☾ → DONATE: → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: → NEWSLETTER: ————————————————————————

The Esoteric Keys to Disclosure: 13 Literalism | Gigi Young

The Esoteric Keys to Disclosure Lecture Playlist! Time Stamps 0:00 Intro 1:22: The Problem of Literalism 4:50 Rudolf Steiner on the Rise of the Materialistic Mind Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy: 6:30 The Development of the Upper Triad (Spirit-Self, Life Spirt, Budhi) 9:39 Literalism In Modern Spirituality 14:16 The Perversion of Christ 20:50 Spiritual Documents are not meant to be taken literally 24:54 Temple Dances 26:44 Spiritual Tones (Vowel Sounds & Mantras) 27:42 Symbolism 31:08 The Hare and the Venus (Feminine) Mysteries 34:26 Symbolism and Metaphor to describe prior conditions of the Earth 38:18 The Weaver and the Venus Mysteries 40:11 Conclusion My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → TELEGRAM → COURSES: → NEWSLETTER: → DONATE: ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member —
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Hello! I’m Gigi. I have been an intuitive all my life moving into the professional arena over five years and hundreds of clients ago.

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