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Gigi Young

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Gigi Young
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Isis Rising 05: The Star Body and Technology

Last week we explored our star body, or our astral body, and discovered that our astral level of consciousness is cosmic and moves within the "light library" of the stars. In this weeks video we are going to dive even deeper into our energy body by considering technology and its relationship with our energy body. And not just any technology, but specifically technologies that work based on human consciousness. Technologies that are based in human consciousness are advanced technologies, or high technologies, and they operate inter-dimensionally. Although this sounds rather impossible, human beings have had this technology in our ancient past and are fast approaching the re-introduction of these technologies in our future. As these technologies use the fabric of consciousness itself (universal and personal) to operate we must see them as a defining factor in our evolution and approach them with not only respect, but a deep understanding of the feminine mysteries: the aspect of consciousness that is cosmic, oriented towards immersive psychic experiences and the effect the inner world has on the material plane. Without this particular knowledge developed, we will not be able to operate these technologies as they are intended; we will not have any real accuracy, understanding or upliftment in society. This will be discussed in three chapters today: 1) Immersive spiritual practice (feminine/feeling) vs Analytical spiritual practice (mind/masculine) 2) A Venusian Ritual ( Exploring the high technologies of higher densities) 3) Psychic Mechanics of High Technologies (Building Psychic Capacity and Star Body Patterns)

Isis Rising 04: Star Body

In this all new episode of Isis Rising we discuss how our energy body is not just our 'aura', but also our direct connection to the higher dimensions. An aspect of your energy body resonates at the exact ratio of other densities of dimensions. While your consciousness is focussed here, in the material realm, it is also alive in other realms. Pretty amazing, right? The goal is to integrate the these high bodies within our physical form, and the more we do that, the more we regain siddhis, or higher human capabilities. One aspect of our energy body is particularly interesting: Our astral body, or 'star body', is the aspect of ourselves that is associated with the stars, it is our higher cosmic body. When we have psychic experiences we are moving through the stars like lightening and certain star patterns held within our body 'unlock' or link us back into forgotten levels of information and awareness. This connection to stars via our astral, 'star body' is the core of the Starseed movement in the New Age, but also all ancient temples and rituals. Once we understand our astral form we understand the fabric of the cosmos, we understand different levels of cosmic light. Length of Broadcast: 31:51 ------------------------------------------------ My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: ———————————————————————— Go PREMIUM for exclusive content, live Q&A's with Gigi, forums/community and discounts! Support my work by making a one time donation. I am completely supported by viewers like you!

Isis Rising 03: Who Is Isis?

Who is Isis? Is Isis simply an Egyptian Goddess or does she represent something bigger? What are the feminine mysteries and why are they important for our current time? Length of Broadcast: 44:04 ------------------------------------------------ My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member —

Isis Rising: 02 - Your Ascension Pathway

The process of ascension is unique to each individual. We understand ascension as the embodiment of the soul and the subsequent re-integrating of the higher aspects of ourselves. However, the details of this process are rarely shared. One of the most important things to understand about our enlightenment journey is that as ascend we re-trace our incarnation journey through the cosmos. This re-tracing of our incarnations creates a unique path of ascension and marks the opening of ones 'cosmic consciousness' as not all lives take place in this space and time. This is also our initiation into the Isis Mysteries, and our re-introduction to the dynamics of the sacred feminine. Download the free episode guide here: ------------------------------------------------ My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member —

Energy Update:Unity, Facing Hidden Spiritual Dynamics & Building Warmth

Creating Unity As society continues to pressurize we are challenged to bring our focus to a difficult higher truth: the fact that we are being manipulated by an organized crime syndicate that has consolidated power in banking, govt, media and even healthcare. Society stands at a crossroads where we can acknowledge this blatant and insulting manipulation and finally come together to face it, or, we can fight amongst ourselves and in that state of chaos and division be conquered. This is an initiation for society. Spiritual Dynamics & Building Warmth We also must grasp that when it comes to understanding the world around us we are blind, we do not recognize and interpret the spiritual patterns behind what is going on. This places humanity at a great loss. The development of the Spirit within the body and the acknowledgement of the spiritual, energetic world is key in our collective initiation process. One way to begin this development is to understand the building up of 'spiritual warmth' in the body which activates, and fires up, our spiritual circuitry that reaches into our soul. When this occurs we find that incredible gifts emerge, gifts that humanity once had but disappeared. This is a key step in our timeline as when spiritual warmth begins to light up our system humanity begins leaning towards organic human evolution and the development of a higher fifth dimensional society. Length of Broadcast: 43:06 ------------------------------------------------ My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member —

Isis Rising: 01 - A Clean Slate

In this first episode of Isis Rising: The Cosmic Mysteries we discuss the current state of the cosmos in society. Outer space is a direct representation of our inner-space and by exploring how our world is approaching outer space we can gain awareness on the collective state of consciousness in ourselves and our world at large. To start off on the right foot, we directly address the reality that manufactured narratives exist and are designed to prevent us from re-gaining our cosmic consciousness. At this time, to learn discernment is a deep initiation into the higher more complicated levels of awareness. Without discernment we cannot effectively navigate the psychic realms. This is an important initiation because as we begin to naturally rise in consciousness we become more open to the energies around us. Awakening is a very vulnerable process which means the first part of our awakening must be to understand our environment, develop discernment, face shadows and create a clean slate that allows our rising consciousness to unfold smoothly. Download the free episode guide here:
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Hello! I’m Gigi. I have been an intuitive all my life moving into the professional arena over five years and hundreds of clients ago.

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