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Gigi Young

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Gigi Young
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Q&A (Spiritual Beings, Anthroposophy, Theosophy, Motivation, Christ, Yoga, Outer Space) | Gigi Young

8:35 Start 9:48 Should we speak about our spiritual experiences? 13:04 Were the structures on the moon built by Atlanteans? 21:25 Paralysis from New Age teachings/ Manifestation Teachings 26:55 Gigi’s change in opinion about aliens 37:49 Is a herbal practice or folk magic against Christ? 47:40 Mary Magdalene 55:03 The Angels and Electricity 56:23 Rudolf Steiner on Saturn. Colonizing space. 1:03:53 Is yoga summoning demons? 1:10: 25 The Indian Epoch 1:13:25 Root Races and the Coming Souls of the 6th Cultural Age 1:20:08 Why did the Theosophists Misunderstand Christ? 1:32:15 Being ostracized, excluded. The Black Sheep 1:39:24 Catastrophe’s and Human Souls. Atlantis. Lemuria. 1:44:37 The New Age, Aliens, Arcturians. 1:55:05 Grey alien message. Time space and Resurrection 2:02:07 The Space Industry 2:08:35 The Sun, Moon and Death 2:13:50 Free Will Vs. Destiny 3:27:04 Saturn, Sorath, Sophia the Three Mothers. Moon as Protectress 2:26:11 Light Language 2:28:56 Subterranean Earth, Chimeras, Atlantis. Mermaids. 2:38:58 Christ and the Sun 2:47:10 Dark Occult in the Media 2:54:01 Initiation, Angels and Masters. Enmeshment 3:05:02 Procreation, having a family 3:08:10 Rudolf Steiner, Angels and elementals 3:15:57 False Light and Demonic Mimics

Live Q&A ( Reincarnation, Space Fence, Dark Night of the Soul & the Cosmos ) | Gigi Young

0:00 Intro 7:24 Start 8:46 Myths, Fairy Tales & Lunar Consciousness 12:54 The Doppelgänger 21:26 Experiencing the Christ 26:47 Demonic Machine Parasites 34:33 Regressive Hypnosis, MIB 39:57 Establishing a Direct Relationship With Christ 44:38 Atlantis, Lemuria, Time and Density 46:11 Psychic Predictions, Cyber attack, Politics 56:22 Animal Kingdom/Animal Consciousness 1:00:32 Healing impulses & Time/ Space 1:04:08 Out of Body Experience, NDE’s 1:07:46 New Course 1:10:32 Integrating Darkness/Shadow 1:16:06 Space Fence, Frequency Fence, Synthetic Humans 1:23:01 Getting Through The Dark Night of the Soul, Spiritual Development 1:31:50 Mars & Planetary Evolution 1:40:10 Invisible Planets, Astral Planets & Vulcan 1:44:40 Taking Breaks From Spiritual Study 1:49:21 Fear Around Trusting Intuition 1:56:57 Do Jesus & the Christ Being Guide Humanity 1:58:21 Spiritual Economy, Jesus & the “I” 2:04:37 The Dark Feminine, Old Moon Lilith 2:09:10 Starseeds, Atlantis, Babylonian Religion, Technocracy, Inner Earth 2:16:32 Giants 2:19:45 Diet & Hunger 2:22:34 Ahriman & Lucifer 2:26:44 Saturn 2:31:08 Electricity and the Etheric Body 2:32:48 Near Death Experiences, Archons, Fear of the Light 2:41:15 Lemuria, Magicians, Magic, Mystery Schools 2:45:44 Selling Your Soul, Hollywood, Music Industry 2:54:30 Destiny/Fate or Freewill 2:57:50 Old Clairvoyance vs. New Clairvoyance 3:05:18 Getting Through Dark Nights of the Soul 3:12:53 The Etherization of the Blood My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → TELEGRAM → COURSES: ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member — Sign up for my newsletter:

The Immortal Body (Resurrection Body, Celestial Body, Rainbow Body) | Gigi Young

What is the Immortal body, or the resurrection body? Does the planet ‘ascend’? Does humanity resurrect?How has this been explored in different mystery traditions up to the present day? What are the techniques we can practice to develop our immortal body? What are the falsehoods in society that invert this phenomenon? Time Stamps 0:00 Intro 5:50 Start 8:05 The Planet & Ascension/Resurrection 12:15 Resurrection in the Eastern Mysteries 19:42 Darkness and Sensory Depravation 26:40 Spiritual Powers/Siddhis 33:50 Dogmatism 34:51 Resurrection in the Western Mysteries 44:20 St. Paul on the Immortal Body (Celestial body) 52:20 Teachings About The Immortal Body Are Incomplete Without Christ 55:40 How Do We Build Our Immortal Body? 1:03:30 Interruption 1:06:26 Stream Resumes 1:07:50 The Production of the “Essence” 1:13:09 The Tibetan Mysteries and the Essence 1:30:05 The Earth Becomes a Sun, Humanity Becomes a Sun 1:33:37 Rudolf Steiner and The Etherization of the Blood 1:40:27 Acknowledging the Force and Root of Transformation 1:45:14 The Internal Impulse of Christ (Sun) and The External Impulse of Christ (Sun) and Their Role In Resurrection 1:47:33 The Fourth Mystery by CG Harrison, The Solar Flash and the Collective Transformation Into The Etheric World 1:54:05 The Building of The Temple, New Jerusalem & New Jupiter 1:59:10 The New Adam and Jesus Christ 2:00:40 The Delusions of or Era (False Resurrection), Anti-Christ, Modern Techno-Space-Satanism 2:08:29 Knowledge Alone Cannot Build Your Immortal Body Books Mentioned: 1) The Mystery of the Resurrection in the Light of Anthroposophy - Sergei O. Prokofieff https://steinerbooks.pres... 2) And the Earth Becomes A Sun - Sergei O. Prokofieff https://rudolfsteinerbook... 3) The Fourth Mystery - CG Harrison

Public Live Q&A

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Q&A - Esoteric Christianity, Rudolf Steiner, Atlantis, Life on Other Spheres | Gigi Young

00:00:00 - Nature of Deities 00:09:08 - Modern Gnosticism and the Reality of Christ 00:18:03 - The Occult History of St Patrick's Day and the Casting Out of Serpents 00:27:28 - The Christ Impulse and its Connection to Atlantis 00:37:10 - The Atlantean Migration 00:46:17 - Psychic Abilities and Spiritual Development 00:55:21 - The Increasing Interest in the Occult 01:04:15 - Glimpses of Ancient Civilizations 01:13:43 - Attunement and the Etherization of the Blood 01:22:23 - Dogmatism in Spiritual Traditions 01:31:43 - The Importance of Nasal Breathing 01:40:53 - Liberating the Lower Kingdoms of Life 01:49:47 - Life on Other Spheres 01:59:35 - The Kingdom of Heaven is Within 02:08:39 - Overcoming Darkness and Finding Joy 02:17:23 - Understanding Secret and Esoteric Knowledge 02:26:12 - The Dehumanization of Cosmic Spirituality 02:35:10 - Rudolph Steiner's Mysterious Death and Legacy 02:44:34 - The Spiritual Significance of the Orange Ray & Lower Astral Plane 02:53:00 - The Symbolism of Color for the Lower Astral Plane 03:02:29 - Sacrificing of Higher Angelic Beings 03:11:32 - The Ever-Present Essence of Christ 03:20:49 - Censorship and the Sad State of Affairs on YouTube 03:30:11 - Thank You! Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A' by becoming a premium member — My Links ☾ → DONATE: → WEBSITE: → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → COURSES: → NEWSLETTER:

The Dark Side of Disclosure | Gigi Young

Time Codes 0:00 Intro 0:15 Start 5:08 The Angels of Venus and Eden (Lemuria) 22:15 Rudolf Steiner on Angels of Venus 25:05 Theosophists on Angels from Venus 42:55 People Start Pretending to be the Angels of Venus and abducting people 1:03:10 George Van Tassel and the Galactic Federation 1:22:10 The Ashtar Command Hacking 1:27:53 The Falling Hare (Bugs Bunny) 1:30:45 L.Ron Hubbard and Scientology 1:39:49 Haim Eshad Reveals the Galactic Federation 1:47:43 The Coming Technological Revolution 1:53:47 German Speaking people pretend to be Venusian Angels 1:59:50 Barney Hill says that a Nazi abducts him 2:01:48 Adamski hears Venusians speak German 2:03:03 Everett Clark 2:04:04 Reinhold Schmidt 2:05:08 The Secret Space Program and Milabs 2:07:17 Howard Menger/ ‘Valiant Thor’ 2:16:30 Ufology is about advanced technology, not ‘aliens’ 2:20:50 Summary/Conclusion Not yet a member? Join today:
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Hello! I’m Gigi. I have been an intuitive all my life moving into the professional arena over five years and hundreds of clients ago.

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