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Keith Linder - Demons in Seattle

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Keith L.
Here you find everything Bothell house-related. In 2012 my girlfriend and I moved into a house, a suburb of Seattle. The phenomena we witnessed while there would change our lives forever as did the paranormal community. Whether you are a believer or nonbeliever the evidence and stories you view here will hopefully have you re-thinking what you know about the paranormal - particularly poltergeist.
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The Bothell Hell House - Minions

A narration of my account with minions has been created. Occasionally, I'll get a request from individuals who want to narrate parts of my story. Many of which you can find here. https://theghostvictimexp... and

Demons In Seattle - Ghosts Caught in Living Room 4K

4K version of the original video of an anomaly, i.e., female silhouette at 5:14 thru 5:17. Gray Lady? Captured late at night on April 26th, 2014. Near the time the activity returned to the Bothell house. The video has not been edited in any way other than enhancing it to 4K quality. The original is here originally posted in October 2014.

The Bothell Hell House - Synopsis

Fire and Whispers - Jenny Ashford Author and Narrator + FREE COMPREHENSIVE REPORT by Steve Mera http://online.fliphtml5.c...

My Say Keith Linder

I've been asked to give my response to the latest revelations surrounding Zak Bagans and his show Ghost Adventures. The views and opinions expressed here are mine and my own. Images behind me are from the Ghost Adventures Travel Channel episode "Demons in Seattle."

The Bothell Hell House 2023 Update - ASSAP Webinar with Keith Linder.

Keith Linder, the man at the center of the Bothell poltergeist case, returns once more to share his experience, his expertise, and his unique insights into the nature of the poltergeist phenomena.

The Story of Bone Black(no sound)

This video is a quick synopsis of how the inexplicable black oil material 'Bone Black' found its way into the Bothell Hell house. The spirit or spirits that used this substance didn't choose it out of happenstance. It was their way of messaging. Explained in detail in my two books. If we study the wall writings, i.e., the substance and, more importantly, the symbol "Upside Down Man," which in Native American language means a man has died due to murder or smallpox OR BOTH. The takeaway here, and there are many, are the spirits in question's ability to incorporate historical acts, history, language, geography, chemistry, and science as a tool to air out their grievances. A metaphor? Bone Black is derived from buffalo, cow, bull, or oxen bone. That's not me saying that. Thats science. In the video, you see Ox pulling trees and logs from in and around Bothell for the emergence of settlers. The mass chopping down of trees., and new land cultivation. It's not impossible to believe that before all this land excavation could happen - many natives had to die. Like the salmon that run here, the pine trees in the PNW that were chopped down to make way for the 20th Century are a metaphor for the American Buffalo, which was also mass exterminated. That's the message the poltergeist wants to be conveyed. But it gets better than that. We have video footage of the primary ingredient (the only ingredient) for Bone Black in Bothell, WA, in the early years when the city and region were founded. Ox pulling and moving trees inside Bothell. Only to reappear hundred-plus years later on the walls of my & Tina's home. When they died, those Ox were undoubtedly buried in the ground in and around Bothell, WA. It's just remarkable. It's one of the elements of this case that make it debunk proof.
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Keith Linder's youtube channel investigating the paranormal, evps poltergeist demonic hauntings and more.

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