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Keith Linder - Demons in Seattle

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Keith L.
Here you find everything Bothell house-related. In 2012 my girlfriend and I moved into a house, a suburb of Seattle. The phenomena we witnessed while there would change our lives forever as did the paranormal community. Whether you are a believer or nonbeliever the evidence and stories you view here will hopefully have you re-thinking what you know about the paranormal - particularly poltergeist.
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"Can We Explain the Poltergeist? Yes We Can" 2021 ASSAP Conference: speaker Keith Linder

"Some things are can not be properly discussed in the rather short context of a TV show or a soundbites seminar. This presentation, in 4 parts, runs four hours long - but it is probably the most detailed and intelligent discussions from poltergeists by someone at the heart of a case you will ever see it. Kith Linder, the chap at the center (with Tina) of the Bothell Hell House case presents the evidence at length and discusses poltergeists and what we can understand about them in-depth. This is pretty hardcore paranormal research/parapsychology, and some of the experiences discussed may be disturbing to viewers of a nervous disposition." Christian Jensen Romer Secretary of ASSAP

Succubus Psychological or Real Entity Assaults in the Dream State Part 2 of 2 speaker Keith Linder


Succubus Psychological or Real Entity Assaults in the Dream State Part 1 of 2 speaker Keith Linder

In an open and raw discussion, Keith Linder will share his experiences with the Succubus and the nature of their visitations. Throughout history, men had described visitations from female demons who seduced and sexually assaulted them. They were called the ‘Succubus.’ Sleep paralysis is a feature of these visitations, increasing the terrifying experience. There is a male version too, the ‘Incubus,’ who were recorded to prey on women. What are these entities and why do they do this? Or could they be hallucinations produced by our brains in fear of not being able to wake our bodies up? But then why are they sexual in nature? Keith Linder, after living in a haunted house for four years in Bothell, Seattle, began experiencing Succubus visitations. He will talk about his personal experiences and explore what they could be. He will share how he has dealt with these night terrors. Join our mailing list to be notified of future events! https://melbourneevents.n... Info on our past and present events: Keith Linder's Books are available on Amazon: The Bothell Hell House: Poltergeist of Washington State Attachments: Poltergeist of Washington State Part 2 Poltergeist - The Night Side of Physics

Poltergeist Calling Cards Analysis of physical ghostly communications Speaker Keith Linder

A seminar by Salubrious Events: Keith Linder will discuss in more depth, his real-life experiences of poltergeist manifestations and an analysis of what they are possibly trying to communicate. Keith and Tina moved into a modern home in Bothell, Seattle, and were shocked to find out that it was haunted. Bothell house is one of the most haunted houses investigated, with multiple physical manifestations and witnesses. This included appearing and disappearing objects; spontaneous fires; three of his bibles being burnt; writings on the wall and noises in the house. Keith was not prepared for these experiences, being a man who works in Information Technology and with no knowledge or interest in ghosts prior to living in the Bothell house. Being an IT guy, Keith naturally applied his skills in methodical recordings, observation and analysis. This has taken him on an in-depth journey of learning about the poltergeist phenomena and about himself. Join the mailing list for future events: https://melbourneevents.n... More info:

The Bothell Hell House Chapter Three - The Ceiling Fan

Keith Linder provides almost in chronological order details of what it was like living in the Bothell house. The goal for this series of videos is to provide both research and paranormal enthusiasts insight into one of the most profound hauntings in recent memory. This is straight from the source material. The icing on the cake to the bestseller book THE BOTHELL HELL HOUSE is available on Amazon.

Demons In Seattle The Keith Linder Haunting PART 2

Demons In Seattle Uncovered full documentary released publicly... FREE DOCUMENTARY DON PHILIPS CHANNEL - GA concluded Keiths home was not haunted, as a result Keith Linder endured bad feedback from some of the public and paranormal community, in desperation to counter this he sought help from UK to substantiate his claims. Steve Mera received the call and pulled in Don Philips to travel to Seattle and undertake the case investigation. What followed turned the tides for Keith, good evidence was secured, this fascinating documentary is a straight, honest account of the haunting of the Bothel House filmed on location . The Bothell Haunting is the most controversial haunting America has seen. It was in (2012) that resident Keith Linder and his partner Tina excitedly moved into their new home. It wasn't long before the couple began to suspect something was not quite right. First they heard a child's voice although there were no children in the property or joining property. Although convinced the voice echoed from within the house, Keith dashed outside to see if any children were playing or passing by on the street. There were none. Over the months that followed Keith and Tina claim to have been subjected to all manner of Paranormal occurrences and devastating poltergeist destruction resulting in almost daily defacer of their home causing untold damage and affecting their relationship. Keith requested help from several paranormal investigation teams and even approached the church for assistance. Initially the church seemed quite unresponsive to the urgency of the matter. Keith and Tina became frustrated and eventually drove to the church and refused to move until they had been heard, it was 4hrs hours later when finally a meeting took place and a fortnight later the first exorcism was performed. Keith and Tina also received another offer of help. This time in the form of Father Roy, an Episcopalian priest, who having heard of Keith and Tina's plight agreed to perform a second exorcism on both the house and this time also on Keith Linder himself.​ Keith's story also caught the attention of GHOST ADVENTURES Zac Bagans who decided to shoot an episode of GHOST ADVENTURES investigating Keith's story. The GHOST ADVENTURES TEAM did their investigation and the show aired however they failed to uncover any evidence to support Keith an Tina's claims, it was soon afterwards accusations of hoaxing began to emerge.​ With his reputation damaged and thus far void of any independent verifiable evidence, Keith was desperate to secure evidence that paranormal activity was still occurring in his home. Keith looked outside the USA for anyone who could help repair his reputation and show that his home really was haunted. It was when Keith made contact with Steve Mera from the UK that this story truly does take a turn. Steve Mera and Don Philips following several interviews with Keith agreed to take on his case warning him that if they were to uncover any foul play then they would expose it. Parapsychologist Mera remained open minded but would take some convincing however, Steve had a secret weapon to bring on this investigation in the form of Don Philips, a specialist in paranormal research. Described as both unique in his abilities as well as being thought to be a catalyst, Don Philips has a solid reputation of drawing out startling evidence from haunted locations. Mera and Philips spent several days on location with Keith in the Bothell house employing scientific rational investigative techniques combined with the abilities of Don Philips. The evidence uncovered during the investigation is remarkable to the point Steve Mera requested Nick kyle who was then (President of Sottish Society Of Parapsychology) to fly from the UK to confirm Steve's own findings as an independent observer. FREE DOCUMENTARY -
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Keith Linder's youtube channel investigating the paranormal, evps poltergeist demonic hauntings and more.

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