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Mr Paranormal

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Mr. Paranormal
I am interested in exploring the true nature of reality above and beyond the normal. These include science, philosophy, futurism, and experiences that cannot be explained by our current presumptions. It is the nature of human ingenuity to keep curious and seek to understand life, even if the methods we use break our current frameworks. In other words, I do not know if the content presented is true or not, but it is exciting and fun--and often creepy. Judge for yourselves! Business inquires, questions, submissions? Please contact me at the email below.
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5 GHOST Videos Too Scary To See!

5 terrifying paranormal videos of ghosts caught in TikTok videos that will keep you awake... Credits Music from CO.AG and PatrickLieberkind Presenting 5 nightmare fuel ghost videos from the web... If you would like me to produce more, please do let me know by ringing the bell for notifications, liking and subscribing. And to contact me for submissions or partnerships, please check out my email in the "about" section. Kind wishes, Mr. Paranormal.

5 Strange & Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

5 Strange & Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera People's encounters with paranormal beasts, strange creatures and ...people? From an eerie bigfoot call to a mysterious beast caught on camera, these are 5 bizarre creatures that remain unexplained. Music by CO.AG: Subscribe to Mr. Paranormal: Top 5 Ghost Videos | 5 Real Ghost Videos Caught on Tape I Scary Videos Top 5 Ghost Videos 2017 I Real Ghost Caught On Tape | Scary Videos Top 5 Ghost Videos | 5 Real Ghost Sightings Caught on Tape I Scary Videos 2017 Top 5 Ghost Videos I Real Ghosts Videos Caught On Camera! I Scary Videos 2017 REAL GHOSTS Caught on Tape? Top 5 Real Ghost Videos Caught on Camera 2017 (VERY SCARY!!) Top 5 Ghost Videos Caught on Tape I Scary Videos I Top 5 Ghost Videos 2017 Do ghosts exist? Everyone loves mysteries and ghost videos. Mr. Paranormal is your best source of real haunted ghost and paranormal videos and events, real ghost caught on tape, poltergeists, spirits, ghost stories, ghost hunters, scary content about strange creatures, aliens, UFOs, unexplained mysteries, and real supernatural, paranormal activity caught on camera. Mr. Paranormal explores the unknown such as the best scary Ghost Videos, horror videos, unexplained mysteries, UFOs and aliens caught on tape. From Top 5 Ghost Videos to Top 10 lists of scary mysterious creatures, real monsters caught on camera. Unexplained scary events are happening all around the world all the time. Your best source of top rated paranormal content. Subscribe for more!

Giant ALIEN Creature Caught On Tape in Russia?

Giant ALIEN Creature Caught on Tape In Russia? @INVESTIGATION In early August, 2014, this incredible, and horrifying video, that we are about to show you was posted on YouTube, went viral and caused panic, and fear all over the internet. What even stranger, is that this was not the only case of these stick like creatures. There was an other one reported in late 2013, which was very similar to this one. But you probably know this one already. However, take a look. Some say that these creatures we seen are "Slender man" while some claims that these are some kind of giant alien spider creatures, from Chernobyl. What are they? Real or fake? Credits: Original video: Music by Kevin Macleod What do you think? Judge for yourselves.

TOP 10 Scariest Unexplained Trail Cam Photos

TOP 10 Scariest Unexplained Trail Cam Photos From mysterious glowing angels to strange creatures, these are 10 of the scariest photos snapped by trail cameras. Music The House of Leaves by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.or... Creepy things found on trail cams, from the alleged rake creature to ghosts, aliens and more.

5 Most Mysterious Unknown Creatures Caught on Camera

5 Most Mysterious Unknown Creatures Caught on Camera These are some of the strangest, creepiest unexplained creatures, monsters and animals you won't believe people have spotted & caught on camera in real life. Follow on Facebook: Music "Echoes of Time" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.or... Our world is full of mysteries, waiting to be discovered. So here are 5 of the strangest, and most unbelievable monsters, sea creatures, weird animals that might actually exist.

5 Strange Mysteries In The Sky Caught on Camera

The top 5 unexplained & unknown scary phenomena in the sky recorded on camera. These are some of the most shocking & mysterious events happening in the sky. STRANGE SOUNDS BEING HEARD WORLDWIDE GHOST CAUGHT ON SNAPCHAT STORY? Music by myuuji strange scary sky mysteries top5 paranormal
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