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SA,SA,NA, Loft ( Tribute ) 1831

SA,SA,NA, Loft ( Tribute ) 1831-1852



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Report by: curtis schweiger
"We did a Tribute to "SA, SA, NA, Loft The Indian Maiden From Owego, New York who Died In the Rail Road Disaster In 1852"
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SA,SA,NA, Loft ( Tribute ) 1831-1852

We were at The Evergreen Cemetery back In the early 90's and did a return visit a few weeks ago, to Tribute SA,SA,NA Loft Owego's Indian Maiden. Your Beautiful Voice Inspired Thousands, From Canada to Upstate New, York, Your Beautiful Spirit Flows on The Breeze Through The Trees Your Owego's Indian Maiden on Owego's Highest Hull Rest In Peace SA,SA,NA, Loft, Daughter of The Forest Rest In Peace. As you watch the video you can see a face rise and if you turn the volume up a little you can hear screams and a train in the back ground  also you can see the wind was calm and then the camera started to shake and a strong wind blew through a few days later we started up the roadway to do one more Investigation  and the road was blocked by a healthy young oak tree It was a sign.

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