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Angels, Demons and Strange Experiences

Angels, Demons and Strange Experiences



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Report by: curtis schweiger
"Angels,Demons and Strange Experiences" Is a series of short stories, published a few weeks ago."
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Angels, Demons and Strange Experiences

Angels,Demons and Strange Experiences" are strange but true stories that I have published and want people to read and relate to I know there are people who have had the same experiences that I have had most of my experiences ended up in this book we were ghost hunters without the equipment back then, In the early 90's my brother and I went to SA SA NA Loft Gravesite, we were young and stayed all night in one of the crypts, we were trying to get a response but got none, but when we came out of the crypt I looked over towards SA SA NA"s Gravesite I saw a white glowing figure peaking out from behind the tombstone It was quick but after all the stories I've heard about what she looked like It was her, thats what made me return there and plan on a night time Investigation very soon, more details soon I will keep you updated, peace,love,curtis

"Angels,Demons and Strange Experiences" My Audiobook now Available at top sellers Narrated by Kevin Theis

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