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The white ghost and the Drunk

The white ghost and the Drunk

The white ghost and the Drunk


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Report by: DLensman
"Along this dark road grows a tale of a ghost horse who is said to chase away anyone who came near the cemetery"
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The white ghost and the Drunk

Along this dark road grows a tale of a ghost horse who is said to chase away anyone who came near the cemetery which lie on the right side. We found a local town drunk, (yes, we thought the same thing). We had some extra time so we gave it two days. Other witnesses who had way less of a taste for spirits and some who never drank at all, claimed they had heard things or seen a moving white thing that made them flee the area. The town drunk even admitted to filling his pants the night of his encounter So we agreed to take it on. Night one we heard limbs breaking and a heaving sounding thing tromping in the woods. No street lights there it was indeed hard to see.

The second night we had all the gear needed to get the job done, The night started with a light rain that caused a fog to raise behind the place and then move in. It was looking way too much like Jason Vorhees would either rise from one of the graves or out from the fog, Then the reports started to come in on the walkies

"I just heard something move on the east side and it ws big ....really big" Next report was coming from the north reporting a snort they of sounding moving southward. Great right toward me! I have a carry permit so the flashlight and the 45 was un holstered and ready to deploy. I could tell it was coming closer and louder by the second. My heart was racing. I'd had one heart attack and I wasn't ready for another. My flashlight got two of the biggest eyes one could ever hope to see. It was moving, now slower and more casual than reports stated. It cleared the fog and lo and behold it was nothing more than a white horse that found an escape route and I guess like a midnight stroll amongst the peace and quiet of the tombs.


We propped up the fence after leading the "White Demon" back inside and let the owners behind the place a heads up on what their horse was doing. The fence was promised to be fixed the next day, so as far as we were concerned this one was indeed over. It just goes to show you with a spooky setting and the right noise can make your mind grow wild and paint many pictures far worse than the truth can be.

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