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Searching The Unknown

Searching The Unknown

Searching The Unknown


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Report by: DLensman
"Searching The Unknown. Twenty-three years of chasing shadows, odd sounds, strange sightings. This list goes on and on"
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Searching The Unknown

Searching The Unknown


Twenty-three years. Twenty-three years of chasing shadows, odd sounds, strange sightings. This list goes on and on. Sometimes evidence is left behind, and others are gone without a trace. It can also be someone wanting attention and you find it's a copy, cut and paste ghost hunter wannabe that could be out to debunk you because they're jealous. A maddening circle that can drive you nuts if you allow it.

My advice is to seek out all the background you can get on the person or the case. Do they know others that have strange occurrences in the same house or area? What meds are they on? Do the neighbors know them? Any illegal drugs or is the person known to lie? If the place is for sale, a confirmation from you can add dollars to the asking price. They also get a ton of attention. Most states state that a "haunted" house need not be revealed at the closing should the owner decide not to.

Do NOT allow youtube videos to be uploaded while the hunt is in progress. Make sure you have a signed document stating this.Also ask the police department if strange reports are on  department if any calls about strange happenings are on file and then you should be ready to start the case.

Now check your gear. we carry both digital and 35mm cameras. Kodak can provide proof of the film being tampered with but a digital chip is a bit harder. Have things recording temp and night vision. Digital grids, EMF meters, digital recorders and a home base complete with a team member viewing the monitors at all time. Voice boxes and movement alarms are a main tool for today's hunters. First aid kit because someone will get hurt sooner than you think. Plenty of rolls of gaffer tape to secure cables against trips and tow-sided tape for camera placement. Make sure your base is recording video and sound all through the house. A fingerprint kit and plaster in case you find a track. Baby power poured next to doorways is a cheap way to make sure no one came in and you didn't hear them. This I count on being a basic kit for each member along with good walkies to keep in touch.

Keep you ears and eyes wide open along with your mind during the process. One haunting I found to be nothing more than a mad possum who wanted my face as a midnight snack! These are for another post.

The point is if you act like a pro people will treat you like one. Become a copy cut and paster and get labeled as nothing more than a "fanboy". There is still much work to do and I hope this short post will help people understand how fake information hurts this area of research. Many of those in science world think were nuts because we've not presented them with a Ghost in a jar to measure to dissect. We operate on the fringe of science and I find this to be the most free area to study. We must keep an open mind at all time while the other are closed like a clam. I welcome your questions and comments fellow researchers.

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