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Tsul 'Kalu

Tsul 'Kalu

Tsul 'Kalu


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Report by: DLensman
"Tsul 'Kalu [pronounced Sool Kaloo] (the slant-eyed or sloping giant), Sometimes called "The Old Man of The woods""
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Tsul 'Kalu

Tsul 'Kalu [pronounced Sool Kaloo] (the slant-eyed or sloping giant), Sometimes called "The Old Man of The woods" My Grandmother and mother were Cherokee and my Dad was Irish from Dublin. All my inner circle as a child growing were grand story tellers, and, this was how many evening was spent instead of staring at the tube. The nights I'd go to bed and nearly wet the bed at the slightest noise! "here comes a leprechaun riding a Tsul 'Kalu because that quarter I found was from his pot O gold. Scary photo for a six year old mind.

Now they had all embraced he christian faith and Dad was to retire as a Baptist pastor. I never was sure that any but my grandmother who loved the old ways. Tsul`kälû' Tsunegûñ'yï is a 100-acre (40 ha) patch on a slope of the mountain Tanassee bald In Jackson County North Carolina. He is said to travel from there to Central Kentucky in Mammoth Cave where they were said to settle and then move east. None of them ever claimed to see ole harry, but it seemed not to hinder their belief.

As a kid I started looking for it. I was to decide what to do when I found it. Most likely a fist to the cod's and a swift streak home our friends at mapquest say's between the two points are 284.35 miles. I'm sure it would be longer if one was to travel mountains as to not to be seen I started in the Bluegrass state at the very cave it's self. People have claimed to hear strange noises and the night we were there it was quiet and peaceful. Oddly too quiet. People have went missing in the cave system for the last 100 years but no evidence to make a case against the harry hippie.

We picked up our search at the foot of the great Smoky Mountains due to ease of access. The park straddles North Carolina and Tennessee. Great Smoky Mountain National Park covers 521,085.66 acres. Of this total, 276,343.88 acres are in North Carolina and 244,741.78 acres are in Tennessee. big area huh?

So we started to work the Tennessee side first and try to predict the route Harry And The Henderson's would embark on to get to Kentucky. The food source is good. Plenty of small game, elk, deer, and a abundance of berries and nuts. Plenty for a large cryptid to feed on either passing through or to stay a bit. Park Rangers are no help as I thought I was bound to pee in a cup to dare ask such a question about an animal. Plenty of caves to seek shelter in too. One thing I hate is unanswered questions, and this one was bugging me to the boiling point. I got sick before we had a full stage hunt going. We did find some broken trees but no tracks, tree knocks, or vocal recordings.

Really not much coverage down through time is a wonder in a way but makes sense when one considers the size of the area in question. Below is one of the best stories I've found in the research while I've been down waiting for part 2 of the hunt:

2002, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Suspicions Arise That Missing Hikers Abducted

New evidence in the missing hikers, Trenny Gibson and Thelma Pauline Melton, comes to light when a suspicious package and letter are discovered at a ranger’s station lookout in the Great Smoky Mountains.

The package which consisted of a used burlap sack contained several items. Upon inspection, it was determined that three of the items belonged to Trenny Gibson, missing since 1981. Several other items clearly belonged to Thelma Pauline Melton, missing since 1987. Authorities did not reveal the specifics of the items found.

But the interesting thing was that the burlap sack seemed to be covering in coarse, fine apelike hair. Samples were sent to a leading forensic lab for further analysis.

This story just died from that moment on. Strange indeed when you consider people missing.

We plan to take up the trail again as soon as I get the okay by the Doctors.  While waiting, I've have custom braces made and custom boots, so I think I've done all I can so far. Stay tuned as I will ad progress reports as they come in.

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https://bigfoothistory.wordpre ...

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