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Necrophonic at Hinds Road Cave part 2

Necrophonic at Hinds Road Cave part 2


 Shadow spirit

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Report by: fromtherealms
"My best friend and I venture to Hinds Road in Gadsden, Alabama to what is known as the Witch's Cave. Legend has it that"
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Necrophonic at Hinds Road Cave part 2

It has been an urban legend in Bama folklore for ages, around the 19th century that the Witch in the Woods exists.   It is said she lived in a shack in the woods on Hinds Road in Gadsden, Alabama.  Many residents driving along Hinds Road in Gadsden have reported seeing a woman claiming she sold her soul to the devil.  We were curious and decided to go see for ourselves, and what we found is still uncertain.  We started our investigation at the cave on Hinds Road. The cave is an old coal mine shaft, however, the story goes that the witch, Torbit (Sarah Torbit)  terrorized the people of the town for many years, killing children who dared to climb the mountain in search of her. She is said to have drunk and bathed in their blood in order to stay young, then decorated her shack with their bones and used the cave as a den to store the bones. 

Is this story true?  We can't say, however, we did get some interesting responses on Necrophonic and the Spirit Talker apps, and we have a video of that on our YouTube channel.  From there we moved to the pond or "Blood Pond" as some have called it and continued to use the Spirit Box apps. Also, my K2 meter was going crazy, and actually blinked when I asked for something to make it blink.  But the craziest thing was what happened after we posted the video!  Someone left a comment asking what was the figure behind our vehicle.  We had no idea what this person was asking about until I went back and watched it again, and what I saw still gives me a chill every time I see it.  I won't say anything else, but if you want to know go watch the video and check out our community page as well.  I posted a screenshot of what was caught on video.  Also, I just want to say we have a very small channel and we have nothing to gain or lose by faking anything.

Everything you see and hear is 100% real.  I don't know how we didn't see this while filming or editing. I hope you watch and enjoy it and if you don’t believe,  maybe you will after seeing this. :)


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