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Bridge to the Other Side

Bridge to the Other Side


 Residual Haunting

Ghostwatch N. America
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Report by: StrangeTownShow
"Spirit of a lynched man hanging from the crossbeam and ghost dressed in out-of-date clothing, just to name a few of the tales that are told"
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Bridge to the Other Side

The Moore's Crossing bridge in Austin, TX was first erected over the Colorado River in 1884, and it still remains standing today as a pedestrian only bridge. The legend goes that a white man was hung by a mob from one of the cross beams because of an interracial affair. It is said that at Midnight you can see the man hanging from the highest crossbeam, with the woman he loved watching from below.

Reports also include disembodied footsteps, car headlights, and spirits dressed in out-of-date clothing.

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