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I think I may have a residual ghost?

I think I may have a residual ghost?


 Residual Haunting

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Report by: JessLondon
"I've been trying to ignore the strange happenings in my house but I can't anymore!"
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I think I may have a residual ghost?

As we're on lockdown, I have been spending a lot of time in my house on my own. Every time I try to talk to somebody about the things happening in my house, they just say that the lockdown is getting to me!

I'm a rational person and when something odd happens, I just say to myself, oh well, there must be a logical explanation, and move on. But I cant ignore this anymore. I have never really believed in ghosts, but my recent experience has opened my mind, and my gut tells me that I have to address the issue. I might also add that I have no mental health issues, don't really drink or take any medication.

It all started about 4 months ago. When I was on my own in the house, I would hear somebody playing around with the piano downstairs in middle of the night. Sounded like somebody was touching the keys, not playing Mozart!

I thought it was probably a mouse or something in the piano. The following week, I heard a loud bang from downstairs, in the middle of the night. I went to investigate, and noticed that a painting had fallen off the wall near the piano? No idea why, but I just put it back drama.

Over the next few days, I noticed that ornaments and photo frames on top of the piano had been moved slightly. I just ignored it... I was probably imagining it.

Then there was the radio in my landlords loft conversion. It kept randomly going on in the middle of the night waking me up. I checked it and the the alarm was off, so just put it down to an electrical fault. I was actually too afraid to unplug it, in case it went on again with no electricity! I guess I've seen one too many horror films...couldn't cope with that!

Another night I heard noises coming from the spare room next to mine. I went to investigate, and I thought I saw a shadow moving in front of the door so took some photos. In the photos, in looks like somebody has written the letter A on the door. then a few minutes later, it disappeared. I managed to photograph this, have all the photos. I showed a friend and she was flumuxed! At this point, I realised that something strange was going on. I should point out that I wasn't frightened at all for some reason, only curious and confused. Whatever it was, it didn't want me to see it. I still found it odd that I wasn't scared, most would be.

I decided to ignore all of these incidences, fearing I was loosing it! It actually seemed to quiet down over a couple of weeks. Then one morning, my colleague and good friend called, with panic in her voice, to ask me if I was alright? (She often stayed at my house when we went out on staff dos or worked late, as she lived out of London, but due to the lockdown, she hadn't visited for a couple of months. I just wanted to mention that as I think it may have something to do with the next occurrence.

She said that I had called her mobile at 4.06am and left a 7 minute message of silence! I had no recollection of this at all? And my phone was in exactly the same spot I had left it the night before?

Surely a ghost wouldn't know how to type in my pin number, look for my colleagues contact details and call her? (She wasn't the last number I called either). It must have been me! I must have been sleep walking. Never have in my life, but it's the only explanation. I heard that the lockdown had drastically changed peoples sleeping habits causing nightmares and sleepwalking so thought maybe that's what's happening.

Shocked and confused, I thought, I must be sleep walking in the night and moving things around! That would explain most of the strange happenings, but still, some things didn't make sense. I didn't turn the radio on or play with the piano? Was I dreaming? That must be the explanation?

However, a few days later, a friend stayed over. I told her about everything that had happened and she thought it was all hilarious! I thought there was a ghost, but it was me all along! After watching a film in my bedroom, we both fell asleep on my bed. I woke up to use the bathroom, she woke up too, asked if i was ok, and I said yes, just popping to the loo. As I walked out of my bedroom door, the radio in the loft came on, very loud.

My friend was quite frightened, but I told her not to worry, its just an electrical fault or something, I'll go and turn it off. As I approached the loft stairs, the radio turned off. It had never done that before. Usually I would have to go and switch it off. This was at around 4am. My friend didn't sleep after that!

About a week later, I noticed the large grandfather clock downstairs, near the piano, had stopped? Not sure why, it mechanical. As I approached it to investigate, I noticed that the clock had stopped at 4.06am exactly. I realised then that everything was happening around that time. I checked my phone to see the time when I called my colleague in the night...4.06am. I realised that all of these occurrences are happening at the same time.

I knew now for sure, something was going on... there is no way it could be a coincidence. I started filming and recording during the night, but nothing, everything stopped, until last night, when the noises started again. So today I Googled "4.06am ghost". It turns out that many people have had this experience at 4.06am? After researching further online, I have come to the conclusion that this may be a residual ghost? I live on a river, in an old house, so it all seems to point at that.

But what happened with my phone? And the writing on the bedroom door? Is something trying to communicate with me? Does it need help? Why has this all started recently? I've lived here for nearly two years! What should I do? I don't really know who to ask for help, but came across this website, and thought an expert may be able to help? Any advise would be hugely appreciated, as this is my first experience of anything paranormal.. not really sure what to do!


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