Residual Hauntings

Residual hauntings are not recognised as being spirit but simply an echo of past events or actions, repeatedly played out again and again. They are incapable of interacting with or responding to you, unlike intelligent hauntings.
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N. America
Full Paranormal ReportHearing the voice of a little girl laughing and asking for mommy
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportSpirit of a lynched man hanging from the crossbeam and ghost dressed in out-of-date clothing, just to name a few of the
Full Paranormal ReportA photograph seems to have captured a hazy image of a man sitting on a chair in the attic of the Edward Jenner Museum, i
Full Paranormal ReportOn September 19, 1936 Captain Hubert C. Provand, a London-based photographer working for Country Life magazine
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportOne of the most frequently reported White House ghosts is President Abraham Lincoln. Legend has it Lincoln saw his fate

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