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The Haunted Cottage of Cooneen

The Haunted Cottage of Cooneen


 Poltergeist Activity

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"Victims of poltergeist activity the Murphy family fled in fear to America"
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The Haunted Cottage of Cooneen

The Cooneen Ghost House was brought to light in 2016 when NI Forest Service chopped down the surrounding trees. 

The abandoned cottage stands isolated in the area of Cooneen, near the Fermanagh/Tyrone border, In 1911 this was the home of the Murphy family, who were apparently victims of poltergeist activity. Mrs Bridget Murphy was a widow who, along with her 6 children, began to hear mysterious noises at night: knocks on the door, footsteps in the empty loft and unexplained creaks and groans.

Then, other strange occurrences began, such as plates travelling across tables seemingly on their own and bedclothes moving around in empty beds. Soon, more extreme and frequent paranormal activity began to occur, with pots and pans thrown violently against the walls and furniture elevated from the ground. A coldness permeated the cottage as mysterious shapes appeared and disappeared through the walls. The house became the talk of the area and neighbours, local clergymen and even a local MP visited the Murphy's home and were shocked by witnessing the strange paranormal events for themselves.

Father Coyle was a Catholic priest from nearby Maguiresbridge, he performed two exorcisms to absolutely no avail. The haunting continued along with the family’s terror. Soon rumours circulated that the family had somehow brought the demonic activity on themselves. With no local support and now in fear of their lives, the Murphys emigrated to America in 1913. But the story did not end there, as apparently, the poltergeist followed them. Their cottage in Cooneen, now a ruin, was never lived in again and visitors say it retains an oppressive atmosphere. 


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