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Bump And growl

Bump And growl

Bump And growl

 Poltergeist Activity

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Report by: DLensman
"The Call was indeed urgent. When we got there she was almost to tears. We went in and started our first walk through."
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Bump And growl

The Call was indeed urgent."PPPlease help me! there's something in our house, and we were told you were into ghosts and that stuff. My first ghost call! Man, I was stoked. The only problem was I had no team, and only one video camera a HUGE super VHS, and two cameras, and one voice recorder. I needed help so I started calling friends. "My wife won't let me.", "You're crazy, I'm not getting into that crap. Not looking good for the home team.

My last call was to my buddy kurt. He worked nights so whats the chances of this being a day off? "Sure dude, I'll be ready and waiting for you to come by." I AM IN BUSINESS!!!!!! I drove round and picked him up, and, filled him in as we started an hour drive

When we got there she was almost to tears. "We hear scratching, bumps, and growls, and we'll have to move because we can't take anymore" She exclaimed through the sobs. I started the standard questions. Is there anyone here using a witchcraft, spirit boards, any kind of meds. No to most of the questions, and yes on the meds but nothing that would bother the senses or thinking.

We went in and started our first walk through. The noises started almost all at once. Guess who forgot batteries for the voice recorder? Yep that would be me.....dummy. She was right the sounds seem to follow you through the house and seemed it was trying to get through the wood to get to you or just to let you know you were there. And was getting on my nerves. Kurt took all he could and smashed the wall with his fist where he heard the last sound. "I've got to go under the house to see if this is someone's idea of a sick joke" I said with fear in my voice I'm sure.


I hate tight places and I will shoot a spider on sight. That time it was a Beretta 92F and two extra clips of 9mm hollow points. Some think this is funny to try to put a spider on me only to stare down the barrel of a loaded weapon with the hammer back and finger on the trigger. "Do you want me to go under the house" Kurt ask. I really to say yes but I never ask anyone to do something I didn't want to do. "You just go in the house and knock or stomp where you hear the sound."


I always pray and this time was no different. The door to the crawlspace was in bad shape so I pulled it off and lay it down and began my venture down under. The knocks and stomps had begun. Man it was dark and I'd not turned on my flashlight on as of yet. Here I am chasing noises in near pitch black darkness. The noises stopped and so did I for perhaps two minutes. I reached in the pocket I'd crammed into my pocket.


I brought it forward, took a deep breath and turned it on. I SAW IT!!!!! about three inches from my face was a pissed off possum with big teeth and the worst breath you can dream of! I screamed, he hissed loud enough to bring Kurt out of the house and was shining a light into the abyss of darkness. "Man are you okay?" I will be as soon as you hear gunfire! I must've bumped the demon possum because he moved to my left and in one sprint out the hole over Kurt and was gone. Now two ghost hunters were screaming and I was ready to fill the floor with hot lead. We rested for a moment and started plugging the holes that various animals had made. The walls were full of holes and had a maze of sorts I'm sure. The finish was fixing the door secure enough to keep the creatures of the night out.


Now that's a grand way to start a new profession. It was Kurt's last ghost hunt, and here I am soon be twenty-four years and I have notebooks after notebooks full of both victories and losses, and some unexplained. The last boxes of these were opened yesterday after a surgeon's visit. It's almost like seeing a replay of my life. Now when I can find those boxes of of memory chips.....

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