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Emma's Little Secret

Emma's Little Secret


 Intelligent Haunting

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Report by: StrangeTownShow
"13 spirits are said to reside inside the Magnolia Hotel. Including those of axe murderer William Faust and the little girl he murdered- Emma"
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Emma's Little Secret

We investigate the most haunted building in Seguin, TX, the Magnolia Hotel. This 170-year-old establishment first opened its doors to weary travelers in 1844 and since then has experienced many tragedies and deaths within its walls and is said to be inhabited by 13 unsettled spirits. Which ones will we encounter? Watch this special two-part episode to find out.

Part 1 - History & Stories:

Part 2 - Investigation & Results:


- Orbs and light anomalies are a very common occurrence of interior photos
- When taking pictures of the outside of the house faces can been seen in the windows looking back at you.
- Ballroom: Voices and/or singing are heard. The "Weeping Lady" looks out the windows, and is one of the people captured in exterior pictures.
- Smoking Room: A cabinet/bench that pushes people upward when sitting on it. Psychics and mediums feel lots of energy in the room. The display case of items that were found while renovating has items that move locations on their own.
- Kitchen: Cabinet doors that open themselves. A black mist seen flying in circles around the ceiling
- Kids Room: A ball that will roll across the floor, believed to be Itsy or Emma. Photos of the room reveal light anomalies.
- Former Servants Quarters: The door into the room opens and closes itself. When the door is locked it was rattle violently. Cold spots, and people get poked or touched. A black mass seen outside the door on the porch, thought to be the man the committed suicide in that spot.
- Drug Room: A room that used to be occupied by the homeless and drug addicts when the house was abandoned. A very strong uneasily feeling in the room
- Pink Bathroom: A scream can be heard coming from this room. A woman was brutely attacked and murdered in there.
- Attic: Extreme negative energy under the attic entrance. A priest refused to enter the room when doing a cleansing. Attempts have been made to go into the attic, but the door won't open, almost like it is be blocked by something heavy
- Itsy's Room: Itsy is a little girl that likes to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and will sing along with you. The closet door and the door going into the room open and close themselves.
- William Faust Room: Axe Murderer that stayed at the Hotel after killing Emma Voelker. Although he did not die in the hotel, hi presence is still felt and detected through EVP's


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