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The Living Inn

The Living Inn


 Intelligent Haunting

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Report by: StrangeTownShow
"Once abandoned home turned modern day Bed & Breakfast. Guests report mysts, shadows, apparitions and other unexplained poltergeist activity"
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The Living Inn


- Numerous voices heard / Saying visitors names
- Footsteps heard going up and down staircase
- When upstairs it sounds like their is a party or group of people downstairs
-Former homeowners (Wilcox Family), thought to still inhabit the home
- A woman seen carrying two children, moving down the hall from the Gothic Suite to the French Room. Thought to be Stella Wilcox and her babies that died at just a few days old
- A woman rocking in a rocking chair. Thought to be Stella Wilcox rocking her children


The first official record of the Inn can be found in the Austin City Directory of 1914 when it was the private residence of prominent 26th Judicial District Judge Charles A. Wilcox and his family.

Wilcox and his wife, the former Stella Snider, had five children.

Judge Wilcox held the judgeship until 1917. He was so well respected that when he died in 1931, government agencies and official buildings throughout the Austin area closed in his honor.

In the early 1980's the house was falling into ruin, and for a brief moment of time was being used as a movie set for Richard Linklater's film 'Slacker'.

In 1993, the previously abandoned and dilapidated home was rescued by Jill Bickford with the help of her parents, Burton and Victoria, and has been lovingly restored to it's near-original turn-of-the-century charm. Much "heart and soul" has gone into the restoration of this home. The entire home has been re-plumbed, rewired and brought up-to-date while maintaining its historic integrity. For the most part, the home has remained just as it stood 100 years ago.

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