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The Lovelorn Lady

The Lovelorn Lady


 Intelligent Haunting

Ghostwatch N. America
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Report by: StrangeTownShow
"Lost soul searching for her lover? Orphans killed in a hurricane? Bernardo de Galvez?What exactly roams within the historical Hotel Galvez?"
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The Lovelorn Lady

- The ghost of Audra (aka "The Lovelorn Lady") is seen primarily in room 501, but there are reports of her throughout the entire fifth floor. Audra was engaged to a mariner who frequently sailed out of the port of Galveston, and she would stay in room 501 while he was away. Word came that his ship sank on his most recent voyage. Audra was heartbroken and fell into a depression, which ultimately lead to suicide when she hung herself in the hotel's turret.
- Ghosts of victims from the 1900 hurricane that swept across the island, killing over 6,000 people and destroying almost everything in site.
- The ghost of Sister Katherine and the 90 children that perished when the hurricane destroyed St. Mary's Orphanage, which previously stood where the Hotel Galvez is located today.
- A woman crying in stall #3 in the woman's bathroom next to the Spa. Thought to be Audra mourning the loss of her fiance, moments before she killed herself.
- The music hall has had glasses fly off of tables, and people have witnessed groups of women in Victorian style dresses wandering the room; like they are attending a social gathering.
- It is said that Bernardo de Galvez (for whom the hotel is named after) haunts the Hotel Galvez himself in the form of a portrait painting. Some say that they can feel the eyes on the painting watching them as they walk by and a strange sense of being chilled overtakes you as you approach the painting.

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