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Embalming Device Spirit Attachement

Embalming Device Spirit Attachement


 Intelligent Haunting

Ghostwatch N. America
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Report by: Spectrewaves
"Spectrewaves Paranormal at Old Brodhead School, Brodhead Wisconsin USA captures figure on Kinect on Old embalming device"
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Embalming Device Spirit Attachement

In May 2019 Spectrewaves Paranormal were conducting a Paranormal Investigation at the Old Brodhead School in Brodhead, WI USA even though the building is used as the Screamatorium Haunted House during October it is still active. Spectrewaves Paranormal were investigating the1st Floor, where the Haunt is located. Spectrewaves Paranormal were investigating with Ann, Bill and Amy when Laynee caught an interactive figure on the Kinect by the old embalming device.

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Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary ...

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