Intelligent Hauntings

With this type of haunting the entity will display emotion and can interact with humans and manipulate objects. These entities are harmless a majority of time, and are usually location bound.
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportA once thriving hospital now sits abandoned for two decades, but tales of spirits that inhabit the building still remain
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportThe Sky Ranch Inn is a reported haunted site outside Yosemite
Strange Town - Ep11  Hay Legal Group - Location (1)
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportThese Victorian houses were built by the Bremond family in the late 19th century. Supposedly, a few spirits of the Bremo
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportThere are many claims to what is roaming this building. We spent a full night of searching for answers, and what we foun

Clay Pit

N. America
Full Paranormal ReportIt is no secret that the restaurant is said to be haunted. What is not known, however, is by whom or by what?
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportThe attack was both fast and brutal
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportI heard a young girl call out goodbye from right behind me, the only other person in the house was my dog,
N. America
Full Paranormal Report13 spirits are said to reside inside the Magnolia Hotel. Including those of axe murderer William Faust and the little gi
Strange Town - inn at pearl
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportOnce abandoned home turned modern day Bed & Breakfast. Guests report mysts, shadows, apparitions and other unexplained p

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