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Phantom Detectives LLC' 13th investigation

Phantom Detectives LLC' 13th investigation


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"On November 15, 2022, Phantom Detectives LLC will be investigating The Lightship Overfalls in Lewes, Delware"
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Phantom Detectives LLC' 13th investigation

The Lightship Overfalls was built in 1938 as a floating lighthouse on the water. The US Lighthouse Service had her commissioned before she joined the US Coast Guard. In addition, the Lightship Overfalls was the last riveted hull lightship built in the United States. A radar unit was installed in 1943, and it had a set of diesel generators that powered the ship. Normally the amount of crew on a ship like this was from 12-15 to serve two weeks on, then two weeks off. During this time period the ship was stationed in Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. After the Overfalls was decommissioned in 1972, it was moved to Lewes, Delaware where it sits to this day. These days the Overfalls serves as a floating museum on the water which is a known conduit of paranormal activity. Many claims of paranormal activity include EVPS being captured, footsteps being heard, as well as doors opening own. Phantom Detectives LLC is hoping to validate these claims of activity with their equipment, their psychic medium Melissa Ferrazzano, Joshua Chaires historical knowledge, and the knowledge of lead investigator/tech manager Rick Warner. In the coming weeks ahead Phantom Detectives LLC will be analyzing every piece of equipment and should be able to shed some light on what is currently haunting the ship. To reach them please visit the team website at The investigation will be filmed for the team's YouTube channel Phantom Detectives LLC.  Phantom Detectives LLC - YouTube



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