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Greenwich Foot Tunnel Ghosts

Greenwich Foot Tunnel Ghosts


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Report by: Wanderer
"Connecting Greenwich and the Isle of Dogs is one of the oldest tunnels under the River Thames."
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Greenwich Foot Tunnel Ghosts

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel runs beneath the river Thames between Greenwich and Island Gardens, on the Isle of Dogs. One of the entrances can be found in Greenwich next to the Cutty Sark. 

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel is one of the oldest tunnels under the River Thames, an eerie, 370 metre long pedestrian tunnel. Open to the public in 1902 to allow workers from north of the river to easily get to London's docklands without having to catch a ferry.

The cast-iron tunnel itself is 370.2 m (1,217 feet) long and 15.2 m deep[1] and has an internal diameter of about 9 feet (3 m). Its cast-iron rings are lined with concrete which has been surfaced with some 200,000 white glazed tiles. The northern end was damaged by bombs during World War II and the repairs include a thick steel and concrete inner lining that reduces the diameter substantially for a short distance.

Many have reported a feeling of unease in the dank subterranean walkway, others say they've felt they've been followed through the tunnel, but a rare few have reported seeing the ghost of a couple walking along the tunnel, the figures promptly vanish into thin air as they pass by.

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