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Aldgate Station London

Aldgate Station London


 Haunted Location

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Report by: Wanderer
"Aldgate station has experienced so many ghostly reports that there is now an official 'ghost log book'"
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Aldgate Station London

There are endless stories of ghosts haunting the London Underground but perhaps one of the most ‘electrifying’ tales of supernatural activity has to be the strange case of Aldgate and the spectral lady who made a shocking appearance in the twentieth century.

Built on the site of a plague pit that was the final resting place for an estimated thousand victims of the Bubonic Plague in 1665, Aldgate Station was opened in 1876. Almost as soon as the trains began rolling in and out, the stories of spooky shenanigans began.

A popular early tale relates to Tube staff reportedly hearing ghostly footsteps in the tunnels only for the steps to abruptly and mysteriously stop.

Many years ago, an electrician at Aldgate station slipped onto a live rail, knocking himself unconscious and sending over 20,000 volts through his body. 

Incredibly, despite this seemingly fatal error, he emerged unscathed – while colleagues insist that just prior to the fall they saw the luminous figure of an old lady kneeling next to the worker, stroking his hair.

Whether she was the man’s guardian angel, somehow saving him from a fatal electrocution, or an Angel of Death, malevolently trying to push him onto the tracks, is a matter of opinion.

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