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Crownsville Hospital Center

Crownsville Hospital Center


 Haunted Location

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Report by: Toneloc9980
"Mentally ill hospital with some epic stories of horrific mistreatment of people who were not mentally ill."
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Crownsville Hospital Center

Founded in 1911,

Most people committed to this hospital were probably insane. However, This was a dumping ground for people too poor to take care of their children during the great depression.

From the accounts I have found it seems as though this was a place where experiments were being conducted on unwilling participants. 

Alot of tormented souls probably walk the grounds nightly.  Crazy thing it was just shut down only 15 years ago! 

If Omar would be willing to check this place out he might have to get permission as it is right next to a police station, is right on a highway and has what seems to be 24 hr security  

Specific details

http://darkroom.baltimoresun.c ...

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