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Ghostly Horse EVP at McPike Mansion

Ghostly Horse EVP at McPike Mansion


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Report by: Spectrewaves
"Disembodied Ghostly Horse Sounds evidence at McPike Mansion, Alton, Illinois Captured by Spectrewaves Paranormal"
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Ghostly Horse EVP at McPike Mansion

Disembodied Ghostly Horse Sounds evidence at McPike Mansion, Alton, Illinois Captured by Spectrewaves

Have you ever heard with your own ears, horses, but the horses were not anywhere in sight? Would you wonder if your losing your mind, or would you think the Disembodied Horse sounds came from a portal possible to time travel, to a different dimension or maybe go back in time, could this mean that the Paranormal exists?

In Alton, Illinois in the United States There is a very old Mansion from the 1800’s which sits atop Mount Lookout Park, the highest point in Alton, is, McPike Mansion. It has not been occupied since the 1950's.

Spectrewaves Paranormal a group from the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, investigated McPike in August of 2018 and recently watched Ghost Adventures investigation episode January 2019 of McPike Mansion, Spectrewaves noticed Corroborating evidence. This is not very common in the paranormal world, could there be a scientific explanation?

Using scientific tools such as digital recording, along with video the two groups heard with their ears, horses walking on cobblestone and lucky enough capturing audio recording on a video camera.

Spectrewaves team member Laynee noticed the front door glass had an usual red streak and white streak across it. Laynee alerted the other team member Don Both thinking it was just someone, trespassing, they quickly opened the door and looked, laying on the porch outside the mansion was their paranormal equipment. No one was anywhere in sight. Laynee and Don stood on the porch, stunned. Do you hear that Don asked, quick reply of Yes from Laynee followed by “sounds like horses walking on cobblestone?”

Not any sight of horses anywhere, why did two Paranormal Investigation groups hear the ghostly horses? This event leaves Spectrewaves continuing to purse Paranormal Investigating. With a passion for the paranormal with trying to find answers and debunking paranormal occurrences, to educate the public Spectrewaves Continue seeking more Haunted Locations with paranormal activity.

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