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Croft Castle, Herefordshire

Croft Castle, Herefordshire


 Haunted Location

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Report by: Wanderer
"Croft Castle is reputed to be the most haunted house in the Midlands, with a total of seven ghosts in residence"
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Croft Castle, Herefordshire

Croft Castle has been home to the Croft family for almost 1,000 years. With centuries of history residing within its ancient walls, it is perhaps no surprise that Croft Castle is reputed to be the most haunted house in the Midlands, with a total of seven ghosts in residence

Sightings include a 7ft tall phantom in the Oak Room believed to be the Welsh king, Owain Glyndwr (reportedly witnessed by the Archbishop of Sydney in the early 20th century). Apparitions include a woman with long ringlets and wearing a crinoline dress and cap, a man wearing a 'grey doublet and hose' sighted on the west stairs and a Grey Lady in the visitors flat.

Other unusual phenomenon include the sounds of a baby crying, a radio turning off by itself and cafe staff hearing their names being called when there is no one there.

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