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Chicago Water Tower

Chicago Water Tower


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Report by: Wanderer
"The old water tower was completed in 1869 and survived one of Chicago’s most tragic events"
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Chicago Water Tower

The old water tower is a majestic reminder of Chicago’s great history. Built between 1867 and 1869, the historic Water Tower was the only municipal building to survive the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 virtually unharmed.

The fire burned a four mile long and two-thirds of a mile wide destructive path through the streets of Chicago in just 2 days, killing 300 people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

Legend has it that during the fire a worker stayed behind in the tower, tirelessly manning the pumps until he was surrounded by the raging fire. With no possibility of escape he ran up the stairs into the tower and hung himself before the fire could consume him too. 

Even to this day, tourists and locals have often reported seeing the shadowy apparition of a hanging man through the tower's upstairs windows. Some have even shown police who claimed to see the disturbing sight as well. It is believed to be the spirit of the heroic man who stayed behind to fight the fire.

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