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Powis Castle, Wales

Powis Castle, Wales


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"Powis Castle was a military stronghold built in the early 13th Century by the welsh prince Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn. "
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Powis Castle, Wales

Most of the great Welsh castles were allowed to decay when the medieval wars ended, but Powis survives as a captivating example of a military stronghold which was preserved and renewed by over 700 years of continual occupation.

Powis Castle Hauntings

The Dukes Room and Ballroom Wing are said to be the most haunted parts of the castle.

A lady in black has been seen sitting in a chair near the fireplace in the Dukes Room and one visitor reported the feeling of a hand brush down their arm.

The piano has been heard to play on its own in the Ballroom Wing, along with the piano stool moving. Knocks on the doors and windows have also been heard when the castle is all locked up.

A lady wearing a mop cap who sits at the bottom of a bed has been witnessed by guests and workmen have reported feeling a hand on the back of their neck while walking down the stairs.

A child has also been seen, described as having long hair and dressed in green who  is said to haunt the Clive museum.

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