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FANTÔME: The Haunting of Brentwood Wine Bistro

FANTÔME: The Haunting of Brentwood Wine Bistro


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Report by: monstervisiontv
"Author Stephen Lancaster and expert paranormal investigators spend nine years researching the Bistro."
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FANTÔME: The Haunting of Brentwood Wine Bistro

The film is essentially presented in four acts. The first act reveals the factual history on the historic building and it's former inhabitants. During this time it is suggested that the former home was already haunted by Clarence McCorsley before being relocated.

The second act showcases the footage and evidence obtained over the course of nine years in favor of an authentic haunting. This is the retrospective part of the documentary and the footage that led to network television exposure in 2011. Photographs of a shadow entity and a face in the mirror is disclosed, as well as, thought provoking audio recordings and the original footage of the kitchen lift seemingly operating on it's own.

The third act consists of interviews and testimonials from the current ownership, staff and patrons of the restaurant. This is the main dialog section. Personal encounters and theories are presented.

The fourth and final act chronicles the 2017 investigation into the Brentwood Wine Bistro. This is arguably the most interesting section of the film. You see firsthand how the investigators obtained new and astonishing supernatural footage. Stephen Lancaster presents each section of the investigation in a multi-angle fashion. This includes a glass being thrown in kitchen, the elevator operating without human intervention, bar mats slamming the floor, silverware mysteriously thrown and a door opening on it's own. The final act concludes with the unveiling of a full bodied apparition documented on video.

During the end credits the Masson's daughter can be heard recounting her paranormal experience. Following the credits another snippet of the ghost tour guide is seen alluding to a sequel.This location was also documented in the 2012 novel, "True Casefiles of a Paranormal Investigator."

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