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The Northern State Hospital

The Northern State Hospital


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"Many barbaric procedures were reported to have taken place at the Northern State Asylum"
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The Northern State Hospital

Previously known as The Northern State Asylum the Hospital is located near Seattle, Washington in Sedro Woolley within 600 acres. In 1912 the hospital opened it's doors and within a few months had taken in 200 patients. From 1912 to 1973, the Northern State Asylum welcomed its share of the state’s “insane.” as many as 2,700 souls in the early 1950s.

The hospital provided excellent care, support and offered therapeutic work programs including farming, dairy, greenhouse work, and printing. The hospital had a good reputation and were dedicated to helping their guests.

In 1950 it all changed when Dr. Charles H. Jones took over the Asylum. Around the end of World War II a few years earlier, Dr. Jones had been negatively known for his unusual experiments on his patients. He would continue those experiments at the Northern State Hospital.

Many barbaric procedures where reported to have taken place in the hospital including electroshock treatment and the trans-orbital lobotomy. A procedure which involved the doctor pushing an ice pick shaped instrument under the patients eye lid and repeatedly stabbing just behind the eye into the front of the brain. It was hoped it could subdue the patients emotional feelings and cure their illness.

Dr. Freeman went on to perform 2,500 lobotomies and finally lost his license in 1967 after a woman died due to a brain hemorrhage during one of his procedures.

According to documents Dr. Jones reported that the hospital was taking in about 650 new patients each year while only around 400 were released per year. The others were either transferred elsewhere or died.

It is unclear exactly how many deaths actually occurred here at the hospital, but it is said to have well over 1,500 unmarked graves behind the gymnasium building. The hospital also has several underground tunnels that were used for root work and they are said to be extremely haunted.

One of the most well known ghosts that haunt the hospital is simply referred to as “Fred”. He is known to be quite a prankster. Often he will toss sheets around the room and other objects. Another spirit that is claimed to roam the halls is the ghost of a little girl playing with her ball. Cold spots have also been reported throughout the hospital.

Another spine chilling tale is the ghost of a man desperately searching for the little girl with the red ball.

Others state they have seen bodies hanging in the windows of the nurse’s station.

One report says that they witnessed a man standing at the end of the hall staring at them and when they approached the man he simply vanished. Many have captured EVP’s and other strange phenomena. It is said that if you go to the cemetery you can feel the presence of someone following you, even hearing their footsteps. Other accounts speak of doors slamming and even disembodied voices screaming. Beware the spirit known as “the man in black” He is said to haunt the long hallway leading to a silo and he should be left alone at all cost.

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