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Slave Hauntings

Slave Hauntings

Slave Hauntings

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Ghostwatch N. America
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Report by: DLensman
"Many Properties here, have graves of both slaves and Chinese workers from the railroad"
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Slave Hauntings

have any of you been called to a property that contained graves of slaves who either died of natural causes or murdered? Well here's what we've encountered in the South. Many Properties here, have graves of both slaves and Chinese workers from the railroad. Have you ever heard of a "Chinaman's chance" meaning a very slim chance? I found where that came from. In expanding the railroad they used to lower the Chinese in a basket to place explosives in a hole just drilled in a rock basin. Sometimes the rope would break on the jagged rock cutting the rock and sending the basket rider to his death.

Sometimes, due to anger issues or for no good reason at all all, the rope handlers would not pull the rope fast enough or refused to pull at all causing death by explosion. Slaves were often beaten to death or shot while "doing an attempt to escape. Some were murdered because they were pregnant by their masters. All of the above and even the civil war caused many graves to be found in what was considered the  useless track of property with no such this as a marker. The runaway term was very often used and the law took the word of the slaves owner or the railroad, thus bringing the case to a close.

Now those of "old Money' are having all kinds of disturbance so they call in the ghost hunters. Now here's where it gets harry. We have a paper signed agreeing that if we find a human grave it is only right to call the police and file a report and ten continue the case. many refuse to sign the paper and have the police to escort us off the property and confiscate film, memory chips and vocal recordings! Starting to feel a cover-up here.....

We've loss some evidence and can only wonder what we loss in unchecked avenues. I am a big mouth when upset or challeged for no reason. "This is a police matter now and say one more word and I'll arrest you for obstruction of justice! Call back in a month and they claim that no such case exist or the standard "no comment" followed my a slam of the phone. We are currently going through old files to see if we escaped with anything. have any of you encountered such abusive power before and if so what approach worked to get you back in. I know of one place now that a city purchased and six graves are on, and so far no permit from the city has been allowed. These cases leave a foul taste in my mouth at the very least.

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