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Lancashire orb experience

Lancashire orb experience


 Ghost Lights and Orbs

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Report by: Harvey
"My wife, mother-in-law and I were on holiday in Lytham St Anne's, a historic small town by the Irish sea in Lancashire."
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Lancashire orb experience

We were staying in Latham St Anne's, Lancashire, at a 19th century cottage, rented for five days, from 19th to 23rd of November 2019. The aim of our visit was to attend at the British Dance Championship in Blackpool. It was the Staples Cottage, next to the Staples car park. The present owner renovated this cottage two years ago and as per her description, the cottage was used as staples in the 19th century.  It is a cosy cottage, and although located right in the town's centre, it is quite secluded. The cottage is located at North Clifton Street, FY8 5HW.  It is relatively not far from the Lytham Hall which is known for some ghost activity.  Our stay was peaceful until the last night of our stay. In the early hours of the morning on the 23rd of November, around 3 am, both myself and my wife saw very bright white light, next to the TV in the bedroom. Initially we thought we left our mobile by the TV and that the torch function was activated. The light was on for 6-7 seconds, and my wife went to check if the mobile phone was still active. When she approached the TV, to her surprise there was nothing on the chest of drawers where was the TV.  All the blinds on the windows were down, it was not the light from the parking space, as this ball of light was quite isolated and was not coming from the window, or the ceiling, the door, or anywhere else. The light was very bright and intense and didn't resemble normal electrical light.  Before we saw this light, I went to the bathroom, and I was shocked when the water started pouring from the shower. It was pouring for a couple of minutes and then it stopped. I usually take the bath, and my wife takes the shower. She said that in this particular shower it is quite difficult to turn the water on. We were very scared, as we never experienced such activity before. I am 72 years old, my wife is 62 and my mother-in-law is 84. My wife read some articles afterwards and she understands that it was a positive orb that possibly could be associated with some energy of an angel, guide or a deceased ancestor. There were no deaths this year in our family, only a mother of our son-in-law died in July this year in Germany, Saarbrucken. We live in London.  My wife's father was buried in St Petersburg in 1992, last year the brother of her mother died in St Petersburg. The Stable Cottage is a cottage that is advertised for holidays on the  It is rented for holidays for the last two years. 

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